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  1. Yup. As well as "who's the fenian in the black?", " Fk Bobby Sands he's deid" and of course the usual ditties that barely even warrant a mention now they've become so commonplace.
  2. Charming repertoire being sung by the scum tonight as usual. How do these utter khunts continually get away with this. As much as my once fervent enthusiasm for fitba has waned dramatically in recent years, my utter hatred for the scumbags that support that club is as strong as ever.
  3. Aye but to be fair KFTF, when you were an altar boy you didnae have it rammed down yer throat for 6 years like Ormond did. No wonder the boy chucked it.
  4. In fairness Rossy Alan Hutton is probably the closest (and only player) to fitting your description. He's played pretty consistently in the EPL and for years was comfortably one of our best players. Whether the relative success of his career is down to having been exposed to Champions League football with Rangers is another question altogether. SH, I think the point being made (and what history would suggest) is that Celtic scooping large dollops of CL cash is likely to result in less Scottish players being exposed to football at the top level, because as soon as the cash starts rolling in, Scottish players will disappear off Celtic's shopping list like snow aff a dyke.
  5. I'd accept the difference of opinion re the Ireland game (whilst still disagreeing with it obvs :-)), but you must've watched a different Georgia game to me. For me Scotland played arguably the best football of the whole campaign that day and their only failing was the old classic lack of an end product.
  6. And the irony is that when Strachan first took charge, that was exactly how he said he would operate i.e. Formation/tactics to suit the best players available. It sounded exciting at the time but now we realise that what he really meant was "I think we're shite and are pretty much always likely to be shite. So I'm going to play this way forever no matter how unsuccessful it might prove".
  7. Know what you mean, but only in the same way you might describe a last minute goal, or getting a dubious penalty as lucky. To me these are all things that regularly happen in a football match. In this context I'd describe lucky as meaning, winning a game you didn't deserve to win. In that respect I don't think we were lucky.
  8. Agree with the general gist of your post but don't agree we were "lucky" to beat Georgia and Ireland at home. We convincingly outplayed Georgia and although we should have scored more goals I don't think the result was ever in doubt. Ireland game was a lot closer but I believe we did enough that day to win the match and I'd certainly never describe the victory as "lucky". Hard fought maybe.
  9. What annoys me is why the press never ever challenge his often ridiculous rationale. Something along the lines of "Aye but Gordon, if that that's yer logic, how come ye've picked (insert player name)?". I can just about come to terms with most of the selections if I try really hard, but Martin over McCormack is simply phukin ridiculous!
  10. What do these facts have to do with me taking an extremely worthy opportunity to highlight that OF fans get away with murder?
  11. If Hearts fans are guilty of these actions then it is very strange that nothing has been reported and their misdemeanours have been glossed over. That normally only happens with Old Firm fans.
  12. For folk that aren't still at school or a burd, what did CS say on Facebook? 😂
  13. Definitely the first person I heard (and possibly the last) referring to a striker "billowing the onion bag!". His match reports were always the best read.
  14. He is comically one footed. If he didn't need his right foot for balance I reckon he'd hop around the park on his left leg. Surely to god teams will work him out easily this season?