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    Fox hunting, badger baiting, grouse shooting, whale harpooning, egg collecting, fouling, rabbit snaring, hare coursing, in fact all blood sports apart from angling.

    Fishing is boring. Unless you're trying to foul hook a whopper with a dirty big treble.

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  1. When exactly did this happen? I suspect you have a rather tenuous grasp of the history of Scottish football coming out with utter nonsense like this...
  2. Protecting self interests is no way to manage a league. The governing body of the SPFL needs to be independent of the clubs - they've proven they are unfit to be involved in the decision making. But the OF are the worst for it...
  3. Why would any one club deliberately disadvantage themselves? It has to be all clubs or nothing for something like this. Voluntary is like booting yourself in the balls to make a vain point. Having said that I would guess that many clubs actually complied with this rule as a side effect of being utterly skint and trying to make limited resources stretch as far as possible.
  4. You need to look up "veto".
  5. Apologies if I've missed it, had a quick skim but didn't see any thread about this. So aye, anyway, Craigie Broon tried to implement some radical new rule back in the late 90s that played a big part in France winning the world cup in 98. Turns out that after failing to even qualify in 94 and 98 Gerrard Houllier came up with an idea that the French clubs should be limited in the size of their squads - no more than 20 players over the age of 21. As a result of this teams like Marseille had to play 17 year olds Henry and Trezeguet as injury cover. And this, Broon asserts, played a huge part in France winning the World Cup in 98 with a young squad. So Broony saw this, saw it was a good idea, tried to bring it in here - but it was veto'd by two clubs, who claimed it would affect their European chances. In reality it would have stopped them accumulating 40+ squads and cherry picking the top players of Motherwell, Killie, Hibs, St Johnstone, Dundee etc, most of which in that era played a handful of games, got splinters in their erses, and were shunted off to lower division English sides once the league was won. So, how did all that work out in the end? With the benefit of hindsight... Did the fortunes of the international side improve? Did the OF set Europe on fire? (Metaphorically rather than literally). And did our domestic game grow in health and vibrancy? (Rhetorical).
  6. Yep. That's my experience too. But there are always exceptions that prove the rule...
  7. Its been ages since I fixed someone's quote on here. I actually laughed out loud when I read Parklife's comment. The irony is probably beyond his comprehension... Have I missed much?
  8. This is well worth a read, it changed my perspective a little bit on "who I think I am". It puts your genes in perspective by stating the bleedin obvious, but its framed in a way I hadn't actually properly considered. http://qz.com/557639/everyone-on-earth-is-actually-your-cousin/
  9. We were on holiday there and the notes were in the hotel. I went straight back the next day!! But I think I know how you must have felt when you learned about the graveyard in Virginia. I hope you get the chance to go back one day. I find this stuff fascinating.
  10. Only recently took an interest in this, I think it happens when you get older and realise you have more dead family than living. In the summer I went to Bragar cemetery on the west coast of Lewis, just to be close to my grandparents unmarked grave. No idea where their remains lie, but wanted to visit the spot as I'd never been. Found a grave with a Donald Maciver and Margaret Maclean, no biggie, there are plenty Macivers there, and its a sizable grave yard. Got back and checked the genealogy notes my father passed on to me and discovered Donald and Margaret were my great grand parents. That freaked me out, in a nice way, to have found myself drawn to a single grave stone out of hundreds and hundreds... I also know the family croft was 21 Arnol, and found an archeological study online of the black houses of the whole township with detailed notes of every croft. There is also a published booklet I've got my hands on listing all the families in every croft in Arnol and North/South Bragar from around mid 18th C to present day. There is a wealth of family information in there that shows how many many families were inter-related. On a side note: there were about 40-45 crofts in Arnol at the time of the first world war. 21 of their sons did not come home.
  11. Its a charter from David I in 1136 that gives Aberdeen Harbour its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the UKs oldest business...
  12. Is this troll still posting shiite on here? Alan you are a bawbag. Interesting fact.... The %age of gaelic speakers would be much higher if it wasn't for the British establishment's cultural ethnic cleansing. My grandparents, all four of them, spoke gaelic as their first language, learning english in school. My parents had gaelic thrashed out of them. I'm a monoglot. You're a tosser.
  13. Good luck! I can't get my head round this stuff. Its beyond what I consider possible....
  14. The marathon and finish: https://debtrisforkona.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/ironman-sweden-the-scorcher-of-a-run/