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  1. You are all wrong, not one of you has Le King Sauzee in your teams.
  2. Looks like its related to a certain crazy journo based in London working for one of the more right wing of papers. Has previous from about a year ago.
  3. I'm a member of the whisky society in Edinburgh. 3 venues with shit loads of malts. The Leith venue is my favourite. As for favourite brand, Jura for me. I do own a fairly expensive whisky. A bottle of Rosebank from a now defunct lowland distillery. Inherited from my late Dad.
  4. Hibees were horrendous today, started the game with no pace. Defence which has been pretty good looked very ropey. Hanlon had one of his worst game for us. Big wake up call for the team and the fans! Hamilton were stuffy and well organised. Third goal was a peach. Well deserved.
  5. i think Fenlon had us top of the league after 7 games in his first season, dunno if we we won 3/3
  6. I had my doubts about Murray, but in games so far, he has been outstanding.
  7. problem is, one game where yes, I think you have a case that the referee made more mistakes in favour of the visiting team, doesnt equate to the years of poor decisions for away teams at your venue. What is enlightening is the aftermath of publicity. This is exactly the reason that teams normally get nothing at the ugly sisters grounds. Referees are human beings and it must for a nano second in their decision making process make them think of the consequences of giving a controversial decision in the favour of the visiting team to these grounds.
  8. you are omitting the perfectly good goal Hibs scored as well.
  9. Look out for Simon Murray, if he bangs in more than 20 goals this season, has to be considered.
  10. Colville hammered Burntisland. Never heard of them before until read up about them, decent amateur outfit by the sounds of it.
  11. and Dorrans grab of the throat remains unchallenged.
  12. I think we can just say that not for the first time a Scottish ref had a bad game. Maybe something that hasnt been noticed through the years at Ibrox.
  13. I stuck it up on and a lot of people appreciating it.
  14. Dorrans should have went for grabbing player by throat... Hibs offside goal should have stood. Just in case you missed these.