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  1. If you had said that a month ago I'd have laughed at you saying that there isn't a team in Scotland bar Celtic that could afford him. However, given the derisory sum we have accepted from Barnsley, I reckon Brechin would've had a good chance of signing him. Good luck to the wee man though. He has been literally outstanding for us. Especially when it really mattered towards the end of the season. In the last 8 games he scored 7 goals and had 7 assists. Hope he does the business down there.
  2. Hauns aff ma burd sunshine or a molication of inordinate proportions will befall you!!
  3. Just checked out what you're on about. I'm now away to virtually batter him.
  4. Stop talking bollocks. There's no such word as Jersian. It's Jerseyan.
  5. My arse! It's all thanks to former Bud Aaron Mooy!
  6. What could be more important than the wellbeing of our sheepy friend!
  7. Nah he was last active on the 24th April. That was the Monday after the showdown. If slasher had done him in he'd need to have resurrected and Easter was the previous weekend.
  8. Poor fella was a martyr to his own rage. Particularly his OF fuelled rage. i enjoyed most of his contributions and for the most part agreed with him. He just couldnae control himself though. I'm sure he'll return. Sooner the better I say.
  9. Exactly. I never even considered that he might have been banned. Surely not?? What did he do to deserve a ban. More likely a combo of having had enough and being a bit embarrassed by his spat with Slasher.
  10. Has Rossy quit the TAMB? Not been active since his showdown with Slasher. In fact is he deid? Slasher? Do you have anything to confess?
  11. Disagree. Also rans in a pretty poor league. Lost 3-1 this weekend to Belenrses. I think Celtic would beat Sporting Lisbon.
  12. Sporting Lisbon a top European side? Don't think so.
  13. £300k. Depressing but inevitable.
  14. Thought Joanna Cherry did ok last night although even I am starting to get sick of the same old verbatims getting regurgitated. We desperately need some new patter. Hayman good too. Speaking of Hayman does anyone know Fast Eddie that drinks in the Gellions in Inverness? Have you ever seen him in the same room as Hayman? Separated at birth?
  15. In all seriousness, what do you reckon the chances are of us getting to hold onto the wee man next season?