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  1. I'm not an employment expert to be fair, and they did manage to sack Sandaza for nothing in particular.
  2. I'd be amazed if they could sack him for the betting, given the precedents set with Simonsen and Black (who actually bet against rangers!!!).
  3. I thought you were referring to Leigh Griffiths kicking out at the boy, which I've seen red cards given for, and may have warranted a (2nd) yellow. but just seen the Craig Gordon "challenge" That was worse than the last one he got away with!
  4. Ah, wouldn't surprise me if we still have the other Gomis then, Mcghees signed loads of defensive midfielders to not play them.
  5. He's going all the way to Carlisle to get dressed by someone else's missus?
  6. It can't be as bad as watching Celtic TV? I watched 2 games on it, the one the other week was made particularly awful by the co-commentator, being the only man most living Motherwell fans have ever seen lift a trophy, you wouldn't know it though, as he's completely erased that from his memory it appears. Knut! The other one had McManus as co-commentator, he was actually relatively impartial and didn't use we our or us in his analysis. Still not sure he should be working for Celtic TV mind you.
  7. Gomis was so disappointing at Motherwell last season, not the player I was expecting at all. Caught in Possesion time after time and looked less and less interested by the appearance. Tom Hateley is fristrating, he's a steady enough right back (bar a couple of horror shows), but his insistence on taking every set piece (badly) and the notion he can play in midfield are most annoying (apart from his da', I almost forgot about him and Trevor Steven (his wingman) who appears to be trying to look more like Terry Nutkins than Mark did in his pomp)
  8. Yeah, the cup game was 2-0 and Rangers should've had more (although worryingly from your point of view, didn't finish us off until very late). The league game at Ibrox could've finished 1-1 which would see Rangers minus 2 points (I'm just playing what ifs the other way...). So yes, Rangers don't make their dominance count, but I don't think that makes the league rubbish.
  9. I think we debated this before? Teams like Motherwell are quite happy to let Rangers have the ball in areas where they can't hurt them. A lot of Rangers possession has no real purpose. When they do start to get into dangerous positions, they get closed down and pushed back. Motherwell had good chances to nick a win at Ibrox, and were worthy of a draw, so that's 2 points off your theoretical total.
  10. Remember you're looking at Rangers performance relative to their resources, or compared to historic teams. Given the resources available to St Johnstone, they've no right to be competing with Rangers and even to a lesser extent Hearts or Aberdeen. You could make a case that Rangers aren't being allowed to play well also. Which shows how good the other teams are relatively.
  11. I'll probably take both, as it's a long day, and football tops tend to get a bit sweaty. My pink one is a £9 Ali express effort (I always feel I have to emphasise I didn't spend £55 on it! )
  12. He's one of your own, he's one of your own, Russel Martin/Matt Ritchie/Chris Martin/James Morrison.... he's of your own!
  13. If they had any self awareness, they'd make it private. It's funny, but also worrying that these cretins exist. What would you have to say to be censored on it?
  14. That has to be made up surely? If the figures quoted were true or even close to it, the Rangers kitman was earning more than most Scottish premiership players, while Rangers were in Division 3. Mental!