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  1. Louis Van Gaal

    Think they said £270m or so on SSN last night.
  2. Joseph BartonVerified account‏@Joey7Barton For the record, I'm not anti-royal far from it. 'Anti' doesn't quiet sum up how one feels for those inbred, land grabbing, tyrannous puppets
  3. Has the Pope condemned the Hibs fans yet?
  4. Nicky Clark apparently saying it was his decision to leave. Templeton? I forgot he existed.
  5. Actually, should idiots like him be done? His incendiary garbage really doesn't help matters.
  6. He was threatening to on twitter recently when Aberdeen got beat or something.
  7. The guy got off with it did he not? Because they tried to trump the charge up?
  8. You don't see the irony of someone putting up a video branding other people scum, whilst his own pals loudly sing about their hatred of catholics?
  9. Rangers fans put up a video about Aberdeen fans being scum. In it, you can hear loads of party songs being belted out...
  10. keith jackson ‏@tedermeatballs 23h23 hours ago Every Rangers player was attacked by Hibs fans at Hampden.
  11. Do you not remember the game played in a closed San Siro? The party songs could still be heard loud and clear...
  12. Would help if pet Rangers journalists like Keith Jackson didn't run with pish about EVERY Rangers player being assaulted. AFTER Kenny Miller's wife had stated Kenny wasn't assaulted and asked folk to stop spreading lies.