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  1. He's been a mate of mine for over twenty years and I still hope Aberdeen get knocked out.
  2. Now forever known as Terry Butcher.
  3. I guess the point though is that the symbolism wouldn't be missed by last night's opponents.
  4. The Goon Brigade never fail to deliver do they, that'll be another fine for Celtic due to dodgy banners. They must be getting close to a stadium ban by now.
  5. Norwich seem to be having a clear out of the Scots.
  6. Would probably gotten a big cheer in Aberdeen.
  7. Apparently staff at Great Ormond Street have been getting online abuse and death threats which sadly seems to be the norm these days.
  8. For someone that doesn't like it, you seem to know a great deal about the plot.
  9. The facts that it's extremely unlikely to be beneficial and that's it's likely to increase his suffering. Parents seem to be completely in denial to me - which is understandable - but probably isn't helping anyone.
  10. Some of our sheepie correspondents might be able to confirm but I'm sure the Bridge Bar in Aberdeen still doesn't have a ladies. The Grill on Union Street famously didn't have one either but had them added in the late nineties or so.
  11. Colonel Ruth is obviously rattled. Made a big deal about going off on holiday for two weeks and comes out today with a 36 tweet thread ranting about Douglas Chapman (SNP MP) asking a commons question about her being made honorary Colonel. Must have touched a raw nerve there.
  12. That reminds me of a tale in the Herald Diary when Tom Shields was doing it. Apparently some Rangers fan went to put Simply the Best on ten times in a row on a pub jukebox and got the numbers wrong and ended up having to sit through half an hour of Nutbush City Limits.