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  1. Astounded by that number. It's really poor value unless go away a lot and even then.
  2. If you still have two seats remaining- can I book them cheers
  3. There's a rugby club about ten minutes away you can park at. It's got a good clubhouse and it was reasonably easy getaway. They charge a fiver though so it's the same as stadium parking but the benefit is it helps a local club and you get access to good bar http://www.longtonrugby.co.uk/stoke-city-fc-parking/
  4. Not as a professional though merely as a schoolboy and hasn't played since 2008 so wrong on two counts
  5. As I understand it and someone will correct me. The SFA's for sale tickets (the away allocation) go 100% to the supporters club to be allocated by the points system. Players, officials, sponsors etc come out the comps given to the SFA by the home association, these are the posh seats.
  6. I'd recommend the Black Horse which someone mentioned further up. It's a lovely old school boozer with little rooms and well kept beer. Then it depends what you like go north down Friargate and you've got all the studenty pubs- there's the Black Bull, Dog and Partridge, Roper Hall, O'Neills, Lamb and Packet and Adelphi. Avoid the Wetherspoon's though as it's a dodgy as a spoons beside a job centre should be. There's a nightclub called Blitz there as well. Or else go south on to Church Street and you've all the city centre bars- there's a Yates, Popworld, Vodka Revolution and another Spoons. There's a nightclub that used to be called Tokyo Joe's and a few other late night pubs. On Fox Street back towards the train you have Kuckoo and Beachcomber which are nice for Preston- cocktaily late night bars. The Conti isn't worth the trek anymore- good pub but a bit a victim of its own success now. If you know where you're staying about or what any other tips let me know. I believe there are two? strip clubs in town but PASTA mick knows more about that sort of thing than me.
  7. There are two separate reasons to reject a ballot paper one is if the voter's intention isn't clear and the other is if they identify themselves in some way. a voter who ticks, uses a number, smiley faces basically any mark in one box only is ok.
  8. it's for postal vote you sign a statement which is separated from your ballot paper- checked and then your ballot paper can be accepted. Do not sign or make any other identifying mark on your ballot paper
  9. legislation was changed to avoid that ever happening again- anyone queuing at 10pm will get to vote
  10. Surely this is a non issue anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that. There will be some sort of fudge to allow continued membership. Otherwise what you'd have is 2 years to negotiate an exit with the effect on jobs, trade etc both for Scotland and EU states followed by 2 years of negotiating an entry.
  11. Any clear mark is valid whether with a pen or pencil. The pencils are big b pencils like you'd use for art you can't rub them out.
  12. no you're not resigned as a mp to move to New York with her millionaire husband
  13. polls close at the earliest at 10pm- remember queues can still be dealt with so there's a chance polling station might still be accepting votes until 10.20 say. You can't do anything until all ballot boxes are at the count in so a big queue anywhere in the region delays the count start. Assuming a high turnout and a decent number of postals handed in on election day. I'd guess counting proper won't start until 12.30 or 1am so I'd be guessing nearer 4 or 5am for anything like a chance of an idea.
  14. I'd guess nowhere near probably about 35,000.
  15. A key difference in the marketing mentality the FAW know that full houses and a positive message will improve the marketablity of the team going forward- sponsorship, shirt deals, tickets fo other games. Not to mention getting new supporters interested or casual fans more interested. The SFA's marketing team can't be doing with any of that- they'd rather extract as much money as possible from the same fans. It's lazy marketing and makes the team look. They'd in short rather rip off 30,000 than sell the ground out