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  1. There were/are different ways to honor the lost without needing to wear a poppy on their jerseys, that being said they were warned before the game, and as much I am for saving money I think on this occasion they should pay the fine without appeal. They can(if its true) show a statement that they valued honoring the lost over money. However the SFA appear to be more interested in money so they will appeal which from a PR perspective in my view, is another losing move. 15K is not allot of money, would it not be better to have spent that 15k on a veteran home? I would still go ahead and make that gesture regardless and more.
  2. I believe because of my lack of emotion that it is. Missing out on the EURO's was painful, I would lay in bed and think about what a monumental missed opportunity it was. Then I looked at our group, and felt hey at least there is a potential World Cup play off, came in at half tank and beat Malta was more gutted England scored a last minute winner because psychologically a 2 point cushion would be helpful, then we drew with Lithuania and the pain of the EURO debacle was ever present, felt hey if we beat Slovenia then we will be on 7 points and that was acceptable tally thus far, but oh my heid the manner in which we lost that game was even worse. Went into the England game with no hope, not really that hurt with the loss because all enthusiasm had since departed. To think I was dreaming of 9 points in our first 3, oh the fool.
  3. Mathematically it's not a must win. For the sense of team morale and recovery it's a need to win. I realise that Symantec's but if we lose, the dropped points 4 matches in mean the rest are all the more important. We want to make up ground and England happen to be the next team we play.
  4. Hopefully focusing on the squad, training tactics etc. Who cares about the media and their distractions. He chose his squad and he needs to make it work.
  5. I was rereading the thread and Malky Mackay was a guy I felt deserved more caps, but sadly has a controversial history. A name I'd admired and would be a good fit and talented would be Chris Hughton. Not an illustrious career but has organized teams that meet expectations, throw in Gary McAlister as his assistant, Davie Weir or if he's qualified Christian Dailly sign them up for three years with Dailly getting a promotion would be a winning move. We need some continuity amongst coaches, I'd like the assistant be be groomed to be the top man and promote from within. Actually in that scenario a Largerback, Hiddink or Ferguson would be ideally suited. Or you sign a young guy and get Ferguson hired as a mentor would be amazing.
  6. Is Rab still playing?
  7. Regarding the Skye bridge, giving the EU 10 apples and getting 4 bananas back is not a sound investment, Scotland could sell 10 apples, buy 4 bananas and have funds left over. I used fruit to hopefully illustrate the dodgy exchange rate, see earlier regarding the 8.5 billion that means its losing more money than it contributes. Iceland and Switzerland are not in the EU, Switzerland is in the common market and does better than the UK. Your comment about protection is valid, what is the relationship with NATO and the EU? Definitely interesting times my friend. Life is easier when we get along and just watch football. decades from now generations will remember these turbulent times and hopefully compliment us for doing the best we could.
  8. I was curious how much it would cost to give every home in Scotland free( someone has to pay for it) broadband. last census data I could find was 2.4 million households in Scotland, so assuming BB cost you 160 pounds a year, that would cost you 384 million, 0.4 billion, and you have plenty left over, you can tell the people of Benbecula not to fret they will still have access to Netflix, and access to the internet doesn't just mean a waste of time, it would be educational so Scotland's next generation of engineers can compete on the global stage and be a country of innovators once again and give the world the next telephone, television or penicillin. I am still open to some facts to be proven wrong. Also are you saying countries outside of the EU do not have access to the European market? Please show evidence to back that up, that sounds absurd.
  9. In 2014, annually the UK paid roughly 8.5 billion pounds more than what we got in return. Sounds like expensive broadband to me. If an independent Scotland had its share it contribted it would manage it far better wouldn't you agree? That is an example of how it stifles economic growth. I'm all for all charity but a superior state governing how you spend your money is neither freedom nor is it charitable. I would want Scotland to be Scotland but other countries worth learning from in areas would be Iceland, Switzerland and Malaysia.
  10. Just read Griffiths did not travel for Celtic's CL game this week, I foresee this as the reason Gordon will not start him and gives him a get out;He's not 100% fit due to getting over a recent virus.
  11. I could not add this to my comment above "Would you consider France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Belgium et al as Independent countries ?No, because a superior authority has the legal right to impose its will on the inferior state. "We would be just like them" Scotland in the EU would be an autonomous or vassal nation rather than an independent nation. An autonomous nation is one which does not have independent self governance. The question then is, do you want Scotland to be independent or autonomous? I would not wish to be an autonomous nation like France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Belgium et al, I would want the people of Scotland to govern themselves, set their own tax laws, determine their own policy for healthcare, social programs, issues of military and entirely be prosperous to the degree of its own industry, resources and ambition of its people.
  12. In a constructive manner, what do you believe to be factually incorrect? I am open to correction.
  13. I consider them countries on their way to a European super state. Given up their currencies, given up the ability to control their own taxes entirely and forced to pay a membership fee that hinders their own economic growth. Atleast the UK had kept the pound, Scotland would accept the Euro. For all the historic talk of being Bravehearts and a free country Scotland figures showed otherwise in recent Brexit figures. This is all off topic but the EU is a failed project and Scotland to want to get into that mess is akin to a dog going back to its vomit. Leaving one union to join another is not independent, this is just my opinion and you are entitled to disagree.
  14. Scotland joining the EU is not independence. However that might be what the people want.
  15. Lets wait and see if its confirmed, if so then ill welcome him back.