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  1. And it was also the venue last time we won the Challenge Cup!!
  2. Venue not decided yet. Perth a possibility. Easter Road sadly probably too big. I'd say Perth or Livingston.
  3. Cannae believe there's been no mention of the mighty Murn trouncing TNS in their international cup semi today. I trust the final will unusually be played on the Saturday given that Scotland play Slovenia on the Sunday? Then again, I wouldn't put anything past the Scottish football authorities.
  4. An utterly ridiculous display of girly knickerwetting, even for the TAMB.
  5. Cannae believe ye never got any wee lolling emojis for that Larky. Please accept mine belatedly.
  6. Can you two keep your private lives off the board please!!
  7. Watched the second half and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've only seen Hearts twice this season (both against Rangers) and they've been excellent both times. Don't know what all the fuss is :-). On a less positive note for me it was gutting to see Isma in a Hearts jersey. A reminder of how far we've fallen in the last 4 years and I don't just mean league position. He will be a great signing for Hearts.
  8. Ha! You know what I mean. Non Aberdeen fans.
  9. To be honest I only said it response to your comment about other teams not beating Celtic. I agree it's difficult to maintain that standard all season on your budget. I guess neither you nor I will ever know whether Aberdeen "$hat it" or not, but you have to concede that they lost totally winnable games at crucial times towards the end of the season, often when Celtic had just slipped up and you had the opportunity to turn the screw. In a footballing context it has to be accepted that results such as those are often regarded as evidence of $hiting it. Either that or just a massive coincidence. No one wanted Aberdeen to do it more than me I can assure you, but in my opinion (and it's just that) they bottled it when it really mattered.
  10. Oh come on Parkie, you can blame other teams for not beating Celtic, but you can't blame Aberdeen for not beating other teams? That's flawed logic.
  11. Loosely translated as... Maybe if Aberdeen hadn't $hat their pants against teams that they should have been beating if they had actual pretentions of winning the league, we might have got closer to them.
  12. Used to love scary films when I was younger but pretty much avoid them now as I get too feart. think different films get you at different ages. Psycho scared the bejesus out of my when I was a kid. As a teenager The Exorcist topped the list. Appreciate that to younger people watching it now some of the special effects seem very dated but back then it was feckin terrifying. I've always thought the Shining was just a great film but never found it massively scary. of the more recent ones that I've been brave enough to watch, I agree that The Ring was pretty scary and I remember another one called The Strangers (I think) which had me looking under my bed. Not so much scary, but a really creepy film was In Dreams with Aiden Quinn, Annette Benning and Robert Downey Jnr.
  13. I wish Chris Martin would stop scoring phukin goals! He's $h1te and it will only encourage Strachan. The shout to bring back Kenny Miller is far from ridiculous. He's easily as good as anything else we have at the moment. It would be a sad state of affairs but that's where we are.
  14. Been supporting the Murn since 1976 and it still never phukin learn.
  15. Oh aye there was no malice or intent in it at all, but it's a red every time these days. MacDonald was just a late tackle. Booking maximum