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  1. Definitely the first person I heard (and possibly the last) referring to a striker "billowing the onion bag!". His match reports were always the best read.
  2. He is comically one footed. If he didn't need his right foot for balance I reckon he'd hop around the park on his left leg. Surely to god teams will work him out easily this season?
  3. Ahem!!! You really ought to make clear that the above is the work of the excellent Mr. Brookmyre in case anyone thought it was your own I once tried to post this and got a message saying the post was too large. Think the one I've got is a good bit longer. All very true tho.
  4. Ryan Gauld

    Regardless of how good, bad or indifferent Ryan Gauld is, the fact that you have never heard of him says more about your extreme ignorance of Scottish/Scotland football, than it does about anything else.
  5. Why did Dr. Mopp appear to be Amish?
  6. Favourite Scotland song

    Assumed we were talking about actual songs as in recordings. If we're also talking fans songs I'll go for Beligium, early 80s, losing 3-0...............Bonnie Scotland, Bonnie Scotland, we'll support you up to four. We'll support you up to four.
  7. Favourite Scotland song

    Cannae say I agree with your scathing review of the Andy Cameron songs. You are right that they are far from musical classics but they have to be taken in the context of what they are. They were just a bit of fun. Andy Cameron is a knob right enough. You are right that Don't Come Home Too Soon is the best coz it's the only "proper song" and I love the message which is often wrongly interpreted as pessimistic when it is the exact opposite. Best of the novelty songs though will always be I Have a Dream.
  8. Mary, Mungo and Midge was for weans!!
  9. Eh? How can you not remember Chigley?!?!? Lord Bellborough? The train that goes to the the wharf? "Time flies by when you're the driver of a train....". The biscuit factory whistle etc etc. The wummin on Camberwick Green was Mrs. Honeyman. I used tae like the Soldiers and PC McGarry number 452 was my fave song. Imagine trying to get a kid to watch that now??
  10. hahahahahaha

    Jeezo, some right cheery souls on this thread. As someone said on a thread a while back, our failings are caused by our inherently weak and defeatist attitude, not by the quality of our players.
  11. Potential backlash?

    I "don't really get" your attitude as much as you don't get the Auld Enemy stuff. Just ask Dutch fans if they treat Germany just like any other country, or Argentina fans if they treat Brazil just like any other country. Footballing rivalry is part and parcel of the game and long may it flourish in my opinion. I don't know you from Adam mate, but I suspect you've grown up in an era of "non-competitive" school sports days and touch rugby. I detest the expression "political correctness gone mad", but in my humble opinion some folk take it to cringeably boring levels.
  12. Had to stop reading that after 3 comments. I have high blood pressure. Not worth the risk.
  13. You didn't miss much!! 😀😀
  14. Ha ha. Were you in on time to catch the support band The Trembling Bells? I thought they were pretty shite myself but the big mad horse and the guys in the African tribal outfits that came on for BWTAS were from their set. B&S obviously just got them all back on for the party.
  15. Don't know if this has been posted already... http://www.snappytv.com/tc/2242155/1125765