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  1. PB on 10K: 37'05. A little disapointed but...
  2. Are there any goods Ekiden (marathon by 6 persons) in Scotland, or some good team (3, 4, or more people) races?
  3. French Railway Strikes

    Strikes march are usually on Thursday here, so...
  4. Home section tickets

    I really don't know. There are not too much talks about this game for now... I think it won't be a problem having tickets in home end.
  5. Home section tickets

    You can buy tickets on http://www.carrefourspectacles.fr too. Don't know if they do e-tickets.
  6. Bus From Paris To Metz

    There is no much price difference between a 50 or 25 (or less) seater. That's why you should go for the biggest one!
  7. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    I don't think Fletcher will score many goals in France. France is a very defensive championship. He won't have 4 or 5 chances by game. Hope i'm wrong. Vince from... France.
  8. Lack Of Songs

  9. https://youtu.be/-21PiYCg8Zk
  10. Hampden, Parkhead Or Ibrox?

    I went to the 3 stadiums but it's Hampden for me! Scotland's national stadium.
  11. Tamb Running Thread

    New PB on 10K for me this morning: 37:05 I was hoping for somethink near 36:00 but, you know, it rarely goes to plan! So, mixed feelings.
  12. Sicily

    Flights to Sicily are cheap, but you can't book ferry tickets now, so don't know exactly what are the prices for it and if it is cheap or not...
  13. Sicily

    Can you arleady book a ferry ticket now, 1 year in advance? Thanks.
  14. Australia V Scotland

    But yesterday we didn't make many errors, except the last lineout and our kick off after they scored from it, and maybe 1 or 2 minors mistakes. I can't beleive the referee didn't ask for TMO. SHAME!
  15. November Friendly/friendlies

    France or Swiss would be perfect for me!