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  1. Tenerife -Puerto del Santiago

    Thanks for all your help! Lol here now and have to say what a great wee place this is. Bloody hilly but hardly any uk tourists and food good quality and cheap. Most places at 2 euros a pint.
  2. Except in the Scottish elections where a Corbyn led Labour tanked .
  3. Henderson back to Hibs, this time permanently seems to be gathering pace. Great signing if it happens.
  4. Hibs boys seemed to enjoy themselves in Copenhagen anyway.
  5. aw ffs, John McGinn, shite 1 penalty out of 10 and we are out.
  6. 1-0 victory for the Hibees, now into extra time. Gray going off injured is a blow. We are looking pretty tired there. If we do win this in this period, it will be from a set piece.
  7. Good first half from the Hibees. 0 v 0.
  8. Rudi Skacel in a Raith tracksuit at their game last night v Montrose. Looks like Locke bringing back his old pal.
  9. Whitby , Scarborough and Filey

    just remember it was always pishing with rain and there may have been some kind of water park nearby?
  10. Gazza

    Walters went on a mazy run just after the bananas at Tynie and got a penalty. Remember Wilkins putting his arm around him and giving a GIRFUY to the shed.
  11. Season ticket sales

    It looked good, think most of the Scottish clubs will follow that.
  12. Aye, bud I think your teams behaviour at the aftermath of the cup final beats us anyday.
  13. here is the still from the clip, I think you are talking about. Maybe a wee bit closer than I thought , but still onside. Ref was almost as useless as our goalie. No wonder Stubbs didnt risk him in the semi final.
  14. NICE

    Cowardly ####s, drove at crowds then started firing at them.
  15. We weren't fantastic but the referee was a fanny.