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  1. Is that the boy someone on here was always obsessed with and kept saying he was the best young player Walter Smith had ever worked with?
  2. I think it's an interesting move for this lad. He'd likely have struggled for game time at a lot of the clubs he was linked with, this one, however, should see decent chance of game time at a very good level.
  3. Looks even more mental in the wake of Craig White.
  4. The booing of Fergus McCann is pretty amusing to watch.
  5. Those clips from the Rangers dressing room...
  6. Almost as if he decided he didn't have anything to hang on for after that!
  7. Nae as good as the time I once got someone to PM Flat Earth to find out where he'd arranged for a CL final party
  8. Thoughts with the family and all that. Oh, wait, he's nae deid...
  9. The only folk that will please will be extremists on both sides.
  10. Gavin Gunning is on trial with Inverness.
  11. What were the other 24?
  12. Don't be silly. It's Arsenal...