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  1. Aye but we had plenty after. Ian Cameron brought out a spectacular save from Billy Thomson and Fitzy fizzed one just over the bar. Toffee!! Utd weren't exactly peppering our goal either. It was an absolute stalemate till the second period of extra time.
  2. We'd still have come back and gubbed you anyway. It was our day!
  3. Not that I necessarily agree with you on the above, but even if I did, surely the interfering with play rule didn't apply then. If you're going to hate any team, hate Rangers. I mind wee Luggy scoring an absolute beezer in a league cup final against the Huns, only for it to be chopped for a player lying injured. Given the location the player was lying in, his injury might have been caused by being stabbed by the corner flag! 😀
  4. Out of curiosity, have you ever outlined why you don't believe this most offsidestest of all offside goals in the entire history of world football, wasn't offside? 😂
  5. Meh. Poor effort by your standards!
  6. Remind me again why you "hate" St. Mirren Adam. Was it just the pain of '87?
  7. Speak for yer own team. If you'd watched the second half of our game against TNS you could've been forgiven for thinking you were watching Brazil.
  8. Confirmed as 12.30 on Saturday 25th March at Fir Park. 12.30 a bit harsh on the Arabs. Surely 5.15 would've been more sensible?
  9. Meh. One ridiculously rich team beat a very rich team. Also another very rich team beat a rich team. Thrilling!!
  10. Don't know. I've never heard of him.
  11. Aye. Sorry. Meant Saturday 25th. Saturday was the correct bit so no worries about Lewis Morgan's call up clashing with the Cup Final!
  12. Back to more important matters. The big cup final has been announced as taking place on Saturday 26th March at Fir Park. No time mentioned yet. I assume it will be early evening.
  13. And it was also the venue last time we won the Challenge Cup!!