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  1. Stayed in Augsburg for the European Cup final in 2012. It's a nice enough place but nothing special. I was there previously and went to a match at the old stadium when they were in Bundesliga 2. Freiburg is much better IMHO.
  2. Good post. The only players over the last couple of years that you could legitimately say have been overlooked would be McCormack and Bardsley. In McCormack's case, it does look as if Strachan doesn't fancy him for some reason. I suspect that's probably down to him either preferring the other options and/or thinking that they fit into his team better. While we're not exactly overflowing with options up front, there are at least options and I can fully understand Strachan's point about wanting different types of players up front. Bardsley is a bit more of a puzzle. To a greater or lesser extent, a right back is a right back is a right back and for the last few years - until Calum Paterson came on the scene - we've basically had one, Hutton. so Bardsleys omission looks a lot like there must be something more to it, ie, not just down to football reasons. Who knows if that's the case or what the issue is. I think it's pretty interesting that he's never really asked about Bardsley by the press.
  3. There were -eventually- Barnett consequential from Crossrail.
  4. *Alan post klaxon* i guess you have a point about post truth politics though. The Yes campaign use a few years of beneficial GERS figures to overstate the case for Independence, Better Together use a couple of bad years figures to rubbish it. Anyway, to answer your question regarding Whisky duty, it's because it isn't. http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Economy/GERS/queries/008
  5. So the GERS figures show that for a country whose economy is so dependent on oil that the arse falling out the oil price has made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER. It's almost like the figures are made up.
  6. Because as with McCormack, he's in the invidious position of being an established Championship striker but completely unproven in the Premier League and at International level. This means he's basically overpriced and would represent a risk and poor value for a Premiership team. This probably means that he could command a fee of around £10million to a championship club but a premier league team wouldn't see him as being worth that. If he were to stay at Middlesborough, play regularly and score maybe 10 goals then that would see him established as a "Premiership" player and would be of interest to other clubs. A very good parallel would be Stephen Fletcher who was promoted with Burnley and did relatively well although they were relegated. That basically led to him getting a move to newly promoted Wolves and then to Sunderland. If Burnley had never been promoted that season, Fletcher would never have been transferred to a premier league team.
  7. I'm not asking you to change your opinion but maybe accept that others disagree
  8. The period I'm talking about is the first year or so when Strachan first took over, things were on the up and we had a string of good results. The manager could obviously see it even if you couldn't. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-gordon-strachan-alan-6310736
  9. I'll tell you what Fletcher or McArthur wouldn't do. They wouldn't be caught so far out of position as Bannan was for the first goal. He's wide on the right and when the ball breaks forwards, look how much space the Leeds number 9 is in, in exactly the position that a supposed deep lying midfielder should be. To me that highlights the reasons why Bannan shouldn't be in the team, let alone playing in such an important position, he lacks discipline and will wander off wherever it suits him. Scotland don't have any players that are good enough to give them a free role.
  10. Hutton was actually pretty decent for Scotland during the period that he was frozen out at Villa, probably one of our better players at that time.
  11. He was asked about McCormack in the press conference and outside of some platitudes about McCormack being unlucky to miss out and wanting him to settle in at his new club his main point was that he wanted to have variety in the squad as far as forwards were concerned so that gives him options for different tactics. On that basis it looks to me as if he essentially sees Griffiths and McCormack as competing for the same spot but that he prefers Griffiths.
  12. It's been nice knowing you. Have a good life.
  13. At least you had a seat. Seriously, how can you not know a full block of seats are missing? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3752044/West-Ham-launch-investigation-fans-complained-no-seats-sit-in.html
  14. Bill Forsyth had a similar experience with BBC Scotland. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14400577.Makers_of_Gregory_s_Girl_and_Mad_Max_declare_war_on_BBC_Scotland/