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  1. I'm not so sure about that. I think the majority of people are pretty uncomfortable about the army being on the streets and there's a counter narrative that that's only happening as a result of police numbers - particularly armed police - being reduced as a result of cuts by the current and previous governments. Jon Snow gave Michael Fallon a hard time over that on Ch4 News earlier tonight.
  2. It would basically be reopening this line. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Union_Line
  3. You'd only need to lay about 1/2 a mile of track to join up the south side to the north side network. Before St Enoch's was demolished, the line from the southside crossed over the Clyde next to what is now the central Mosque in the Gorbals. The line bent into St Enoch's but also goes on to join what is now the passenger line just before Belgrove. The line is still largely intact and is used these days for freight only and joins the line from Central to Paisley and points west near West St Subway. The bit of the line that's missing is part of what used to be the old Glasgow and Southwestern Railway which went from the south west into St Enoch's. It runs from Cumberland St in the Gorbals where the Brazen Head is - the bridge is still there FFS - to join up with the Cathcart Circle slightly east of Eglinton Toll. If you did this then you could have a Glasgow Crossrail that could run from the East End, Lanarkshire and even Edinburgh through to the Southside and Paisley without having to go anywhere near Central station. I saw some mad plan to build an underground shuttle from Central to Queens Street, I'm sure this idea would be a lot cheaper, less disruptive and actually be a lot more useful.
  4. True, but Brady in particular spent the bulk of his time in a secure psychiatric which is a bit different.
  5. If someone has done that and gets caught then I don't think they'd last five minutes inside.
  6. Mine too but even back in the day I never bought into the whole "Morrisey is God" mantra. JM on the other hand...
  7. Morrissey has always been a bit of a dick. I wish I could remember the exact quote but Johnny Marr said something recently about him. It was in an interview promoting his recent autobiography and he was asked about the Smiths reforming, which he nixed, and he made a passing comment about how Morrisey's "strange view of Englishness" had gotten a bit more extreme.
  8. It's got fvck all to do with immigration. The guy was born and brought up in Manchester. A starting point might be trying to understand why young men - because they are generally young men - get either radicalised, indoctrinated or are just plain deluded into thinking that killing themselves and taking as many people with them as possible is a positive life choice. To me there's very little difference between these guys and right wing nuts jobs in the US who shoot up a school or a shopping mall. All that's different is the "excuse" of the ideology.
  9. I see Trump's been at the leaking again.
  10. Will never make past the Chiswick roundabout now.
  11. That's a whole load of assumptions and some wild conclusion you're drawing.
  12. Totally agree with that. On the Clare Lally point, she absolutely was in with the bricks with Labour but was being touted as being an "ordinary mum". The Pat Lally part was completely incorrect and all that did was to distract from the initial deception. Mind you, it's interesting why being Pat Lally's daughter would be such slur on her character. There was also the "nurse who is an actress" who featured in both Better Together and Labour 2015 leaflets that was found to be going out with Richard Simpson's aide. I've no idea if the SNP do the same thing but there doesn't seem to be any noticeable cases in recent years and I've no doubt there are as many Cyberyoons as Cybernats trawling social media for examples. I suspect there's been a lot of people trying to find out about the boy with Asberger's as well. To be clear, I've no problem with activists or politicians giving their views, especially if they have some real life expertise to share, it's the deception when they are aligned to a political party that's wrong when the public are supposed to assume they are an ordinary Joe and is completely objective. You can to an extent understand why the political parties do it but when it appears there's collusion with the broadcasters that t starts to stink.
  13. I suspect she was very definately a "plant". Let's take at face value that she has used food banks in the past and she's no affiliation to any particular political party. When I say she's a plant, I suspect that what happened was that when the Question Time researchers originally spoke to her, they realised she had a "good story" and it was one which would put a politician under pressure - in this case the SNP. She wasn't called at Question Time but I've no doubt the researcher called her back straight away and said, can we get you on the leader's debate. Now to me that's a pretty underhand tactic. In these circumstances they are supposed to present a balanced audience. A balanced audience appears to mean having a similar number of people with strong views on all sides. I suppose that makes for better TV than having an audience full of "mibbee's aye, mibbee's naw" folk and so is understanding that they do that. However, what isn't clear is if they "load" the audience with similar questioners from all sides of the argument.