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  1. Yeah, think they drew 4/6 in champs league group, all 3 home games against Atletico Madrid and 2 others.
  2. Wages

    I suppose the towns these clubs represent are probably comparable in size to Motherwell too. in fact a crude Google/Wikipedia search looks like only Forrest Green and North Ferriby United (who?) in the conference are from towns smaller than Motherwell.
  3. Wages

    Stuart McCall said when he was at Motherwell that we lost out on a player to a conference side, as the conference side were offering more money.
  4. Wages

    I believe, top earners at Motherwell are on £2000 a week, maybe slightly more. Think that's pretty much the norm across other teams, with the obvious exceptions, plus Abereeen, Hearts and hibs being slightly more, maybe Ross county aswell.
  5. Are you Rangers in disguise....
  6. Are you not going to hang about for a bit? Quite an early online suicide mission!
  7. He should maybe ask them about the state funding Celtic have had, UEFA are hot in that at the moment. Stuff like that does take the obsession to a new level! Some of these people need a hobby!
  8. I think we all need to know who these people are!
  9. I still get pelters for wearing a Motherwell strip at 7s and I'm nearly old enough to play for us! I think it's the full kit more to be fair.
  10. Got the purple Real Madrid strip from Ali-express for my wee boy. Comparing it to the pictures on the Adidas site, it looks pretty good, all the details are there. When you turn it inside out, you can perhaps see where the quality might differ, but football strips aren't renowned for their quality anyway. I'd recommend them for young kids or adults. (Can understand older kids not wanting knock off incase they get slagged at school) £12 against £50odds.
  11. Really as much as that, maybe it is the Brendan Rodgers effect....
  12. I presume he put himself forward? He didn't get it, and said he didn't really want it anyway.... I thought he "quit" in a tantrum about the points deduction or something at the tail end of last season? The Rangers fans might be right about him! Although collectively they're not the best judge of characters!
  13. Chesterfield

    That's mental! Can't believe only 4 folk entered. Although only sounds like a great prize in theory, not particularly practical unless you're a student or something.
  14. Looking at Rangers from the outside, they appeared to have a lot of confidence after they went 1 up. Perhaps too much? Given Motherwell were creating chances on each of the rare occasions we got forward, Rangers seemed content to try and score a fancy, rather than finish us off. That lack of ruthless streak will cost them points.