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  1. Would imagine a large percentage of fee still owed to Preston...
  2. They were all away in a fleet of ambulances after being attacked by the Hibee hordes. 😏
  3. Yup McLeish signed him for us then down at Villa. Probably best pals with his agent...
  4. fair enough, but you got to play the Jumbos 4 times.
  5. De La Cruz was great, Hurtado less so for Hibs.
  6. Broony's cloak of invisibility still working well. Thought the game changed on the sub of McGInn.
  7. I thought that length of time was strange also. Should have walked off. For balance, Stockley is a bawsack
  8. its not till October, really looking forward to it nlw. Going to stivk to Richmond and not venture into the city.
  9. going to see them at the Olympic stadium on the Friday night. Saw them last on the Use your Illusion tour at Wembley early 90s. Not sure what to expect............
  10. Hipsters with those manky spacers in their ears, they are all going to whine to get reconstruction surgery later in life through the NHS.
  11. That nurse has now said the BBC asked her to come back and ask that question after they didnt pick her for Question Time the week before. Therefore, despite Sarah Smiths claim last night that it was the audience demand for questions on education that made them cover this devolved topic, it was in fact pre planned by the BBC. I feel sorry for the nurse, she didnt understand that Sturgeon wasnt standing for election and clearly was equating her concerns about the NHS to the whole UK situation. Too many doughnuts jumped onto the councillors wife issue which the hypocritical Labourites on social media will now jump over as harrassment. Seen many posts from NHS staff annoyed about her comments re foodbanks etc and now she has came back saying anyone who is a nurse complaining about her comments is a disgrace.