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  1. I usually go when it opens (12:00 or something like these) to avoid a big queue later on the day, especially just before the game...
  2. I live one hour from Basel. I agree that it would be better to go to Freiburg. Nice town, nice market Christmas, not too big so you can make the most of it by walking. Colmar in France is wonderful too. Edit: What's the problem with Rothaus beer? It's not that bad!!!
  3. This is a bigger problem than Strachan remaining...
  4. And what about "fans" telling people to stop waving flags because they can't see the game?????
  5. As i said in another thread. It needs to be well organised to have a real impact. I saw some great ideas here. It's not only a half empty Hampden, it's to show that the fans are here but want a whole change in Scottish football.
  6. Boycott (or any other ideas to show our belief) is a idea which just needs to be seriously organised to have a real impact.
  7. Brown and McArthur would be a great partnership for ou defensive mildfield.
  8. Agree that Naismith should be in our starting 11. Just behind the striker (everybody except Martin). GK RB FB FB LB Burke CM CM Anya Naismith Striker
  9. I don't think he was too bad yesterday for Celtic.
  10. 6 seconds faster today, so new 10k PB of 36:24.
  11. Martin scored yesterday!
  12. Home end tickets on sale today at 12:00.
  13. He will play the team we all want in Wembley. We will lose. He will say "that was the team everybody wanted". He will leave. We will be ####ed.
  14. Can't we choose the music when the other team score? At least we'll have something to cheer on.
  15. Striker is the first defender. As long as teams can run into our defense so easily, we'll continue to concede so many goals.