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  1. Delighted that Sbragia has gone - symptomatic of everything that is wrong in Scottish football at the moment. There's no way that our current crop of U21s should be sitting fifth in a six team group. Disappointed that he's going to be staying on in the SFA.
  2. Malta looking dangerous every time they come forward. Hating this.
  3. I think if Alan Hutton gets a start, then that's me had it with Strachan. The guy's offered nothing going forward for years and is a bombscare defensively. Not even getting a game in the Championship now. And the fact that Gordon Greer is even in the squad depresses me. Would rather they put one of the U21 boys in. Remember when I used to look forward to Scotland games. Now I'm just really worried that we'll get beat by Malta. Malta!
  4. Not as far as I know. Big season for the lad I think - needs first team action at Setubal or don't see the point in the loan. Still glad he's gone there rather than some kick-and-rush mid-Championship side in England. In other 'Scotland Players Not In Action' news, see Jack Harper hasn't been given a squad number at Brighton this season so looks like another season of their U23 league. Went to see Brighton play Colchester in a league cup game last week where Brighton rested all eleven of their first choice side - Harper not even on the bench. So much for my bold predictions of a golden generation coming through
  5. Depressing to see Ryan Gauld being linked with a move to the Championship. Much rather see young Scots lads learn their trades overseas where technique is valued over the ability to run fast and kick the ball a long way. Hope Gauld sticks with it at Sporting.
  6. Naw, still think the lowest point was the Vogts era. Endless run of soul crushing friendly disappointments against the likes of Canada while Stevie Crawford lumbered around ineffectually up front. Almost gave up on the national side altogether during that period.
  7. Don't reckon there's a chance in hell of us making it to the next World Cup - England and Slovakia looks way better than us and we're bound to make an arse of it against either Slovenia or Lithuania - so the next realistic tournament finals would be the 2020 Euros. Would like to see WGS and the SFA target them starting now - four years lead time and a favourable qualifying draw and if we can't make that then we probably ought to disband the national team and focus on curling. And while I'm on the soapbox, how come we don't have any decent central defenders any more?
  8. Spot on. Saw one passage of play in the first half when Hutton had ventured forward into the Newcastle half, gave the ball away and then as the opposition went charging up the other end, the camera just caught Hutton literally strolling back into his defensive position. I know Villa have nothing left to play for but it was pretty shocking. Playing like a guy who's been told he'll not be there next season I reckon.
  9. Suspect it could be down to him still 'rebuilding' after a long while out with injury, even though he's been back playing for Brighton U21s for a while. Either that or Sbragia is just trolling everyone. Surprised to see no Jay Fulton in the U21s (last seen playing for Swansea in their recent 2-1 win at the Emirates). Was fairly sure he still qualified for the U21s?
  10. See no Jack Harper in the U19 Squad again. Is he too old, injured or just still too far away for the SFA to locate him?
  11. Agree with most of your points but not this. Thought Broony had one of his poorest games in dark blue. Looked like the Irish targetted him a bit in the first half and it seemed to unsettle him.
  12. Can't really see what WGS was thinking with Forsyth. Fair enough you might pick him for size over Robertson but if that's the issue, why not go with Whittle who has some experience at this level? Worry for Craig is that these weren't a world class side he struggled so badly against, these were the kind of lower league hammer throwers he plays against most weeks in the Championship.
  13. Forgotten man Matt Phillips having another good game for QPR
  14. One of the most depressing things I've read in a while. Ill-informed, stone age pish from Sbragia summing up everything currently wrong with the Scottish setup. Don't want him anywhere near our age groups if that's his mindset. C'mon Danny Lennon - call the boy up to the U21s and sort this shite out.
  15. Naw he's no. But, the point's well made - how come no Jack Harper? Same age as Gauld and played at a better youth level. Would have expected to start seeing him in the U21s around now.