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  1. Nice tae see ye again ma pal. Sorry fer the name change, could not log in under Retro after the update.

    Andy Kirk 🍺🍺😘 Haha!!

  2. emday got a link for free updates .got one off a mate dont want to pay
  3. Aberdeen Fans

    whatever happend to the braveheart ultras i liked them
  4. Wheres You All Stayin

    nothin wrong with a few hookers now and again
  5. Czech Euros

    still got some czech euros from the last time we were there are they still valid or do i need to get new ones. cheers.
  6. March/ May Friendlies

    naw through the dam brian
  7. March/ May Friendlies

    got klm glasgow prague and back wed to sat Β£165
  8. Coupon

    fekin ayr utd
  9. Chartered Train

  10. The Black Forest

  11. March/ May Friendlies

  12. gave his 40million to the youth development team.top man