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  1. My brother-in-law got married a couple of years ago, and they asked for money. I will leave it at that, as my blood is already boiling just typing it.
  2. Gordon to Chelsea on Talksport earlier.
  3. It's cheesy rubbish, bloody love it. Started it about 2 months ago as I was laid up with a broken ankle, then slipped disc, got so addicted to it. Negan was definitely getting a bit bring for me now with his long drawn out speeches and nastiness. However, when he softened a bit to Coral, that made me change my mind that he might be a bit more complex than an all out badass. Matey from The Kingdom had a secret mobile home, I don't think he had the weapon stash as well.
  4. For those who are going, I really hope you get the result of your dreams tonight, it can be done, I've seen it, and wow, what a feeling when it does happen. Tonight might be that night. Enjoy yourselves, and stay safe.
  5. My support will always be there, just st at the minute, not so much as previously. Most club supporters are the same, different things come along and they move on from physically going to games. i don't have a ticket for the game, logically, it's on my doorstep, and I can drive there for £10 fuel, and he home at a reasonable time, unlike home games, but, even given the cost, and relative time saving, I just can't get excited over it. I'm not one of the "tartan army" who go to games to get hammered and have a party in the street, with the football coming second.
  6. Aye, go and spend a load of time and money on any old rubbish we are served continually. No thanks. Bought the t-shirt, and its worn out now.
  7. The amount of money, time, energy and enthusiasm I have spent on Scotland in the last 20 years, I'd hate to think. Some great memories granted, however, far too many bad ones to make it worthwhile any more. I have a young family, and I'd rather give them my money, time, energy and enthusiasm.
  8. Agree with what you say. I'd normally never buzzing for this game, doing whatever I could to get a ticket, but it's hard to put my finger on it, but, all I can say is, it's gone. The enthusiasm, the interest, the excitement, everything. I will watch the game but won't be sat on the edge of my seat, belting the anthem out, and getting excited.
  9. Karl Robinson
  10. I have stopped spending my hard earned free time, and money on following Scotland after the last campaign. I can't justify it, living in England, it can cost as much to get to Hamden for a game, as it does to some away games. Been going to a few games home and away, each campaign for 20 years, and seen it all before, the glorious failures, so have chosen to give it a rest. I will always follow Scotland, and will always support them, as I have no choice, it's in me, I do have the choice what to spend my time and money on, and at the minute, it's not being spent on going to games. A bit of momentum, and I will be back, but at the minute, no.
  11. Marshall had a few put past him by Liverpool.
  12. Same old Scotland!
  13. Mulgrew to Blackburn.