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  1. Barton just the latest to underestimate things up here?
  2. I didn't look at that bit. Was just looking at the bit regarding suspensions.
  3. Straight red or not is not really relevant:
  4. Who have you used? I was meant to be on that flight too, eventually got put on the 1315 to AMS, then on to Rome and then to Malta.
  5. The 2nd Senderos one looked a player who wanted off the pitch IMO.
  6. He was into the crowd and folk spilled onto the track. Nothing ridiculous about it.
  7. Surely it was Chelsea fans?
  8. Yep. I'm not sure how many folk they'll have willing to pay £12 to try it out. £3/£4 for a digital edition would see it much easier to persuade folk.
  9. Mark McGhee and his pish about not getting informed he had been unsuccessful until Burley had actually been appointed...
  10. Nishikori wins.
  11. Nisikori about to serve for the 4th set.
  12. Andy Murray getting rather agitated with the umpire.
  13. Would I even dream of doing a thing like that?
  14. Hartson is a complete and utter thicko. You just need to see how long he ignored his own illness for to know that.