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  1. Ha ha yes send for Sir Alex, Moyes might also be a good shout I reckon.
  2. Yes absolutely, fail to see where we have improved under Strachan, compare his record to levein and burley and its barely better. Under wgs if your face doesn't fit then forget it ala, Rhodes, Griffiths, mccormack etc, pick a team to win not your chums who have continually failed you. But of course media loves wgs, so doubt any criticism coming soon.
  3. Sick of the "glorious failure" excuses every time, simple fact we are not good enough. Strachan has his players he will always pick regardless off form. Rhodes, Griffiths or even mccormack should have been ahead of fletcher. Going backwards under Strachan, burley and levein hounded out for less, Georgia again killed us, not a shot at goal, deserve to be out after that. Simply not good enough I'm afraid.