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  1. Would Utd have a relegation paycut clause in the contracts? If so, might be easier for them to find other clubs.
  2. Hibs are going to lose to Raith and then win the Scottish Cup, aren't they?
  3. Bit difficult to offer contracts without a manger in place though, no?
  4. I believe the price listed on the cover and that's probably about it!
  5. Even though Michael Gove merged your towns?
  6. I'm sure you'll finish above Hibs next season anyway.
  7. As funny as it is that Utd have gone down, do you think you'd be any more coherent just now if the roles were reversed?
  8. I'm surprised you are on here just now Del. As bitter as your ramblings are coming over as, at least you've not gone in to hiding!
  9. Serious question, how many of that Utd squad are under contract for next season?
  10. Thompson obviously sold all the lucky white heater along with their players.