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  1. Wont be the first or last time that happens
  2. 3 coupons on today was let down by 1 team on each one.1st coupon leicester,ipswich,wigan,peterborough,motherwell,ayr and PETERHEAD for £346 2nd coupon was both teams to score and a team to win aston villa,qpr,st.mirren and ST.JOHNSTONE for £337 and WOLVES let me and my 6 mates down for £1400.So all in it wasnt a great day at least i got £2 free bet on 1 of the coupons.
  3. That all sounds great and as long as the bars and restaurants are open then all will be good.It should be a good couple of days and by the sounds of things the city will be busy.
  4. Kirkcaldy t.a have seats available on their bus to the malta game leaving the lomond centre at 4pm with pick up points in kirkcaldy returning straight after the game.If anyone is interested send me a pm.
  5. New season same pish coupons.
  6. Sounds good
  7. More importantly whats the beer prices in the bull
  8. No probs maw i thought it would be fine but best to ask these important questions if you know what i mean.
  9. That sounds brilliant and something to look forward to pre match.I take it the pubs etc will be open as someone said they may not be.
  10. I am sure it will mawbroon.cheers pal.
  11. I know it is crazy that this is happening to the fans and you are right its expensive.I am no saying its the sfa`s fault as it could quite well have been lithuania ff for the tight schedule in getting tickets sold.I know some of my lot going have no points 2 of us are on 7 or 8 and i have 4 so we are taking our chances.It will hopefully work out alright in the end.
  12. You would have thought that since home tickets are on sale tomorrow that the ssc would know their allocation by now.
  13. Ok cheers mate.
  14. Do you think we need to register on that site for tickets ?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-EpXNj9cSQ