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  1. Does anyone know where I can get my lad a yellow keeper top other than JD? They only show size 7/8 years on their website and so I emailed them asking if they had a 12 year old size. They eventually said 'No, and we won't get anymore in'.
  2. I don't think Strachan can do much about the lack of any great central defenders but he could maybe get a good defence coach in to make the defence a well oiled machine?
  3. I've seen Leeds a few times this season and Bridcutt has been excellent. Defensive midfielder but good on the ball and a tidy passer. Quite fast and good at harassing the opposition. Not sure about Liam cooper. Has potential but not international quality yet.
  4. Losing in Georgia, settling for a draw in Ireland, failing to go on and score again v Germany away when we looked like we could, the predictable last gasp goal conceded v Poland, Players scuffing shots wide that they would smack into the net at club level, etc,. Are we too polite? Are we mentally deficient?
  5. I would like to see Strachan stay but a top defence coach is needed. A lot of the goals we let in look very bad. Ireland's defence are not really world class but they look organised.
  6. Keep Strachan. He will learn from this campaign and I believe he is getting the best out of most of the players most of the time. Maybe a couple of youngsters will come through for next campaign.
  7. I think Scotland have tried to play decent passing football and be more thoughtful. Some of our football has been very good at times. Our defence is naïve against top teams. Ultimately it is how you see the game. Strachan seems to want more possession and high quality pass and move. Martin O'Neil seems more pragmatic and sends Ireland out to battle like warriors and hoof the ball forward rather than tip tap about. Maybe he is correct? It may take Ireland to the finals but not sure you can progress much further. Strachan has improved Scotland and Scotland do look like a half decent team a lot of the time. But both ourselves and Ireland don't have that one magic player who can win games from nothing. I don't see how Ireland can improve much but I can see Scotland improving. Good luck to Ireland in the last game and I do hope they make it. For us it is not the end of the world. I'm looking forward to the next campaign.
  8. Occasionally you get players who are better at international level than club level. Maybe Anya is one of these? He has been very good for Scotland.
  9. I will hope for an Ireland win. Keeps it all very tight and interesting. Is there any way Ireland and Scotland can go through? I'm fed up of Germany.
  10. I have emailed Harper's dad and said he needs to video Jack running up and down a mountain with a buffalo strapped to his back. We need some good young buffalo carriers coming through.
  11. Strange comments by Sbragia. Leaving a player out is not unusual but to actually produce a reason and a criticism of a young player seems weird. Is he testing the player's attitude? Also worrying that his tactics seem to be based on out running the opposition to get results. Isn't the youth level supposed to help develop players? I suppose we all want 'luxury' players who also run a lot and put in '110 %' but some players just aren't built like that. That doesn't mean they can't be highly effective. Perhaps Sbragia ought to peruse the Scottish athletics team if he wants powerful runners. Maybe Alan Wells can come in to help coach? I agree just because a young lad is at Real Madrid it shouldn't mean he automatically gets in the Scotland team but it shouldn't be used as a reason to exclude him either. I doubt Real Madrid will be poaching Sbragia to re vamp their youth departments.
  12. I agree.
  13. A bit harsh. Unlike many of our players Mulgrew generally controls the ball and gives it to someone he knows. I like him.
  14. One thing that should be noted is it is England who treated the game more like a 'cup final'. They were well up for it. That's the best I've seen them play for a while, unfortunately Scotland looked too polite and too tired. Could have been a cracker if we were up for it. No harm done really. Lost to a good team and Strachan and the players may have learnt a few lessons. Good education for the youngsters. I assumed Martin was up front as he is big and strong but to be honest Ross McCormack is a better target man than that. I thought Mulgrew was good and young Robertson kept battling and deserved his reward. Nice to see Gordon back in a Scotland shirt. D Fletcher needs to get more club games as looks rusty (he should come to Leeds Utd).
  15. I would imagine that would send most of the England players to sleep.