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  1. If Jackson has managed to get on the list when he has been the biggest apologist and soft soaper to King, then times are truly strange.
  2. no mention of Alan Stubbs being a fenian barsteward, no mention of Bobby Sands song, no mention of Andy Halliday hating all things Taigh, no mention of Celtic being fenian barstewards. All were sung proudly during the game by those brave souls in the West of Hampden.
  3. Lol, the fact that your pals found a tweet from 2010 calling you Huns and that she was PR to Frank Mcavvenie in her past didnt really fan the flames eh?
  4. Was she the one that said all Rangers players were attacked?
  5. There is a thread over on which is for users to put a wee message for all their Hibee Mums, Dads, friends etc who never got to see us win the Scottish Cup. Yes, its self indulgent,, but for any Hibee reading it, I defy you not to develop a wee tear or two. Below is the grave stone of a Hibee who died a couple of years ago, shows the guy had a wee bit of a sense of humour. On Sunday, his family visited the grave and updated it.
  6. The SFA revel and cite the 77 invasion of Wembley as something to look back on with pride.
  7. Pish. This video shows the d1ckless arsehole of a boy going for Wallace, note the rest of the Rangers players in view walking to tunnel.
  8. Outstanding scenes on Leith Walk during the parade.
  9. family hasnt moved up here... Hope it goes the way of the Bolton rumour. 1/6 looks pretty much a certainty though. (unless wads of cash has been piled on)
  10. Thing I cant understand is that after we scored our other two goals, we got a whole line of police standing in front of us for 5 minutes or so afterwards, when we scored the third, no police came out?
  11. I see Rangers media has advised its forum members to start deleting videos showing the Rangers fans battling.
  12. Thankfully social media now calls into question official bodies view of events.