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  1. Sacked, resigned, mutual consent... all pretty much the same.
  2. He's been sacked now.
  3. Governor-General would be much more appropriate.
  4. I suspect that you're in the minority here. It got a commensurate level of coverage IMHO. The Better Together references are important to the story, which is about his tragically young death and the work he did to raise money and awareness for MND research and that he reached across the "political divide". if you want to be cynical about it, the reason it got on the BBC National News was most likely because it was over a weekend when news tends to be slow.
  5. So the converse of that is "the guy's a scumbag and should be in The Hague but he's said something that I believe to be true, so I need to disavow what I believe" Its a completely bogus argument. What you can legitimately argue is whether he's the right person to deliver that message.
  6. Vice President in the US is a pretty strange position. In some administrations, the VP will be a fundamental part of the administration, involved directly in decisions and policy. For others it's a constitutional nicety that needs to be observed - often a ticket was put together to win the election - and the VP is as out of the loop as is possible. That was certainly the case with JFK and LBJ. I think it's what Blair tried to do with Prescott, create the role of deputy Prime Minisiter and put Prescott in it to get the left wing onside but that's an aside. In most organisations, if you were the number two, and you were being lied to by people below you and the person at the top was complicit in that, then your position would be untenable and the only thing to would be to walk. Even if you tried to tough it out on the basis that the guy at the top would get found out eventually, if that happened then you wouldn't get the job as you've no credibility However, for Pence, it's a bit different because if it all does turn to shit and Trump is impeached then being a patsy works to his advantage as it means he isn't implicated and will get the big job because that's the law. Who knows where this will end up and if there's any serious shit that can be proved. It may all prove to be nothing more than incompetence. Remember Watergate started with a burglary that started to unravel and uncovered loads of real shit. In that case there were only a handful of reporters covering Watergate and it took them a long time to get it "inside" the White House. This time, Trump has pretty much the whole US media on his case and there's probably dozens if Deep Throats given that he's managed to alienate both the press and the security services.
  7. He hasn't been charged - unless that's changed overnight - and reports are that he's unlikely to be charged. Potentail prosecution witness for a much larger, but with smaller hands, target?
  8. Further to my previous post, I understand Fox News - not exactly anti-Trump - is reporting that Trump was fully briefed on Flynn's call with the Russians and allowed/instructed Pence to be lied to. This takes things to a whole other level if true.
  9. Fair enough although these don't sound like traditional employee share save schemes but I'm no expert. I hope for your sake these are all kosher and above board and don't fall into EBT territory.
  10. Like many before him, its not what he did per-se that got him into trouble but that when questioned about it he lied and then got found out. It would be one thing lying to the press, to an extent that could have been toughed out but the fact he apparently lied to Pence is a different matter. If he really did lie to Pence then there's huge trust issues around the administration and if I was Pence, I'd be looking for his head on a stick or my own position would be untenable. If he did accurately brief Pence and there was a party line to deny the conversations to the Press - which Pence went along with - then as soon as it came out then he'd have to take one for the team to protect Pence.
  11. I suspect you need to speak to an accountant. https://www.gov.uk/tax-employee-share-schemes/overview
  12. Aren't profits from company share schemes subject to Capital Gains Tax rather than PAYE?
  13. Divide and conquer, its the oldest trick in the book.