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  1. What's the difference between the games being played Saturday/Sunday and Sunday/Saturday? Taking advice from the same police force that can't see the potential problem with an old firm game on Hogmanay.....
  2. Agree with Rangers and Renfrew blue on the sfa's apparent motivation being financial compensation rather than getting to the bottom of what happened and why. It was so obvious they got caught on the hop by the late goal and didn't have anything effective in place to stop a pitch invasion. Although the policing and stewarding at games is probably completely inadequate to deal with large crowds, let alone any bother in one. But 1 Motherwell fan gets on the pitch.....
  3. Yeah, to be fair to Rangers, the content isn't ridiculous. I agree with a lot if it. As you say, it's the tone. Is it not level 5 PR company, which is Jim Traynor that do them? Although calling it PR is a bit of a cheek!
  4. Love a statement do Rangers. Although I haven't seen one about the damage at parkhead or pittodrie.... http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-67/
  5. Imagine the uproar if they'd added another 109 to that!!!!
  6. I'd presume the downturn in the oil industry was as a direct result of the lack of blue pounds flowing into Aberdeen over the last 5 years.
  7. When was the 2nd time Motherwell went into administration, I missed that. Load of rubbish as ysyal from that mob, whoever they are. If they think they are victimised by the police (as well as the BBC and everyone else) they should try going in a crowd of 300 and standing up.
  8. I was quite impressed with Armstrong when he came on. Certainly didn't look out of place at that level. Was disappointed Brown retired from international football, but didn't think he was great last night. 6 or 7/10 rather than 8 or 9/10 in my eyes.
  9. That's a pretty impressive CL record. I hadn't realised it was that good. (unfortunately the away record is more impressive for the wrong reasons! ) Cracking game to watch as a neutral, having spent a chunk of the day with talk sport on in the car listening to ignorant English pundits write Celtic off, I was quite happy to see them put in a performance.
  10. Raheem Sterling has the posture of an obese 60 year old woman. Bizarre looking guy.
  11. I've been to more Celtic games in the last 5 years than half the folk there tonight.
  12. Some game, keep thinking City will settle and Celtic will tire, but then Celtic score again. Getting a bit scrappy now mind you, and Celtic tiring after all the pressing they did in 1st hour.
  13. It seems both aren't in his plans regardless of fitness or form. Strachan often contradicts himself with his approach to these things anyway. Maybe Rhodes could play centre half if all our centre halves and 2 spare left backs get injured?
  14. I can't see how you need a 3rd choice left back as cover at centre half at this level? Just pick another centre half (which admittedly isn't a position we are particularly blessed).
  15. To be fair, a lot of folk thought they just had to turn up! Id be more worried about his lack of knowledge of "Slovenia or whoever".