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  1. Yup! This is a belter! Prefer to listen than watch though. That chap is a bit scary!
  2. Team VS Italy

    The lack of width created by having fullbacks like Martin and Mulgrew instead of Hutton and Robertson was startling. Im not sure they even ventured into the other half.
  3. Team VS Italy

    I didn't necessarily expect to beat Italy but I did expect to feel at one point during the match that we might have a shot or two at goal.
  4. Team VS Italy

    That was utter pish!!
  5. Hull v Shef Wed.

    You sure you were watching the Hull v Sheff Wed game mate?
  6. Hull v Shef Wed.

    Eh????? Robertson had a great game yesterday. Particularly defensively!!
  7. "Big Jim" Home

    Very very sad indeed. Had a good few bevvies with Big Jim and Pete on our early trips. As the OP said a giant of a man but quiet as a mouse. Haven't seen Jim in years and the last time I saw Pete I think was in The Parc Des Princes when Faddy scored. A magic big fella. RIP big man.
  8. Jordan Rhoads is far more annoying that Jordan Rhodes!
  9. Pah!!! I voted for Sam Mackay's second goal. Peach. Mon the Scorries!!!
  10. Transfer gossip

    Ha Ha. Anyone in a Scotland shirt? Why pick on Ritchie?
  11. Thought Humza was very weak tonight. Got pushed around like the little kid in the playground.
  12. Given the new(ish) drink driving limit, is it likely there would be much call for a bar in a stadium that for the most part people have to drive to? Suppose you might get groups with a designated driver?
  13. My jury is out on safe standing but only to extent of "don't knock it till you've tried it". I've only seen pictures of it and to me it looks sufficiently sanitised to be almost just standing for the sake of standing. I'm not sure standing in safely penned rows would be anything like the old terracing days, but happy to be proved wrong when I eventually get the chance to try it. Out of curiosity, have you (or anyone else on here) experienced it?
  14. If the mock up is accurate at least to the extent of the corners being filled in, that will be a massive plus. Four free standing stands is $hite no matter the stadium. Even our wee LEGOLAND effort would be hugely improved by the corners being filled in. Corners being filled in is the future!!