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  1. He scored a goal and then literally didn't touch the ball for half an hour. He had a few wee moments in the second half including a great run and ball across the 6 yard box but no takers. Other than that though he didn't do much and got subbed after about 70 odd minutes.
  2. Don't think he's touched the ball since he scored!!
  3. No, I agree completely and this was always my expectation. I just think there were a few on here who thought the £13m price tag suggested he'd be going straight in. I watched his debut and although it was only a cameo, I'd hoped he'd done enough to at least get off the bench this weekend. I think Leizig play again on Wednesday so we'll see what happens there.
  4. Both have had a couple of beauties and a couple of stinkers I'd say. Best home and away combo at the same time goes to Diadora in my opinion. Euro 2008 qualifying campaign. Over the piece tho I reckon adidas has done better home kits and Diadora better away kits.
  5. I wasn't reading anything other than that into your post mate. I was just using it as a quote/link to make my point. Think you've read something that isn't there???
  6. Ridiculously early days obviously, but given this and the comments attributed to the manager the other day, the assumptions on here that the £13m suggested he'd be going straight into the team were wide of the mark.
  7. You've lost me. You used the expression but can't explain it? In order to brand someone as "independence at any cost" you must have some idea of what those costs might be. Other than financial I'm struggling to imagine what those costs might be. For me, self determination is the be all and end all. Every single other nation who has sought independence doesn't seem to have had a problem with that concept.
  8. So what cost were you referring to?
  9. I do agree with you in principle aaid but I still struggle a bit with the concept of voting no and supporting Scotland. I guess the Scotland v UK is a bit of an anomaly that doesn't really exist elsewhere. I do however really struggle with the concept of voting no and singing our national anthem.
  10. Erm. You mentioned cost.
  11. Ah the old "cost" argument. I guess it depends on how you define cost. Would Scots be financially worse off in this current short term? Possibly. Personally I give cost a far wider definition extending way beyond personal financial gain for greedy selfish people.
  12. You're going to need to explain to me how that is difference to 55% of people wanting to be British, given that being British was the alternative. Unless of course you're being obtuse. Heaven forfend!
  13. FFS it was 1990 they failed to qualify. Cannae mind who knocked them out. Oh aye, Mo Johnston
  14. I think Scotland will win on Sunday, but it will be very much a "paper over the cracks" victory, yet will still be used to vindicate Strachan's baffling selection policy/tactics.
  15. Yup. As well as "who's the fenian in the black?", " Fk Bobby Sands he's deid" and of course the usual ditties that barely even warrant a mention now they've become so commonplace.