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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. No place for Robertson?
  2. Craig Brown was not a man who had success at club level, I am personally of the opinion the two are vastly different. And yes I am aware that was 15 odd years ago that he was successful, either someone trained from within (which we don't have anymore) or someone perhaps failed as club manager now with something to prove who is not looking at this gig as a retirement plan. I want Lambert in, someone with bravery to try new plans, heck allot\t of failure also but also with regrets and mulled over what he would have done differently.
  3. Anya has been our beat player and he hasn't even had a full half.
  4. My kids will be the age I was in France 98 before they are using a tournament.
  5. McGinnis on means we don't lose him to the Faroes
  6. I can tell I still care because my heart rate has increased, back to dreaming of an amazing last 10 mins.
  7. I had the dentist today and seeing a weak Scotland team losing, this is a day to forget.
  8. Sub our entire back 4 and play with 7 men.
  9. We are talking about salvaging. Give me a break. Anya having a decent run.
  10. Change it up Strachan, formation players something.
  11. I'm close to putting off the TV and I've never felt like this before. Darren Fletcher can retire.
  12. Another gift. Strachan will walk.
  13. Our right back was nowhere to be seen when they crossed it for their goal. We are losing not because they are better but because we are a farce. Darren Fletcher was an example of having an opportunity to try a long ranger but passed it instead. It's a sad state that now we are seeing our group is very average and here we are not even competing and giving it away. I would have thought after Gordon saw how close we were mathematically to losing out last time he would have learned every game needs to be played like it's our last and been more assertive.
  14. I think I said this on another thread but I would like Paul Lambert, but I want Strachan to finish out his two years, get us to the world cup and then clean out his locker. There are many different styles of managing, my style is be real about the task ahead and then show my believe in my team that they are equal of it. Certain people thrive under pressure but it seems most footballers are sheltered from it.
  15. I'm throwing Paul Lambert's name in there. Works with younger players and was part of the squad to make our last World Cup. However I am hoping circumstances do not warrant that before the end of his (WGS) current contract and we get this together and make the WC.