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  1. The writers / creators only wanted to do four seasons, but were bullied / hectored / bribed into doing six by the network. Hence from around the middle of season three to the last half of the final season was all a bit crap; they were trying to spin out what they'd envisaged being told in one season into three season, and had to introduce all sorts of shit padding around the sides to make up the screen time. Watched the first three episodes of Westworld yesterday, looks intriguing at the moment, hope it continues that way. I think HBO are a bit more sensible about things being the right length - for example they've accepted the last two series of Game of Thrones being only 7/8 episodes each.
  2. Blueberries and honey this morning.
  3. Holy Toledo, what about them Raiders? 5-2, best start since 2001.
  4. Pretty decisive win last night. Series now 2-2, game tonight in LA, then back to Chicago for the weekend. Lester pitching for the Cubs tonight, 19-5 this season.
  5. You can't just use tournaments won though, because that would mean you'd only have a dozen or so players with any ranking at all. So it makes sense to rate people on how far into a tournament they get as well, so credit for getting to the final, less for the semi etc, yeah? And obviously bigger tournaments get more impact on the ranking.
  6. Second half of this year Murray has been the better player. Djokovic has won one tournament since the French Open (Toronto Masters). Murray has won Wimbledon, the Olympics, Shanghai Masters and the China Open.
  7. Rankings updated this morning, Djokovic 12,900, Murray 10,485. Djokovic has 2,300 points to defend this year, Murray 1,045. So for the end of year standings, it's 10,600 v 9,440. One Masters 1000 series (1000 for the winner, 600 for runner up) and the end of year championships to come (plus a few 500 events). End of year championship points are complex, up to 1500 for the winner, but it also depends on winning matches in the round robin; Djokovic got 1300 for winning it last year. Basically Andy needs to get 1200 points more than Djokovic in the remaining tournaments.
  8. Glasgow were excellent. Edinburgh met expectations today as well.
  9. Could end up as a straight shoot out between the two of them at the O2 for the end of year world number one spot.
  10. I always thought it was a decent idea tbh, so long as there was some kind of mechanism for a few bits of national promotion and relegation, but how you handle that is fraught with difficulty. Maybe a minimum number guaranteed for each league and then playoffs from domestic league champions etc.
  11. Changing the manager won't make much of a difference. We don't have the players to make an impact at international level and we won't until our domestic game changes substantially so that better players are produced.
  12. Good stuff. Putting himself in a position to compete for number one next year. Needs a good end of year championships though, and he's never really had one of those before.
  13. Can I just say.... RAIDER ####IN FOOTBALL BABY!!!!!!!!
  14. Bit rough to criticise Wood, Fitzpatrick and Sullivan IMO. Barely got a shout, and I think they would have done better than Westwood if they'd played every day. I always think it's bad captaincy to not play all players every day, you give the impression you don't trust someone to deliver which has a knock on effect on them and knackered some of the other players.
  15. Rose two points, Wood one point, other five English players no points in three days. Cabrera Bello 2.5 points from 3 games, Pieters 4 points from 5.