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  1. Hi all I'm looking for some help for some friends and indirectly myself. I travel with Edinburgh Rugby regularly and there are a few if us who want to do something similar to what the TA do in terms of charity donations for away European games. There are no where near as many of us and we won't raise as much money but we think it's the right thing to do. I'm not involved with it but a good friend of mine who is wants to do it and I said there are a lot of people in the TA who know how to do it and know how to make sure that all the donations get where we want them to go. I'd really appreciate it if someone who knows how this works could PM me and I can pass their details on to my mate who wants to organise this. Edinburgh rugby have an away game in Romania this year so we feel even a small amount of money can make a difference. Thanks Biffer
  2. Sergei Baltacha has to be in any conversation about this. A class apart from any other player on the pitch in his first season or two with St Johnstone.
  3. To be fair to Froome, his TUEs are exactly as he had previously stated they were are they not?
  4. Let's just say it's because I wasn't paying attention
  5. At the very to level of sport, if you let other things take priority, you won't be at the top level.
  6. Getting a bit pissed off with the BBC reporting yesterday as St Johnstone 'denying' Hearts the opportunity to go top. Saints would have been joint top if they'd won too, but no mention of that. Usual BBC bias towards the so called big teams to the fore as usual.
  7. Also funny that all of Wiggo's TUEs are after he switched to road from velodrome.
  8. Great idea. An 'Edinburgh' park, if you will.
  9. The line runs past the end of the runway, but the most practical point for the station is nearly two miles from the terminal. So needs some kind if system (like, say, a tram) to transport you from there. And that line only services Fife and points north.
  10. To be fair, the London underground is 55% above ground. So the BART is fairly classified as a subway system.
  11. Also, the proposal for traditional tory style economic solutions such as selling it to developers for a hotel or flats is not in line with the normal left of centre feel around here.