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  1. I suppose it depends on the turnover in the squad too. Ive seen Motherwell teams take to the field in Europa league qualifiers with players that haven't even trained together, never mind played together! Stuart Mccall didn't have that excuse when he treated Stjarnan as a pre-season friendly and expected to beat them without a proper pre-season. (They went on to beat legia warsaw and lose to inter, I kind of hold a grudge against McCall for blowing the chance to see Motherwell in the San Siro.)
  2. You mean when? i can tell you where, the arsehole of knowhere!
  3. In fairness, I was supporting Celtic by the end of it. Porto were awful. For similar reasons. Wouldn't mind an Ajax win tonight. To bring it back on topic, Man Utd deserve to lose for next seasons early 90s inspired away top.
  4. Are you really a Celtic fan?
  5. I thought it seemed a valid point. It seems to be difficult for teams to hit the ground running after a friendly against a highland league team straight into competitive matches against teams who can be in mid season.
  6. get you now, I ducked out that thread, because politics is/are boring.
  7. 2 wives!!!! Now you're just showing off.
  8. I hadn't seen it, looked it up there. Was quite good. Seems to have got a relatively positive reaction from the press too. "pyro-packed" and "filled the ground with a light smoke" were 2 particularly uncharacteristic lines used to describe it.
  9. Imagine what the team that actually won the league in Gibraltar would do to Rangers!
  10. Not as bad as folk that keep getting banned and have to change their username.
  11. No Pyro, no party! I don't mind smoke bombs and flares, as long as they're not getting thrown.
  12. My source wasn't my mum this time. Suppose taking the job and wanting the job aren't necessarily the same thing..
  13. I heard from a credible source that he doesn't really want the job permanently.
  14. I posted it from my phone, is it massive? Both just look a bit like the Marseille tops of around 2000 when folk were wearing Marseille tops with socks over Kappa trackies.