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  1. Yeah, to be fair even the pumping away to Barca looked worse than it was. Not only could Barca do that to anyone (see PSG comeback), but had Dembele scored the penalty at 1-0 it could've been different. They could've gone in level at halftime. Instead Barca went straight up the park and made it 2-0 and Celtic didn't do a very good job on the damage limitation front in the 2nd half. If they draw Real Madrid, id maybe try and get a ticket.
  2. I'm quite happy for Celtic get through. Would've had a good chuckle at their expense if they'd lost 7-1 though, which must've been starting to look a possibility! Didn't see the game, but saw the goals and some of the defending looked as bad as Motherwell during Mark Mcghees mental breakdown last season. Good result for Scottish football, Celtic might even use some of that £30 million to buy our best player to stick on their bench if we're really lucky...
  3. Must've been some flash backs to Artmedia Bratislava and Braga at 4-1.
  4. Could make a case for him on count of his CV and his time in Scotland.
  5. I think so too. Gascoigne, Laudrup and Larsson have to be in any XI I'd think, although many of us will be weighted towards 90s onwards due to our age. I notice Andy Goram is pretty Unanimous, do Stefan Klos or Theo Snelders come into the reckoning at all? Perhaps I'm being swayed by Klos's CV rather than their ability? (Which would also bring in likes of Canniggia, De Boer and the likes).
  6. That was my first thought. I don't remember him doing much in Italy, he went injured, but hadn't realised he was there 3 years. He should've been at his peak then, but played 40 odd games in 3 years.
  7. Getting your Red Bulls mixed up. Rijeka knocked out RB Salzburg.
  8. The problem would be the time restriction. You'd need to really take your time and read very carefully to pass this test.
  9. I think while we play each other 4 times a season in the league, there's no appetite for it. I think the most times 2 teams can play each other in Scotland is 11 in one season. 4 x Championship 2 x Championship play off 2 x Scottish cup (1 + replay) 2 x league cup (group + knock out) 1 x ramsdens cup. That is nuts. Did we not get 7 old firms about 8 years ago by similar circumstances? I would usually watch an El Classico, but I didn't even know the 2nd leg of the Spanish super cup was on midweek and wouldn't have waited up anyway. I only stumbled on the 1st leg by chance (Although it ended up an interesting game).
  10. I think the Hibs victory last week tells us more about where Rangers are than Hibs, I think both had ideas above their station pre-season and Hibs probably got a bit carried away off the back of it. Hibs getting pumped at home by Accies appears to back that up. My betting history doesn't back up me being right often.
  11. I was talking about some of the more right wing loony element, not yourself. Kidding aside though, what's Rangers beef with Hearts? I would imagine they were pretty low down the list. I don't have the energy to dislike all teams equally. Motherwell fans older than me hate Hearts though.
  12. I suspect the more militant Rangers fans will be better equipped to accept dropping points to a "good proddy team".
  13. Will need to wait for the papers, cos they don't speak to BBC radio or tv....
  14. Told you. Hibs humped me today not sure why I bothered with them at 4/9.