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  1. I like the touch of red. There should also be a dirk in the socks to deal with awkward opponents.
  2. Keep the traditional round badge and keep it large. Simple white collar and cuffs. Real dark blue shirt (I don't mind some subtle tartan under the arms). White shorts and red turnovers on the dark blue socks.
  3. True. I will try and find some more programmes from youth games I have attended and post them up here.
  4. Just found the programme from this match. Friday 8th Decemebr 2006 at York City. England won 2-1. England squad; Declan Rudd. Wesley Fodderingham. Adam Smith. Chris Solly. Thomas Cruise. Jack Rodwell. David Brown. Nicky Ajose. Oliver Norwood. Mitchell McPike. Harry Forrester. John Bostok. Dean Parrett. Ryan Mason. Sean Highdale. Sanchez Watt. James Ellison. Nathan Delfouneso. Scotland squad; James Wood. Grant Adam. Stephen Forbes. Scott Durie. Daniel Wilson. David McAuliffe. John Fleck. Daniel Thomson. Jamie Ness. Gordon Smith. Alex Cooper. Gregg Wylde. Michael O'Halloran. Archie Campbell. Sean Fitzharis. Robert McHugh. David Love. Ryan Martin. Goals - Nicky Ajose and Nathan Delfouneso for England and Robert McHugh for Scotland.
  5. I'd go with a starting line up of; Gordon Tierney Martin Mulgrew Robertson D Fletcher Fraser Armstrong Brown Anya Griffiths I can't see S Fletcher, Rhodes, or C Martin worrying England's defence too much but Griffiths is faster and his movement may make a difference. Anya is quick and will track back, Fraser is a good enthusiastic team player and is on form. Armstrong will be in for his all round game and energy. Brown wouldn't last 90 mins but can get stuck in and he is clever enough to attack when we have the ball (he may also wind up some of the cocky England midfielders). D Fletcher in for some calmness and experience (and to draw the referee's attention when Rose, Vardy, Lalanna, Ali and Sterling are performing their diving routines).
  6. Karanka and Strachan haven't had faith Rhodes can be the main striker. Rhodes offers little to a team other than being a goal poacher. He has an impressive track record at championship level but is the sort of player who if he doesn't score then offers little. He doesn't harry or bully defenders like Joe Jordan. He doesn't whizz about like Kenny Miller. Strachan would have to be sure that the rest of the Scotland team would be energetic enough and have enough of the ball in attacking areas to play Rhodes. It's possible versus England Rhodes wouldn't touch the ball. There again he might latch on to two good crosses and score with his only two touches. Who knows? That's football.
  7. I used to watch Snodgrass a few years back at Leeds. His best position IMO was right wing (though he was confident and talented enough to come inside). He often beat men with skill and often cut back to get on his left foot to score. He was never fast but he charged up and down the wing enthusiastically. As the years have gone on he seems to do less dribbling and slicing through a defence and relies on a more sedate 'playmaker' role. I'm not sure he is good enough for Scotland to be a key playmaker in the sense I don't see him running a game and dictating how the team play. He can whip in brilliant balls but Scotland don't have top class centre forward who gets on the end of these deliveries. I'm not sure I would play him v Slovenia. I think he is quite predictable central and the opposition seem to stifle him quite well. if I did play him I'd put him wide right (though I'd be worried he wouldn't track back to help our emergency right back). So maybe have him wide left as Tierney/Wallace/Robertson have the energy to cope better if he can't whizz about. Hope he proves me wrong if he does play.
  8. I can see why managers think Rhodes isn't worth playing (unless you are sure your team will be on top and getting lots of balls into the box) BUT do any of our other strikers effectively hold the ball up? Do any of them contribute so much more that it is better to play them rather than a 'goal hanger'. If Rhodes barely touches the ball but scores then isn't he contributing more than our current strikers who simply cannot put the ball into the net? Griffiths being the latest to fluff half chances v Engalnd.
  9. How about trying Bridcutt as defensive midfielder? He rarely comes into the opposition half for Leeds but makes a lot of tackles and usually passes it well. Sitting Fletcher/Brown/Morrison/MacArthur etc deeper may be counter productive (do they fully commit to attacks?). I think it is vital we protect our chocolate defence but would a specialist be better rather than a good all rounder trying to play box to box. Could we get more in terms of goals from our other midfielders if they knew there was bespoke defensive midfielder behind them?
  10. McCormack training with the youth team at Villa and called unfit. Strachan vindicated on not calling him up last time?
  11. Well said Pam!
  12. On this day 1942 Scotland and Leeds United legend Billy Bremner was born.
  13. There are legitimate criticisms that can be made of Strachan but not capping Liam Cooper isn't one of them. Cooper may improve enough to make the squad at some point but not now IMO.
  14. He isn't a nailed on first team starter.