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  1. Was horrendous to see marauding football supporters invade the pitch at the end of the game where their club had won a trophy for the first time in a long while and then tear down the goalposts. Well done to the Dons fans for showing great restraint in not coming on the pitch to protect their players.
  2. This guys saw Hibs win the league, both cups, play in two euro semi finals and seen Hibs beat Real Madrid and Barcelona!
  3. still lucid and still getting to games at 106 years old!
  4. Sad news of the oldest Hibee, Sam Martinez who passed away this morning. Guy was 106 years old and came to Scotland after the second world war. A Diehard Hibee and Hibs gave him a free ticket to the cup final in May. Here's a report with his backstory from a few years ago. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12443406.THE_LAST_LUMBERJACK_Sam_Martinez_left_his_homeland_of_British_Honduras_in_1941__bound_for_a_new_life_as_a_woodcutter_in_Scotland__Now_96__he_shares_his_wisdom_with_Vicky_Allan_and_talks_about_changed_times__staying_positive_and_life_as_a_local_celebrity/
  5. Outwith the mighty Scottish Cup champions, I watch BT now that EE have given me free access for 6 months. Also watch my local amateur team, Ratho Athletic when I can. Always guaranteed 4 goals plus and a sending off! Brilliant!
  6. Sharp has been getting it tight on social media from the South Africans about her comments on their gold medalist.
  7. jambo loving doughnut who recently had this to say about a Scottish Olympic team after independence. “You want to represent your club, then you want to try to represent Scotland and then the next step is representing Great Britain, so I think it would lose a bit of value. I’m hoping that by the time it all sorts itself out I’ll be retired.”
  8. Brian Graham to Hibs from Ross County. Gives an option from Holt. Squad starting to look healthier.
  9. Christ, feel old when Scott Brown retires from international football. Was good for Scotland, probably never great.
  10. Aye that's it. Irvine Welsh does a bit in it as well.
  11. Andrew Shinnie confirmed on a season loan to the Hibees. we are short in midfield, hasn't played much recently, hopefully a good fit for him and us.
  12. Primal scream had one for euro96 hoped it would be amazing when heard they were doing it however it was Pish.