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  1. My great-grandparents were married in St. John's Church on Portugal St in 1909.
  2. I was at the Italy v Scotland game in Rome in 1993. I basically watched Baggio all night as everything Italy did went through him. On the original question, Maradona for me.
  3. I got a Tory majority of 10. Used SNP at 45 and Tories and Labour at 25 and 20 in Scotland respectively.
  4. I think we're more in hung parliament territory but this time it doesn't seem - yet - that England is as scared of the SNP as they were in 2015. Or at least people are more hacked off at the Tories than they are bothered about the SNP. Interesting quandary for any Labour voters thinking about voting tactically for a Tory to keep the SNP out though.
  5. And notably, fieldwork done *after* the Manchester bomb.
  6. The general reason why people are granted asylum is because they are likely to be in danger from the government in their home country. Given that in this case that was the Gaddafi regime - public enemy #1 at that time - no doubt the UK government took a more favourable view on any anti-Gaddafi activities he was supposed to be involved in. This won't be the first or last time that the west' approach of my "enemy's enemy is my friend" as far as the Middle East is concerned has backfired.
  7. Gerry Adams will obviouśly be wearing a T-shirt saying "I ❤️ JC"
  8. The stuff I've seen, detonator, backpack, shrapnel, etc. that is on the BBC website - and which I've just soiled myself by looking at the Daily Mail to check if that was the same - is the stuff that was originally in the NYT. You can quite legitimately question why UK media outlets are covering this though.
  9. I'm guessing Paul Nuttall, Julia Hartley Brewer, Louise Mensch, Melanie Phillips and Gerry Adams for some balance.
  10. From what I understand, the UK media are reporting what's been in the US media, specifically the NY Times. I'd speculate that the reasons are either anti-Trump elements with the FBI, CIA or whatever, looking to embarrass Trump or alternatively people within the Trump administration that just can't keep their mouth shut, as that seems to be a bit of a theme. Maybe they think by giving the NYT some juicy info they can buy a bit of credit on domestic matters.
  11. I think there's a lot of truth in that. Not just the right wing media and press fuelling that though.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. I think the majority of people are pretty uncomfortable about the army being on the streets and there's a counter narrative that that's only happening as a result of police numbers - particularly armed police - being reduced as a result of cuts by the current and previous governments. Jon Snow gave Michael Fallon a hard time over that on Ch4 News earlier tonight.
  13. It would basically be reopening this line. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Union_Line
  14. You'd only need to lay about 1/2 a mile of track to join up the south side to the north side network. Before St Enoch's was demolished, the line from the southside crossed over the Clyde next to what is now the central Mosque in the Gorbals. The line bent into St Enoch's but also goes on to join what is now the passenger line just before Belgrove. The line is still largely intact and is used these days for freight only and joins the line from Central to Paisley and points west near West St Subway. The bit of the line that's missing is part of what used to be the old Glasgow and Southwestern Railway which went from the south west into St Enoch's. It runs from Cumberland St in the Gorbals where the Brazen Head is - the bridge is still there FFS - to join up with the Cathcart Circle slightly east of Eglinton Toll. If you did this then you could have a Glasgow Crossrail that could run from the East End, Lanarkshire and even Edinburgh through to the Southside and Paisley without having to go anywhere near Central station. I saw some mad plan to build an underground shuttle from Central to Queens Street, I'm sure this idea would be a lot cheaper, less disruptive and actually be a lot more useful.
  15. True, but Brady in particular spent the bulk of his time in a secure psychiatric which is a bit different.