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  1. deserves a thread all of it's own
  2. Time for this nonsense thread to be locked. What a pile of garbage from the OP
  3. It'll go the way of fags and booze eventually in that the advertising of it will get heavily restricted or banned but how long this takes is anyone's guess
  4. Correct. Was some sort of legislation against it but when that was lifted the advertising started (sometime around mid2000s if I remember correctly) It has now got to saturation levels though as in my opinion there is too much of it now on TV.
  5. 2-0 Scotland. Won't be pretty but 3 points and on to the next one
  6. aye my man The Iraqi reads that paper
  7. Well we have arrived at the final match of Euro 2016. How time seems to fly when there's a football tournament on. I hope the game tonight is entertaining but I can see it becoming more and more of a tactical affair which will suit Portugal who seem to be very comfortable with playing in close games under their current coach. When the semi finals were over I was sure France would take it but as the game has gotten closer and closer I'm beginning to think that Portugal might just pull it off. So my prediction is Portugal to lift the trophy after a tense tight affair, winning 1-0. What say you fellow TAMB users?
  8. If anyone has the Amazon TV package check out All Or Nothing: A Season With The Arizona Cardinals. Similar to Hard Knocks but better as it follows them all the way through the season. I just finished watching it and thought it was excellent
  9. Has anyone on here attended the Hebridean Celtic Festival? I think that looks really good but not managed up to it as of yet
  10. Is anyone giving Iceland a chance of winning this one? I know France are dodgy at the back and with the suspensions they may be even more vulnerable back there but as much as I want to see Iceland getting it done I just can't help but feeling that France will find a way to win a close one here. Any thoughts??
  11. Aye Renato Sanches No they wouldn't. Most of their players are overrated a bit like our southern neighbours. They have the look of always coming up short to me
  12. Fancy the semi finalists to be Portugal, Belgium, Italy and France. Hope everyone enjoys the QFs
  13. it is not forbidden to be based outwith the country hosting the tournament while you are still participating in it
  14. Sevilla. The name of the football club is Sevilla. Can see this being a close one with Sevilla taking it 3-2 aet
  15. I see - that actually makes sense. cheers