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  1. Scotland won the sevens at Twickenham for the second year in a row. Beat Engalnd in the final. The last two years have been excellent for the sevens team, Macrae as coach has done a tremendous job. Also beat New Zealand in the QF, coming back fro 21-0 down to win 24-21 on the last play.
  2. Not enough has been made on this thread of Georgie Square.
  3. Aye, slavery is Scotland's hidden shame. Glasgow and Edinburgh both at it, and that slave map shows owners all over the country. All of our cities were built on it.
  4. Deflection, deflection. Typically Glasgow 'Ah, but...' Oh, and there was an equal amount of anti-apartheid campaigning in Edinburgh
  5. Glasgow has never apologised for building itself up by way of the slave trade. A disgraceful history which the city has never acknowledged.
  6. At least Georgie Square (I love that you have a pet name for it) isn't red tarmac anymore. My city centre is awful, it looks like this Oh, and we're trusted to drink in the street without causing a fight or pishing our breeks.
  7. W10 is a major improvement on W8. But that's like preparing a pub for Tom Cruise.
  8. Thought this was going to be a 'my wife is a secret tory' thread.
  9. I'm considering a wee trip to Bilbao next year...
  10. Fixtures published 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP3 FebruaryWales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm11 FebruaryScotland v France, Sunday 3.00pm24 FebruaryScotland v England, Saturday 4.45pm10 MarchIreland v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm17 MarchItaly v Scotland, Saturday 12.30pm2019 CHAMPIONSHIP2 FebruaryScotland v Italy, Saturday 2.15pm9 FebruaryScotland v Ireland, Saturday 2.15pm23 FebruaryFrance v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm9 MarchScotland v Wales, Saturday 2.15pm16 MarchEngland v Scotland, Saturday 5.00pm
  11. Oh, and a group of researchers claim we might be on the brink of a mass ocean extinction
  12. And if you look back at previous mass extinctions, there's been a dominant species each time which was wiped out. The dinosaurs exploited a previous mass extinction about 200 million years ago which wiped out archosaurs and nearly all amphibians. The Premian-Triassic extinction event wiped out 96% of all marine species (it's the biggest mass extinction event we know of) including the trilodites which were the dominant marine life form of the time. The earliest mass extinction which we know about was about 450 million years ago, when the giant insects were wiped out. And by giant, I mean these bad boys, dragonflies with a 28 inch wingspan
  13. Yeah, it was a c a king day and a great atmosphere. Good crowd but a bit of a shame anothe 10,000 or so didn't take the opportunity to give us a full stadium.