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  1. Have a read here, this site gives you some advice on how to go about setting up a charity: http://www.oscr.org.uk/public
  2. Yes because the points table will be updated after the Slovakia game. If I was to guess I'd say they'll be put on sale on Monday 17th October.
  3. Get Roary back on his Harley!
  4. From the latest SSC email: In conjunction with Abellio and their Event Connect Service, we are happy to announce free transport for ticket holders from Buchanan Bus Station to the Lithuania match. Buses will be running every ten minutes from 4pm to 7pm with two drop off locations near Hampden Park; Toryglen Regional Football Centre and Langside College. For more information visit the Scottish FA website. Please note that these buses will be alcohol free and anyone deemed to be intoxicated will not be allowed to board. Be aware searches may be conducted.
  5. I'm looking into booking the train online, only costs about €2 per person. Like you I am staying in Trnava on the match night.
  6. I just checked the website and the last train from Trnava to Bratislava is 2235 which is about the time the game will be ending.
  7. The SSC can't resell a ticket that someone has already paid for so that last part can't be done. The rest makes sense though.
  8. Order number 1625 is mentioned in the other thread.
  9. Classic Football Shirts and Shirts of Excellence are worth a look.
  10. http://www.duddingstonprivatehire.com/ They have always been competitive when I've been looking for a coach.
  11. As others have already said you will get a refund once they have been resold which won't be an issue for this match. Also now you have posted on here (and your user name I assume is your initials) the SSC will probably have seen this post so if you don't return them chances are you will be asked to collect them. Sorry to hear about your son, hope he gets better soon.
  12. This thread reminds of a great post I seen someone share from a Celtic forum where a guy claimed he went to the Boca vs River derby in his Celtic shirt (and his mate in a Rangers shirt) and all the Argentines recognised the Celtic top but some were asking the Rangers fan what team's shirt he was wearing. The cherry on the top of this story however is that he also claimed he was serenaded with "You'll never walk alone" by the locals on his way to the stadium.
  13. Also in the home game against Croatia when he scored.
  14. Aye mate I heard he's got his jailbroken Amazon Fire TV stick with him and he's going to watch the game in the changing room.
  15. With out world cup qualifying campaign about to kick off why not have a go at predicting the results from our group? Gives you a chance to win some money (and bragging rights) as well as raising money that will go towards helping disadvantaged children in Scotland, England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania & Malta! Details can be found here: https://www.tartanarmychildrenscharity.org.uk/main/the-news/headline-news/544-mfsm-spain-march-2016.html