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  1. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Aye but it could go the other way aaid and be a real confidence destroyer, as the tattie field will feck up our silky passing game and play right into the hands of Italy's scrappy kick a rush style!
  2. Horrible!! Remember the old board. It was cool.    
  3. Scotland Players In Action

    That is completely ridiculous. No one is saying that the EPL isn't better than the Championship. That would just be stupid. What some folk are saying is that you don't have to play in the EPL to be good enough for Scotland. ProudScot is a troll or an idiot. One of the two and his nMe on this forum has to be the most ironic of them all.
  4. Scotland V England

    Listen you, I'm on here looking for tickets, no' tae get chatted up.
  5. What was the wee 5 minute programme (think it used tae be on around news time) when Molly Weir would be sittin in a chair tellin ye a wee story about the olden days. As a wean that was right off the boredom scale.
  6. Scotland V England

    Disappointed enough to give me your tickets?
  7. Scotland V England

    I'm furious with myself. I initially thought I wouldn't be able to make it up for either of the home games, so I knocked back the tickets when I had the chance. Now looks as if I'll be up for the France game and no ticket. Such is the futility of this request, I'm not even going to bother starting a new thread on it, but if any kind soul does have 2 spares for the France game, please let me know.
  8. Aye his yaks used to look like the Cappielow terracing.
  9. At the moment, beautiful Russian women want to know me. I didn't even know they knew who I was.
  10. You could definitely argue that AS. No doubt. I'd prefer to to say it remains the privilege of the 45% to sing that song. Any no voter singing it tho fits firmly into the wanky phrase category.
  11. Oh I've just thought of a belter. "Bang for your buck" I can't even count the levels on which that is wanky!
  12. Really enjoyed that. Never seen it before., what a crackin lad. Also anyone else think Bowie had a touch of the Benjamin Button about him? Definitely got better looking as he got older.
  13. Do they? I wouldn't have a clue what "North Britain" meant in a political sense. Can't say I've ever heard it said in that context. What is it anyway? Scotland? Everything above Manchester? But I knew what Declan meant.
  14. Metz A No Go

    Says the guy with the £900 mattress/duvet combo!