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  1. £4 for a pint, which I didn't think was too bad. Gave the guy £20. He told me they had no £1 coins left, so he could either owe me a quid or I could get a can as well... Tough decision...
  2. I was at the bus stop prior to the first bus turning up. First three to turn up were almost full, max of about 10 folk managed to get on them. Thankfully they then sent two empty buses, which maybe got about half of us from the queue then collected. Interesting 'offer' in the beer tent at the end...
  3. Is there still folk also trying to arrange a minutes applause for that wee Sunderland fan?
  4. I did. Really struggled, although that was always going to happen due to non-existent training. Shuttle buses from the town were a shambles and the less said about the laps at the end the better....
  5. Daily Record saying Celtic now getting another 1,000 as Aberdeen have sold the initial 19,874 and opted not to take up the additional offer of another 1,300.
  6. He's apparently banned from Ibrox now. He stood trial for rape, didn't he?
  7. Malpas didn't go into dressing room at half-time. Odd.
  8. If anyone didn't see Mind over Marathon the other night, I'd definitely recommend watching it on iPlayer here Certainly found I could relate to most of it.
  9. Balmoral 10k for me tomorrow. Just looking to go and enjoy it as I've been struggling mentally again over the last wee while, so a bit heavier than I'd like to be.
  10. Mayor of Liverpool reported him to the police
  11. But that Phil bloke says the SFA sent the application back to Rangers ;-)