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  1. Yeah, he meant McManus, Heneghan was only one who did play.
  2. Is Barry going to Ibrox?
  3. We were without 3 of our 1st choice back 4, McManus, Hammell and Tait.
  4. If you can't survive being in the last 16 of the champions league and hovering above the relegation zone off the back of winning the league, can you survive being 5-1 down to Dundee at half time at home off the back of a 7-2 defeat 10 days ago? Hopefully not!
  5. im pretty certain that's a myth.
  6. Was just trying to work that out. To be fair Pellegrini lasted another 18 months.
  7. Aye, the rule was much more black and white. If you were in an offside position, you were offside.
  8. The only thing Motherwell fans like about Mark McGhee is that Aberdeen fans hate him.
  9. I'll agree with you on these points, and it's the reason I can't see me ever joining the 'well society. Football teams are run as a business, why should I pay extra to subsidise journeymen footballers earning very decent salaries on top of paying over the odds for tickets etc. I can't get my head round it. Perhaps if Motherwell were in as dire straits as Hearts were I'd change my mind? I can't see it though. The people who create these messes can more often than not afford to get out them again, but choose to cut their losses. Why should the ordinary punter bail them out.
  10. I'm no Billy Davies fan boy, but I think the chaos at places like Nottingham Forrest and Motherwell were nothing to do with Davies. I thought he was hung out to dry by Derby, Nottingham Forrest was a bit of a basket case. Not sure what went on in his second spell at Forrest, but he's done well (on the park) at championship level.
  11. To be fair to Billy Davies, he's a good manager, just not very popular for whatever reason. He took Derby up through the play offs when they were relegation favourites, they barely spent a penny and sacked him for being bottom of the EPL (with a squad that was heading for league 1).
  12. Aye was just commenting on the practical aspect. On a plus note, the pitch is looking great! (Possibly a factor in the decision?)
  13. Hopefully Motherwell make a skin off it, but it's not a great lay out as a neutral venue. The east stand (opposite main) only has one entrance/exit at the same end as the cooper stand(so can't be shared), so I'd imagine one team will get those two and the other stuck behind the goal in the away stand with the main stand split. Would be a slight advantage to have the "home end"
  14. Yes. 6:35 in. Think the 5th official (Steve Beaton?) is probably involved, looks like he mouths "oh feck" when it's happening.