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  1. Bet Utd wont complain about this one.
  2. That applies to football as well. And I have no interest in egg chasing.
  3. Surely they need a more experienced man to guide them? How about Bomber?
  4. He said you were without Heneghan.
  5. He was blaming having 3 defenders out. Except one of them played the whole game.
  6. McGhee a bit confused in his post-match interview. Mentions three defenders he was without today. One of them played the whole game and even got a yellow card according to
  7. The main Aberdeen commentator is/was a Thistle fan...
  8. Are there any club commentators that are not cringeworthy?
  9. Motherwell 1-5 Dundee at half-time.
  10. Looking like another very bad day for Mark McGhee.