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  1. Adam Rooney was a "fat useless f*ck" during the last round...
  2. This like the time they suspended the betting on McInnes leaving Aberdeen?
  3. A lot of the folk he argued with, he'd have been better blocking.
  4. Is there three different tournaments?
  5. Berlin

    Might be a pointless question anyway, depending on what time the marathon starts for us plebs and how long I take to complete it.
  6. Things to do in Aberdeen

    There's a cocktail lounge on George Street...
  7. Berlin

    Any suggestions for a pub that will be showing the Aberdeen v Rangers game in September?
  8. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    I'm really not sure there is any manager, anywhere, who doesn't apparently have 'favourites'.
  9. Novo signs for Glens

    His name would sum up his intent pretty well too.
  10. Wages

    Zander wasn't. Jamie Winter was, I think. Derek Soutar the keeper you are thinking of?
  11. Things to do in Aberdeen

    Nah, I don't think it is. Unless you get lifted...
  12. Do you think the Hibs result should be classed as one of the Scottish Euro disasters? That's what the OP and some others I've seen are implying...