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  1. Nah, my mistake. They released two years at a time but it was 2016 and 2017.
  2. They're already out, they release this year and next year at the same time.
  3. You and me both. Feckin hate Welsh rugby.
  4. I'm less optimistic than I was. We're potentially going to be missing Dickinson, Nel, Sutherland, Strauss, Barclay, Laidlaw, Dunbar, Maitland, Hardie, Taylor. All of those would be in the 23, at least seven in the XV. However the Welsh are still there for the taking. The talent is there, but the mentality is fragile.
  5. It probably doesn't. And you won't get an answer on how it does.
  6. Exactly. To give it a proper description, it's an inertial reference frame moving freely within curved space.
  7. This is the centre of religion and conspiracy theories. An internal fear that no one is in control, that things just happen. It's a necessary byproduct of human evolution unfortunately, a combination of a hand brake on inquiring thought coupled to the advantage in some cases of believing in things that aren't there and the ability to recognise patterns and complete pictures.
  8. Actually that's what we mean when we talk about zero g. It's a relativity thing and very very hard to explain. Gravity works over such huge distances that it's impossible to be out of its influence. What we have is free falling in a gravitational field, that's what you're doing when you're in orbit. And that's why youachieve the same thing in a plane by doing a controlled parabolic free fall. However the absolute maximum time you can do this for is about thirty seconds, otherwise you hit the ground. So if you find 60 seconds of continuous 'zero g' footage, it can't have been done in a plane.
  9. Cue cryptic quote featuring the word unknowable or something similar
  10. Scott's previously said the only bible that counts is the James I bible and anything in the hebrew text isn't relevant.
  11. Still no answer to dust. Still no answer to the movements of stars. Still no answer to different constellations in the southern hemisphere.
  13. Russell had plenty of time to take it, time wasn't an issue. He probably didn't realise there was potential for a review. He still had another 60 seconds.
  14. Andrew Cotter (commentator) has confirmed that having spoken to the coaching team afterwards, they wanted him to kick it as quickly as possible so that it couldn't be reviewed by the TMO. They were worried both about Russell's pass to Seymour off the ground (might have been forward) and about the wee shove that Seymour gave the French fella as the ball bounced back over his head.