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  1. Aye cheers for the early info about dates squirrelhumper....hotel booked on Monday and 4 tix for Saturday on the pitch....sorted
  2. Cheers for the tips. Burns cottage is a good shout as they have both done the Rabbie Burns topic at school. I mighthink try the go karts in Kilmarnock....will check height restrictions.
  3. I'm heading to Troon for 3 nights at the start of the October for a wee hotel break with the kids (boy 9 girl 6....going on 16) I've had a wee look on the usual sites but was looking for any hidden gem ideas what to do nearby if the weather isn't great (more likely).......and ideas if the weather is ok (wishful thinking) Cheers
  4. Now 5 away and 2 seats left
  5. 2 seats away....5 seats left
  6. We have a 16 seater leaving from West End Bar on Airdrie with 7 available seats if anyone is looking for transport to the Germany Game.
  7. Remember it well......nearly 8 years on and mindful of the result it still had the hairs on the back of neck standing up as Insomnia started. That was the best build up to a match I have ever experienced since I started going in 2001......read every newspaper report and thread on here and could barely do any work.
  8. How about the SFA see sense and try and fill the place. Fans of both teams at full prices will see a 30,000 crowd at most. Make it £15 for adults and fiver for kids and you might fill the place with neutrals who just fancy a day out at a final. Any reduction in income can be offset with a much lower cost for policing!
  9. Cheers for the replies folks. I saw Rhoderick dhu it is. Clocked the signs last night pie at ht and free pint if we win. Heading now......right up for a Sunday club
  10. As the title says, I'm just watching this game in the pub. Any recommendations for a busy pub, good atmosphere, drinks promos (or just cheap pints) and a pie at half time would be appreciated. Usually go to all home games but had to pick and choose my games for this campaign. Cheers for any tips.
  11. That is one of the few series I have started watching and gave up part way through a series......The Leftovers was another In gave up on after 3 or 4 episodes.
  12. Using up a few minutes before I go to do the school run....... By road Stadium to stadium 777miles Munich to Lviv 767 miles Donetsk to Lviv as the crow (or any other animal capable of flight) flies City to city 574 miles Munich to Lviv 335 miles Donetsk to Lviv
  13. Dunno if it is true but I always remember being told at biology in school (nearly 30 years ago) that celery has the highest amount of carcinogens of any fruit or vegetable......another reason to dislke it.
  14. For those undecideds that think Gordon Brown is an 11th hour knight in shining armour........http://wingsoverscotland.com/a-list-of-nothing/#more-61469