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  1. raiders sing the beast mode goodbye mr brady
  2. lookin for 4 seats mate all the way
  3. rob roy win 3-4 at penicuik into the last eight
  4. wot time is kick off smithy
  5. mon the raiders
  6. reading carlisle doncaster
  7. emday up for this
  8. first we get the fashion polis now its the f@kin singin polis get a grip boys.
  9. hay by the way big man your claimed ya fukin #####
  10. hae sweaty jock ya fek=in d*ck al be the guy wearin a hawaii shirt and jeans and if your big enough call me out ya f*kin p@ick
  11. port vale wycombe q o s nice wee treble and a single on elgin
  12. Nice tae see ye again ma pal. Sorry fer the name change, could not log in under Retro after the update.

    Andy Kirk 🍺🍺😘 Haha!!

  13. emday got a link for free updates .got one off a mate dont want to pay