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  1. Edin- Amsterdam 07:00Sunday morning amsterdam 13:30 - Vienna then the bus to Bratislava. 10 off us then return on Wednesday reverse way
  2. Watershed looking for 15 seats if possible
  3. agree with what Peter is saying . Was at old Trafford yesterday and Andy had 2 good runs but his defending was very poor for 2 off Man Utd goals. Still young tho and his pace is his main attribute .
  4. Don't thimk its Newport county they did play Carl Zeiss jena who where the previous years finalist but Newport got beat remember listening to it on the radio . The great tommy tynan scoring 2 that night . The answer to the another one i think was qpr .
  5. James,

    I missed you in Zurich! Our bus was half an hour leaving due to two of our members being late!

    The guilty two (father and son) won the two football cards and donated half the prize to TASA.

    Let me know what you want me to do with the proceeds. Apologies for not being in touch sooner!



  6. Mate is looking for a spare seat from anywhere lol. They said they can get to Zurich.

    Have you got any going?

  7. Mate is looking for a spare seat from anywhere lol. They said they can get to Zurich.

    Have you got any going?

  8. one of my mates cant come now so there is a spare seat on the bus


  9. Any chance of two seats on bus from Zurich?

  10. hi have you still got room on the bus from zurich?

  11. I've only just noticed the PM you sent about Paypal problems. I will send off a cheque for the seat today. Apologies for not noticing sooner.

  12. Hi was just wondering have you any seats left on your bus from zurick looking for 2 seats cheeres darren

  13. hi james ive sent u payment through paypal for 5 seats today but have forgot to put my profile name on it , my profile name is magoo310-0, but my mate paid through his paypal as john quinn and his email address is can u let me know u got payment ok cheers steven

  14. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could give me the name/contact info for the company you used for the Zurich - Vaduz bus.

    There are a few of us, but we are staying overnight in Vaduz and I'm on the hunt for a decent minibus deal.

    Many Thanks


  15. Hi mate

    cheque posted today, apologies for the delay.