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  1. Regarding strikers for Scotland it must be hard for Strachan to pick one. Griffiths was considered a trouble causer a while back wasn't he? Maybe a great scorer for Celtic but is he top level international quality? Can't be or a big English club would be after him. A poor man's Kenny Miller? Martin is slow and not as tough and adept as a target man really needs to be. He hardly bullied the Lithuania defence? Rhodes is seen as pointless unless he scores and would he get enough chances at international level to score? Naismith knocking on a bit and was never an out and out forward? Burke is too young and needs to develop? Fletcher has bouts of club form but often messes up for Scotland (the strange attempt at a headed goal v Slovakia). McCormack is small but is decent at holding the ball but not really a lone striker? Would it be better to play 2 out and out forwards and get the ball forward more directly? I think Scotland do miss Kenny Miller's enthusiasm and pace. He always seemed to be right up for Scotland duty. Too old now to bring him back surely?
  2. Would it be worth a wild gamble (if Strachan leaves or is sacked) to appoint Deigo Maradona? Any 'normal' manager will need the rest of this campaign to build a squad and playing style but a character like Maradona may just be able to pull off a miracle before blowing up. ?
  3. Levein tried playing with no strikers and that failed. Maybe Strachan should try playing with no defenders?
  4. How about? Marshall Paterson Martin Hanley Robertson Morrison McArthur Ritchie Snodgrass Anya Griffiths Anya to use pace to attack down the left wing AND get back to help Robertson. Ritchie in to have some long shots. Morrison a bit more experienced than Bannan. Snodgrass out on the right as he has always played better on the right wing IMO. Griffiths in as he is more nippy than Martin/Fletcher (who would be out muscled by Skrtel anyway). ?
  5. I'm still supporting Strachan but should we lose the next 2 games it's difficult to make a case for him to remain. I watched the game with my Dad on Saturday and when the camera panned onto Strachan my Dad said, 'Get stripped off Gordon, you'd be better than any of your players.'. If we somehow do manage to win tonight then that would surely be the end of Slovakia's chances of 2nd place?
  6. Technically Strachan is correct. It's too early to suggest a game is a 'must win'. Of course he wants to and expects to beat Lithuania at home. But what benefit would he or Scotland get from answering, 'Yes, it's a must win.' ? Some of the anti Strachan stuff is ridiculous, including club biased fans lamenting the omission of mediocre players from their club team and being furious about a rival club team player being included. Strachan picks his squad from a fairly average group of players. If he manages to guide Scotland to the World Cup that would be a superb achievement and if he fails I'm sure he will resign. Unless he gets shot earlier by some deluded person who expects to see 11 born and bred Bravehearts destroy all opposition. Strachan put massive effort into playing for Scotland and I bet he puts in massive effort as manager.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get my lad a yellow keeper top other than JD? They only show size 7/8 years on their website and so I emailed them asking if they had a 12 year old size. They eventually said 'No, and we won't get anymore in'.
  8. I don't think Strachan can do much about the lack of any great central defenders but he could maybe get a good defence coach in to make the defence a well oiled machine?
  9. I've seen Leeds a few times this season and Bridcutt has been excellent. Defensive midfielder but good on the ball and a tidy passer. Quite fast and good at harassing the opposition. Not sure about Liam cooper. Has potential but not international quality yet.
  10. Losing in Georgia, settling for a draw in Ireland, failing to go on and score again v Germany away when we looked like we could, the predictable last gasp goal conceded v Poland, Players scuffing shots wide that they would smack into the net at club level, etc,. Are we too polite? Are we mentally deficient?
  11. I would like to see Strachan stay but a top defence coach is needed. A lot of the goals we let in look very bad. Ireland's defence are not really world class but they look organised.
  12. Keep Strachan. He will learn from this campaign and I believe he is getting the best out of most of the players most of the time. Maybe a couple of youngsters will come through for next campaign.
  13. I think Scotland have tried to play decent passing football and be more thoughtful. Some of our football has been very good at times. Our defence is naïve against top teams. Ultimately it is how you see the game. Strachan seems to want more possession and high quality pass and move. Martin O'Neil seems more pragmatic and sends Ireland out to battle like warriors and hoof the ball forward rather than tip tap about. Maybe he is correct? It may take Ireland to the finals but not sure you can progress much further. Strachan has improved Scotland and Scotland do look like a half decent team a lot of the time. But both ourselves and Ireland don't have that one magic player who can win games from nothing. I don't see how Ireland can improve much but I can see Scotland improving. Good luck to Ireland in the last game and I do hope they make it. For us it is not the end of the world. I'm looking forward to the next campaign.
  14. Occasionally you get players who are better at international level than club level. Maybe Anya is one of these? He has been very good for Scotland.
  15. I will hope for an Ireland win. Keeps it all very tight and interesting. Is there any way Ireland and Scotland can go through? I'm fed up of Germany.