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  1. Halliday in the Hibs games over last couple of seasons was an erse, whining to ref constantly, trying to get players booked/sent off. The fact Rangers fans sing how he hates the pope and the fact that it was him that made a complete horses arse of marking David Gray for our cup winning goal, leaves him in a special place with us Hibees. This song gets sung every week now.
  2. Quentin Letts was a special kind of Pr1ck last night.
  3. I'm with you mate. Been logged in 3 or 4 times and havent bought my tickets yet. Cant get up for this. £37 to watch us v Lithuania is ridiculous. Closest I've been to deciding to miss a competitive home international in 20 years.
  4. I think you are seeing a number of Countries where a couple of teams are getting so far ahead in terms of finance that you are going to see integrated leagues within next 10 years. Despite them not getting the finance of the English clubs, Celtic and Rangers (when they eventually get themselves sorted) are just simply too big against the rest of the clubs. Could easily see a Northern Atlantic Region league develop/Scandanavian/North Europe/South Europe/West/East. Might be the only chance we have before we head to the realms of the Irish league.
  5. Blair's infamous "just like a parish council" gave away what he thought of the new Scottish parliament.
  6. arguing who was more the odious cretin?
  7. unfortunately Aberdeen stepped up to the plate and joined Celtic to veto plans to improve the Scottish game when Rangers were absent.
  8. Watched first episode last night, couldnt believe how hard it was to understand the deep South accents. Glad for the subtitles, saw enough to keep me interested. A comedy show to look out for which is based around an American College football team is Blue Mountain State. Its very "porkys" like in its humour, found it very funny. Whole series including a film that was crowd funded after the show was pulled is on Netflix.
  9. going to give this a bash, your usually a good source!
  10. I really struggle to understand how no voters can follow and support Scotland in international football without having some twinge of guilt over denying their Country independence. By definition of their decision they did not see Scotland as a Country but more as a region of UK.
  11. Corbyn has been left with a right mediocre shower of shadow ministers.
  12. The Rangers directors have used this crass display by Celtic fans to put up a bit of flak and deflect from the result with another stonking statement. A tactic that worked wonders with the Weegie media after the cup final earlier this year. With the toilets, hanging effigies and lest we not forget that once more the bigot songbook was in full cry, what a reminder as to how horrendous this fixture truly is. Sooner they go down South into the 3rd Division the better.
  13. Rangers seem to have gone back the way in standard from last season. Poor summer signings
  14. nooooooooooooooo, too soon!
  15. Just look for Vaz in stories relating to "Kitty", he was the local Council rep investigating issues at time.