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  1. I was speaking to a friend of mine a few months ago about NP. She's a headmistress of a medium sized Primary School and her view was that it formalised a lot of thing that were already her responsibility and that she knew all the children in her school individually and also their parental situation. She viewed that as part of her job.
  2. 25 years ago I lived in Dublin for a while. I always remember a friend of mine - a keen student of history - tell me that "Every single club or association down in Ireland to a knitting circle is destined to split over the 'National Question'". I've never forgotten that.
  3. Rob Shorthouse

    Spot on, I suspect if he tried to give that presentation to audience more au faith with the campaign he'd be laughed off the stage. He keeps going on about one of the two planks of the campaign being "and more powers" but the "more powers" angle only started to take shape in the last few weeks of the campaign once they started to get desperate. It certainly wasn't their starting point, remember how Cameron refused point blank to have Devo Max on the ballot paper. I'd recommend reading Project Fear for an insight into how a Better Together was run.
  4. A good piece here from James Kelly on this poll. Essentially his interpretation is that what's left of the Labour vote in Scotland is predominantly Unionist and to the right hence the support for Davidson amongst Labour voters as most left leaning former Labour voters have switched to the SNP, which also explains the support for Corbyn there. http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/three-simple-reasons-why-labour.html
  5. You can't really blame Corbyn for Labour's performance in the Holyrood elections, nor can you really blame Dugdale to be fair. To coin a phrase, that was chickens that were hatched a long time ago coming home to roost. However, what you can say is that neither Corbyn nor Dugdale have managed to stop - let alone turn round - Labour's terminal decline in Scotland. I don't know too much about the three other mayoral elections but the London mayoral election was one that they were expected to win. The Tory candidate was poisonous and Sadiq Khan was pretty much a shoe-in. He also distanced himself from Corbyn pretty much. The by-elections were all seats that they should have been expected to win and in the council elections it was a respectable but no better than that performance. The best you can realistically say about Corbyn is that things haven't gotten any worse for Labour under him in the last year - and to be fair that is a lot better than most of his opponents are painting it. However, the problem is that its not good enough for Labour to just be staying where they are electorally, they need to be increasing their vote share, and there is no evidence of that happening. Cameron and May' Tory governments have been there for the taking for the last year and yet the Labour Party is doing nothing other than spending all their energy fighting each other. In truth, in the current political climate, where Labour should be is somewhere between Corbyn on the left of the party and the Blairites on the centre-right, i.e. the centre-left, a spot pretty much exactly where the SNP are right now. That would get them elected if they had a credible leader - problem is, I don't think they have one.
  6. Rob Shorthouse

    Not a difficult one at all. He shouldn't be anywhere near it. He's a dick. He was a dick when he was at the SFA before he went to Better Together and he's still a dick.
  7. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Not really. He's a proven goal scorer in that division but a complete unknown quantity at the higher level and therefore represents more of a risk. Given that he's 30 in a couple of weeks, he's not one for the future either. Therefore you'd be taking a chance on a player unproven in that division who would have no resale value.
  8. Berlin

    Stayed in the Ramada on the way to Warsawa couple years ago. Decent hotel in a good location. The big Hofbrauhaus next door is excellent.
  9. When was the last time there was a genuinely left wing government in the UK and what makes you think there is any appetite for that now?
  10. I doubt she's the one giving the course.
  11. I understand she is in the US attending the Republican and Democratic Conventions as an observer and has also been on a leadership course at Harvard. I shit you not.
  12. Probably the only reason no-one's asking her that question is because the UK government still don't have a clue what they want yet. So when anyone asks her about options - she quite rightly - just says "we need to wait for the UK to give some clarity on their position". No point in showing your hand until you have to.
  13. Rob Shorthouse

    Quite a few people who are now embarrassed about how far up his arse they were when he was at the SFA and if they're not, they should be.
  14. When ever there is a "live" fast moving news siory, the best thing to do is assume that 90% of information, from either social or news media is either inaccurate, speculative or both and not to jump to any sort of conclusions until such time as you start to get independently verifiable facts.
  15. Or alternatively maybe the reason why the Tories are pulling this stunt is that they know she's vulnerable as perhaps she's not as committed as she makes out. "Opposing a second referendum" is a bit of a nonsense really. If it comes down to it, the SNP and Greens have the numbers to carry it. They all know that and even Ruth Davidson is saying that if Holyrood votes for it, the U.K. Government shouldn't block it. In reality, all "opposing" will be is moaning like buggery but it'll still happen. What is interesting though is - if and when - a second referendum comes around, what will the Labour Party look like and what will their approach be.