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  1. Holidayed. Few times up in Wassener, really nice area. About 30 mins from Den Haag
  2. Reckon it will be McCulloch, Killie fans dissapointed with this?
  3. Same situation as last year for the replay. Nothing changes, I'm away next week so will be looking for some nice fan periscoping the whole thing.
  4. Finding myself staying there for a weekend when I'm over in the States for next couple of weeks, any reccomendations for decent bars/restaurants/things to do when there? Heard its a big University town, so hopefully quite chilled.
  5. ach, its fun while it lasts, after all the pish we put up with, lets us milk it. here we go, two in a row.
  6. no singing section on Sunday at the PBS. we have benefited though with section 43 in the East stand being designated a singing section. wasnt too sure of it at first but I think its given us a much better atmosphere these days. miss this old ooh to be a hibee chants though!
  7. Pitch was a shocker at the PBS. My Jambi chums bleating about Hibs tackling whilst choosing to ignore that's Djum and Goncalves would have been off as well with their persistent and shocking tackling. Hearts really are the Wimbledon of Scotland. Any pretence that this was a footballing side went today. Just big 6ft cluggers allowed to play for Hearts these days. Holt is a big fat puddin that needs to GTF. A full house Easter Road cheering us on should do the trick.
  8. Shite game. Hearts fans on a sponsored silence. Best ground for atmosphere my erse.
  9. about to spend a couple of weeks over in the US with my American work collegues, going to be difficult not to wind them up about Trump. Can see a few wee stooshies ahead.
  10. they have little annual leave but have a plethora of public holidays for all kinds of pish like armed forces day. Also they have agreed set of sick days. They have the cheek to slag off our holiday allocation as well. Whenever they come up with that, I tell them they should have embraced Socialism after the second World War like every other civilised Country and they would have decent holidays.
  11. Feckers who go down to the Canteen at 11.45am to beat the queues to get cups of soup etc then take an hours lunch at 1pm. Cereal eaters in the morning taking all the milk out the fridge. People saying same joke about "I'll have a vodka" when asked if they want a drink. Part timers moaning like the three bears "who has been sitting on my seat? etc"
  12. You simply cant compare the two, 1967 much better achievement. They had to remain unbeaten against the HIbees.
  13. Yup. Last thing Scottish football needs is Celtic getting more income. Getting to point where it's not even remotely a sporting contest.