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  1. For the penalty Only handball has to be deliberate.
  2. Goals are up on youtube now. Keith Lasley at the 3rd...
  3. She said on twitter she was asked but can't do it.
  4. Dave King has released a statement on facebook
  5. If you mean McManus, he's at Raith Rovers now.
  6. Warburton apparently denying this.
  7. Any word on who will be in charge of Rangers?
  8. Should FIFA not be suspending England now then?
  9. I always thought that rather than cutting the managers salary (did Sally even take the cut?) they'd have been better cutting their wage bill by 50% and getting a proper manager in.
  10. Peter Dow He briefly posted. Not much. Did post a thread with detailed instructions on how to kill the Queen at the state opening of the Scottish Parliament...
  11. Can you ask him how I can play the disability card to try and claim constructive dismissal please...
  12. Yep. Hermes are the only North region team left.
  13. And now a break down in the 4th