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  1. Thoughts with the family and all that. Oh, wait, he's nae deid...
  2. The only folk that will please will be extremists on both sides.
  3. Gavin Gunning is on trial with Inverness.
  4. Don't be silly. It's Arsenal...
  5. Folk can generally accept folk not being very good etc, but I don't think I've ever seen a player with as bad an attitude as McNamara had during his spell at Aberdeen.
  6. Cracking boozer.
  7. What an idiotic article about tonight's game...
  8. Likely to get a post about the Kingsford proposal on an England Fans messageboard are you?
  9. 9th place in the marathon for Callum Hawkins. Superb effort.
  10. Aberdeen Beach Incident - Update Around 4.45pm today (Saturday 20th August) emergency services were alerted to a number of persons in difficulty in the water at Aberdeen beach. Personnel from Police Scotland, HM Coastguard, Scottish Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Service attended the scene and rescued five people from the water, transferring them to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Very sadly, a 37 year-old woman and a 7 year-old boy died in hospital. A 13 year-old boy, 25 year-old woman and 28 year-old man remain in hospital for treatment. Officers are currently liaising with the next of kin; further information will be issued once they are fully informed. Chief Inspector Stewart Mackie said: "This is a very tragic incident which has resulted in a woman and young boy sadly losing their lives - it will undoubtedly bring shock and sadness to the entire city of Aberdeen and further afield. As we work with partners to establish the full circumstances of today's events, we urge anyone who witnessed the incident or perhaps have information that could assist, to make contact with Police via 101" "Given the recent weather conditions we'd urge members of the public to take care, especially when near coastal or beach areas."
  11. Why would Christians have a problem with Jews? They are just a jewish cult.
  12. FFS. Acker...
  13. Apparently season ticket holders can still buy extras. Got to be careful though with the Perth Pack about.