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  1. The continued ignoring of McCormack is ridiculous. Even if he doesn't suit the way strachan wants to play, surely he is a useful option off the bench as a plan B?
  2. Just got an email today informing me they've changed my flight there too. FR7495 on Friday at 10:25 am now on FR7491 at 650am. Not a massive problem, but going to be a long day, and means £25 in a taxi to the airport rather than a lift. If they'd changed both flights at the same time or with more notice I'd have been much better placed to rearrange. Would've probably gone down Thursday night.
  3. whats the next league fixture?
  4. He's moving 400 miles away from his pregnant girlfriend for family reasons? (not doubting your story, but his agents reasoning)
  5. Not a suggestion they are a 2 bit outfit. They are at least one level above what the tabloids would call "European cracks". Just that some clubs might be willing to accept some wear and tear on a 34 year old.
  6. His family reasons may be genuine? My wife would be happier if I tripled my salary too.
  7. I'm sure he'll not be out of pocket. Confirmation that agents are bad men! http://www.teamtalk.com/news/exclusive-champ-target-johnson-explains-transfer-desire
  8. To be fair, I would imagine some teams are happy with 2 arms and 2 legs, others will be more thorough. Some teams will also be more risk averse than others when it comes to these things?
  9. Marvin Johnson has put in a transfer request. Not really sure what this changes. Motherwell haven't hidden the fact he's for sale, if the offer meets their valuation, which I suspect is about £500k. He has 2 years on his contract, so if he doesn't go this week, he'll definitely be off in January. QPR latest rumoured interest.
  10. It's funny how sometimes a player just doesn't fit.
  11. I don't think anyone is saying it's acceptable, just questioning how offensive it is. Are you genuinely offended by things people shout and sing at the football?
  12. Heard it read out at a few grounds, Hamilton definitely do it. They have signs up at fir park, but not sure about a spoken message (not that you'd hear it in the east stand anyway...)
  13. By the way, that killie red card was an absolutely howling challenge! Very reasonable points Bluegaz. My point about the proximity to Stranraer was slightly tongue in cheek, but the Friday night games are going to bring out the worst in some folk.
  14. I was surprised to find that Butcher isn't that popular amongst Rangers fans. I believe the fact he embraced that sort of stuff at the time, and then criticised it later in an autobiography is the reason (or the reason I was given).