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  1. An old story....supposedly Stan Bowles gambled all his wages away when he was at QPR. His wife contacted the club to see if they could help out and they agreed to give him £100 a week (a fair bit of money back then) to gamble, and the rest of his wages went directly to his wife.
  2. I saw your message re your bus.  Would you let me know if you have a couple of spaces please?  Might be three, but definitely two.


    Keith McAllister


    1. Flure


      Hi, Keith.

      I assume you're talking about the Canada game?
      When we firm things up, places will be available to members first then to non-members for £10.

      However, annual membership of WESTA is only £12, so.........




      John Daly

    2. Hampden Diehard

      Hampden Diehard

      John - aye, it was the Canada game.  I think I'm in the WWTA, but point taken!

      Cheers - I'll keep an eye open.

      Thanks for letting me know


  3. Is anyone organising a bus for this one from / calling at Glasgow?
  4. Went onto their site as I quite fancied buying myself a polo shirt / tracky top...and almost everything has "Vauxhall" on it. No thanks.
  5. Unlikely. Dealing with the general public (particularly if they've been drinking) is a nightmare. We seem to feel in the UK that someone serving you is fair game for any old snash. No excuse for giving away someone's ticket and no excuse for abusing people.
  6. Turned up at 5-30pm and there was one guy ahead of us in the queue. Went for a pint across the road after picking up the tickets; no problem.
  7. 32 mins late and looking for a refund. That's why fares are so high. PPI culture. Loada sh#te.
  8. I'm first off the mark to slate the SFA and the whole SSC ticket distribution thing, but I'm starting a thread to emphasise that I'm going to praise them. Never thought I'd see the day!! I don't arrange for recorded delivery because I'm a cheapskate (but really because I'm never at home during the day, 6 days a week, so no one can sign for them). The 2 tickets ordered hadn't arrived yesterday, so I sent an e-mail to the SFA late last night. I got a prompt response, asking me to contact them this afternoon if the tickets still hadn't arrived. They hadn't, so I called up. Within 5 minutes, the original tickets had been cancelled and the delightful lady at the other end of the 'phone had arranged for me to pick replacements up at the game. God bless modern technology and God bless the SFA. There...I've said it. And if you're my postie with two tickets in your pocket...hope you get huckled. GIRFUY.
  9. Many years ago, Scotland were playing at Aberdeen and guys were giving Ian Ferguson absolute pelters, simply because he was a Rangers player. I pulled one of them up on it and his reply that he was a Rangers player and Aberdeen fans hate Rangers. I pointed out that he was a Scotland player in this game and he should be supporting all our players and that he should have stayed in the house if he wasn't prepared to do that. He looked quite perplexed. Some of the Aberdeen guys are absolute fannies, trying so hard to out-hate Celtic fans when it comes to hating Rangers. I'm not bothered whatsoever about what they do at club matches, but it shouldn't spill into internationals.
  10. I understand the week of football thing. My understanding is that whilst dates are set by UEFA / FIFA, kick off times are not. FFS.
  11. And while I,m on a roll,the atmosphere isn't helped when crowd noise is discouraged by shite music being played at a squillion decibels. And what to play when we score? Fech all, let the crowd make the noise.
  12. I think that the frustration level with being a Scotland fan is getting to people....me included. Let's face it, we're pish. The standard of player available to Strachan is pretty poor. I don't agree with some of his selections, but FFS, he's better than Levein. We just don't have quality in all but a couple of positions. How many of the team would get anywhere near the England side? It doesn't help that we're being stiffed off the park as well. I'm assuming that we kicked off at 7.45pm because the TV money was better than if we kicked off at 3.00pm. Someone tell me different. Ditto the lunacy of playing Gibraltar on a Sunday evening rather than at 3.00pm when you might have got a crowd. A 3.00pm KO on Saturday would have allowed the guys from further away have a day out without thinking about getting home next morning. The SFA are simply not listening to the fans on this and people are voting with their feet. And cash. The televising of games via daft wee satellite / cable companies doesn't help promote the team. For friendlies, it's almost impossible to see the game live and some pubs have given up on friendlies. The SFA have to man up to this one and accept less cash to allow more people to view the games. The strip - £55 for the top and the away top looks like it was chosen by Stevie Wonder. Shite! Away tickets - we all pay the extortionate membership fee and we should all get the same chance for away tickets, and I say that as someone with a few away "points". Ticket prices - I bought the season ticket and it cost me £36 for the North Stand. Hardly a bargain. £32 for Gibraltar last campaign. £36 for pish against a poor side (who drew with us!). And while I'm on a run - the "well done lads" from the fans at the game in Faro stuck in my craw. The team and management fecked it up true and proper and here were 10000 cheering them like they were champs. If I had been Strachan, I'd have been red-faced. I know it's great to be behind the team win, lose or draw, but this just went too far. So, after that I feel a bit better. It's a combination of things that have left many fans a bit less tolerant of pish displays. And Saturday was a pish display. Lithuania fully deserved their point and we now face an uphill struggle to be second, let alone one of the better second finishers.
  13. If you're interested in the whole spy thing, the Cold War Walking Tour by Insider Tours is an absolute must. An incredibly tall guy called Barnaby was the guide and he was excellent.