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  1. They being shown without needing to subscribe?
  2. 24Hr Football Event

    Running alongside the 24hr match we will also have some fun activities for people to come along and try out, including a crossbar challenge, speed gun and beat the goalie (where are still hoping to have a special guest or two).
  3. Kevin Thomson going to sign a 2 year deal with Tranent Juniors it would appear.
  4. Messi

    Mascherano and Aguero have also quit international football.
  5. Hand Of God

    Documentary about it on tonight, not sure if it is on ITV1 or ITV4.
  6. Season tickets

    Monday 11th July according to an email I just received.
  7. Euro 96

    There is a pair of quintessential 90's ladies! I watched the Switzerland game over the weekend, it seemed to me that all of our players got quite greedy towards the end and they all wanted to the man who scored the goal that seen us through. A lot of shots from 20 or more yards were fired in.
  8. Euro 96

    The day of the England game I was at Alton Towers on a youth club trip and a group of us were wearing our Scotland tops. I had just entered the building where you board the Nemesis when they announced that it was 2-0. Some of my mates were listening to the game on a radio and when we got the penalty they banged the table which knocked the batteries out. By the time they got them back in Gazza had scored, but they missed it so spent a few minutes telling people who asked that the game was 1-1.
  9. TACC Football Event

    We are looking for footballers of any age, ability and gender to take part in this event. We are even hoping to possibly have a Tartan Army tournament run throughout the night if there is any interest. Please contact Mandy through the email shown if you are interested in taking part or know of any groups who may be.
  10. Trivia question

    Ha ha! Post it!
  11. Trivia question

    Willie Falconer!
  12. Trivia question

    Give us a clue.
  13. Finally caught up with this, after looking online all signs point to it being Glenn who gets killed (it his him who dies in the cominc books and there is also a video where someone worked out the system Negan was using during Eeny Meeny Myny Mo).
  14. 1. Rangers 2. 7/10. Achieved promotion which was the main target for the season. Good to claim to the Petrofac after 4 attempts at it and the Scottish cup final was a bonus. 3. Beating 3 premier league teams and generally improving everything around the club after 3 years of mismanagement. 4. The St Johnstone game and the Scottish Cup final. 5. Light years ahead of the previous incumbent. Needs to improve the defence but the style of football he encourages really is great. 6. Still Lee Wallace. 7. Nicky Clark. Absolutely brainless and is unable to play in a team that wants to keep the ball. 8. Centre backs and more depth across the squad in general. 9. 2nd should be the aim without a doubt but there is a lot of work to be done for that to happen.