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  1. Scotland Squad

    Against Gibraltar I would line up: Marshall Hutton Martin Berra Robertson Brown D. Fletcher Russell Naismith Anya S. Fletcher
  2. 1 Adult & 1 Child Norn Iron Tickets

    Was it yourself who sponsored me? Thanks very much! Tickets are still available if anyone is interested....
  3. What's Your Squad For Gibraltar And N.ireland?

    I would guess at Tuesday next week.
  4. What's Your Squad For Gibraltar And N.ireland?

    I didn't know that, I'd definitely hold them back then.
  5. What's Your Squad For Gibraltar And N.ireland?

    Team for Gibraltar: Marshall Hutton Martin Mulgrew Robertson Brown Morrison Maloney Naismith Anya Fletcher With hopefully none of them featuring against Norn Iron.
  6. What's Your Squad For Gibraltar And N.ireland?

    Is Hanley definately out injured? If he is I'd play Mulgrew at the back alongside Martin vs Gibraltar. I don't imagine we'll have much defending to do and his set piece ability could come in handy. Marshall McGregor Gordon Hutton Martin Mulgrew Robertson Whittaker Berra Greer Bardsley Brown Morrison Fletcher McArthur Maloney Anya Boyd (he has been doing well for Burnley from what I hear) Armstrong Gauld Fletcher Naismith Russell Griffiths
  7. Scotland Ultimate Pub Quiz

    After getting e-mailed from the SSC on Friday to say that I had a place at it I also received a DM on Twitter from Vauxhall offering me a place.
  8. Scotland Ultimate Pub Quiz

    I've got a team in it.
  9. What's Going On At Kiltwalk

    They say that is the minimum, but they won't stop you walking if you don't reach it. There appeared to be a bit of crossed wires a few weeks ago when the Kiltwalk said that a large proportion of entrants (about 40% maybe?) made no sponsorship at all, but a lot of people commented on their facebook page saying that they had made money as part of a team rather than individually.
  10. What's Going On At Kiltwalk

    I hope that in the near future it will perhaps emerge that the charity partners got less than expected due to more teams doing the kiltwalk and choosing smaller, local charities to benefit which would have meant less in the pot for the main partner charities. I certainly wouldn't like to think that so much has been spent on promoting the walks or on salaries. As an aside, I'll take this opportunity to promote my sponsor page for this years kiltwalks: My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/dillydallydicksons And mention that because I have entered all six Scottish walks (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth & Speyside) ALL of the money raised will will be going to charities chosen by my wife and I (which are the TACC and CrossReach) so you can rest assured that all donations will reach these charities. I am also doing the Great Wall of China Kilttrek but I won my space on that through a radio competition so all of the expenses have been met.
  11. Keeper Vote

    Marshall is the man in possession of the jersey and shouldn't be dropped IMHO. Gordon 12 Marshall 10 McGregor 9
  12. Who is hosting the ATAC 7 a side tournament this year and when is it likely to be?
  13. If anyone wants my adult & child tickets for the Norn Iron game on 25th March I will send them to you if you give me a £10 sponsor for my kiltwalk efforts this year, which will be all 6 Scottish kiltwalks (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth & Speyside) plus the Great Wall of China kilttrek! http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/dillydallydicksons
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    He won the free kick Maloney scored against Macedonia. If he wasn't brought down he was going to be through on the keeper.