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  1. Anyone know if any TV coverage of this Tournament this year. I know it has been on Eurosport and BT in the past. Had a look at the listings but couldn't see anything in the obvious places. Starts tomorrow
  2. Aye I was delighted I was there in person to witness that. Went along to the game. Great seats, right behind the Sky commentators. Superb game of rugby, good atmosphere and banter with the fans. Plenty of fans from Leinster and Munster over too as they had obviously taken the chance and booked up before they played their semi finals. Really enjoyed lounging around on the grass outside Murrayfield with a few beers before the game. Got sunburnt though ha ha. All in all a great day and night
  3. Anyone planning to attend either match? Tickets still available for both. Can't make tonight's one but I am now considering going tomorrow (surprised there are tickets still kicking about for the Saturday game actually). The pricing structure for the Friday night game is very reasonable in my opinion here's a link for info and purchasing
  4. Good knowledge on the subject here. Cheers
  5. Whats the score with the old paper style £5 notes no longer being legal tendar after Friday. Is it just the England ones or does it apply to the paper Scottish bank notes also?
  6. Driving home from work there. TalkSh!te on the radio. Caught the start of the back pages roundup. Some of the English papers suggesting it could cost him his job
  7. What's the worst one you've had and how long did it take to pass? Why did you bevvy so much in the first place? And do they get that much worse the older you get?
  8. Remember a grand day out at McDiarmid Park late in 1995 when my Stenny boys were victorious over Dundee United via the classic method of defend like and take it on penalties. I have vivid recollections of my dad driving me and my brother (14 and 12 at the time) and as traffic slowed to enter the famous car park at that ground the wallopers in the car in front making 5-0 hand gestures and what not out the window when they noticed our maroon and white scarves hanging out the windows. They were all adults and should definitely have known better. Needless to say from memory Dundee United had healthy support there that day and the attitude of condemning a trophy as "a diddy cup" is poor to say the least. It is a cup final - you never know when your club will get to contest one again. It may never come around again in your lifetime. Get to the game and enjoy the occasion would be my advice to any fan of the clubs taking part in the game. My only regret from that day in 1995 is not seeing that car load of cocky wanks after the game
  9. Good man and even better coach. Said he'd always be a supporter of Scotland Rugby during his bbc interview yesterday
  10. Wasn't there a manager at Hearts during the Romanov era who went back after previously being sacked? Or did he go back into another position within the club and then also find himself relieved of those duties? The name Valdas Ivanuskas is popping into my head for some reason but perhaps i'm getting confused and am totally wrong.
  11. In general I work on my own although as part of a wider spread team. No doubt there are individuals within said team who rip the pish like the people mentioned changing into lycra 30mins before the working day is up etc but because I don't witness it first hand it doesn't annoy me. Also office culture sounds like it is annoyingly frustrating. Thank f i don't work in that environment
  12. Quite liking the subtle inferences in this thread about Lee Clark being a bevvy merchant