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  1. In general I work on my own although as part of a wider spread team. No doubt there are individuals within said team who rip the pish like the people mentioned changing into lycra 30mins before the working day is up etc but because I don't witness it first hand it doesn't annoy me. Also office culture sounds like it is annoyingly frustrating. Thank f i don't work in that environment
  2. Quite liking the subtle inferences in this thread about Lee Clark being a bevvy merchant
  3. you ever worry he'll get to about 12 and say "f this scottish fitba lark. I was at the world cup in rio in 2014. take me to el clasico next week otherwise i'm calling social services on ya"
  4. Was he not knackered?
  5. Heading down there in March and wondering if anyone could recommend a good hotel reasonably close to the venue. Any other info about areas to go drinking/eating etc also appreciated. thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the replies. Will be very helpful
  7. Perhaps not a travel question as such but just wondering what everyone's preferred sites are for booking flights and hotels. Do you do this separately or do you tend to combine. All responses appreciated
  8. Cowboys motoring to the playoffs but I have a feeling they'll come a cropper in the playoffs
  9. Qualified for it fair and square
  10. Re the Bristow comments on this - Sky have said they will no longer be using him on their darts coverage
  11. watched 3.5 episodes of this, questioned what i was doing, switched off and cancelled the record rest of series command. Slow paced pretentious crap. Evan Rachel Wood is a beautiful woman and even that couldn't keep me interested
  12. Excellent post mate, you feel strongly on this subject and have made your point really well. I'd suggest sending it to the editors of a few of the national papers. Surely at least one of them would run it