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  1. 3 of us booked on the noon train from Kings Cross to Waverley. £40 each.
  2. Sky Sports reporting that Wigan have had their bid rejected?
  3. Happier with this than I was with the Senderos link. Lescott is far more mobile and given the current style of play we need our centre backs to be able to cover the gaps left when the fullbacks go forward.
  4. I want to go to Florida once my kids are older (they will be 8 and 5 next year). Basically so I have someone to go on all the roller coasters etc. with me!
  5. You are right about being fleeced. Looking at booking the lunch with the Disney princesses (my 5 year old daughter would absolutely love that) and it would cost £164 for the 4 of us but me and the wife basically shrugged our shoulders and said we'd have to do that because that's the kind of thing we want the kids to experience.
  6. Yeah they have a schedule online. Only a couple of things marked as closed during the time we are considering.
  7. I'm looking at booking this for next Summer, some good tips in here already guys thanks. Anyone have more advice?
  8. Appears you are right. Villa fans have a list of the guys they want booted out this Summer: Agbonlahor, Richards, Lescott & Bacuna.
  9. Agbonlahor has been released I'm sure? Reading the opinions of Villa fans online, they aren't sold on Gestede either so they are quite happy to see them spending money on a player who is a proven goalscorer in the Championship (although he turns 30 in two weeks).
  10. Well done to everyone who took part, we made the news!
  11. Robbie Fowler was on twitter once asking for a login to Football365.
  12. It was. The position has now been filled however.