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  1. excellent, much appreciated sir.
  2. Alan Stubbs

    like dump the famous on their erses in the cup?
  3. I cant recall Cameron, Ed Milliband or Osborne on it all before they got their respective leaderships.  Cant find any links either to prove/disprove that, anyone know?
  4. Alan Stubbs

    Stubbs had every right to remind Neilson about their antics after the draw at Easter Road.  Glad for once that we have a manager that is standing up for Hibs, we arent the pushovers on and off the park we had become under a succession powder puff managers.
  5. Hibs now have said they have pulled the live broadcast.  You were right Hannibal.... for once.
  6. Hibs tv has said they are.   must be a big team broadcast only.👍
  7. More money for the Hibees, get your order in!
  8. alrite bud, if you find a IP Proxy number on the internet for somewhere abroad, it basically fools the link to thinking you are abroad.  I do it so I can watch US netflix.  plenty ways to do it on the internet, I'm not that tech savvy to tell you exactly myself though!  

    1. hannibal smith

      hannibal smith

      yeah I am not that tech savvy either and the thought of listening to such and important game on the radio isn't great.

      Hopefully get my ticket on saturday

  9. euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh, horrible.  (Can see Hannibal's big gub even bigger now) 
  10. So with the game looking like a sell out, looks like its going to be a cracking atmosphere next Tuesday. The result for Hearts last night against County will give them a boost after the disappointment of last Sunday.  Going to be a nervy night under the lights, cant wait. p.s Hibs tv has announced it can broadcast to overseas subscribers, if you really need to see the game, there is a way..    
  11. yeah, much preferred the "monster of the week" episodes. It went up its own arse, although the films actually brought it back a bit. Agree a lot seemed to be crammed into the first.
  12. Turkey

    My concern about Turkey is that with its huge border with some really troubled areas, it would be much more likely to see an attack akin to the Tunisian one there. Been to Turkey 3 times and the people were very friendly, just wouldnt take my kids there just now.
  13. Smallest leg space in any stadium I have been in, in Scotland! Luckily we stood for the whole game.
  14. wasnt impressed with the first episode, will give it another before deciding whether to abandon it.