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  1. That one was an anniversary jersey I believe. I had that one and there was a green and purple one to go along with it.
  2. The qualifiers for France 98 had us on a rich form of 6 unbeaten matches before we lost to 2-1 to Sweden. We had some 5 game un-beaten streak in 2005, 2006 and 2008 and we even had another even 6 match unbeaten streak from 2013 into 2014. We seem to have plenty competitive draws, rarely producing a bunch of wins in a streak beyond 2.
  3. I am in agreement that in the grand scheme that it does not really matter if we lose to England, BUT we need to win everything else. Beat England and then we go into the rest on a great run which in my life time, I've never seen Scotland win 4 games in a row - I am away to check that, but to beat England and then end with a run of 6 wins in a row - seem a high ask and dare I say it unlikely.
  4. I would love a return to Umbro bit I would hazard that staying with Adidas is more likely.
  5. We only got this one in 2016, I would say the launch would depend on WC qualification or not but expect March next year if we qualify or if we don't around about July time using they template the use for the likes of Bhutan as they have a better chance than us.
  6. And onto the next one. In a sense I am glad that's its England, as the last few games there will be enough pressure on the squad needing to pick up more wins, its so hard just to be content and take one game at a time but its real hard not to look towards that last game away to Slovenia of monumental importance. We need Slovakia to be closer to us than three points as they play Malta at home - that could guarantee them 2nd place. What's done is done in terms of dropped points already and that cannot be changed.
  7. I agree, we have no inventiveness to break these boys down, just pinging into the box now if we have an opportunity.
  8. Go for two up top, take off Morrison now.
  9. Apparently this game was going to show the best of us, well....?
  10. make it count please
  11. Come on Scotland keep the heads up.
  12. Well played Mulgrew for not giving up there.
  13. I fear the tide is turning here now.
  14. I'm for change. I want a Tartan army legend, someone accomplished who the players want to impress and with a good reputation within the game.....One name I'll throw in who meets that.. Maradona.
  15. There were/are different ways to honor the lost without needing to wear a poppy on their jerseys, that being said they were warned before the game, and as much I am for saving money I think on this occasion they should pay the fine without appeal. They can(if its true) show a statement that they valued honoring the lost over money. However the SFA appear to be more interested in money so they will appeal which from a PR perspective in my view, is another losing move. 15K is not allot of money, would it not be better to have spent that 15k on a veteran home? I would still go ahead and make that gesture regardless and more.