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  1. When was the last time there was a genuinely left wing government in the UK and what makes you think there is any appetite for that now?
  2. I doubt she's the one giving the course.
  3. I understand she is in the US attending the Republican and Democratic Conventions as an observer and has also been on a leadership course at Harvard. I shit you not.
  4. Probably the only reason no-one's asking her that question is because the UK government still don't have a clue what they want yet. So when anyone asks her about options - she quite rightly - just says "we need to wait for the UK to give some clarity on their position". No point in showing your hand until you have to.
  5. Rob Shorthouse

    Quite a few people who are now embarrassed about how far up his arse they were when he was at the SFA and if they're not, they should be.
  6. When ever there is a "live" fast moving news siory, the best thing to do is assume that 90% of information, from either social or news media is either inaccurate, speculative or both and not to jump to any sort of conclusions until such time as you start to get independently verifiable facts.
  7. Or alternatively maybe the reason why the Tories are pulling this stunt is that they know she's vulnerable as perhaps she's not as committed as she makes out. "Opposing a second referendum" is a bit of a nonsense really. If it comes down to it, the SNP and Greens have the numbers to carry it. They all know that and even Ruth Davidson is saying that if Holyrood votes for it, the U.K. Government shouldn't block it. In reality, all "opposing" will be is moaning like buggery but it'll still happen. What is interesting though is - if and when - a second referendum comes around, what will the Labour Party look like and what will their approach be.
  8. I think UK labour is destined to split but in Scotland, I think you can see a potential three way split. 1. The PLP supporters who are dyed in the wool Unionists as well, as typified by the likes of Ian Murray. 2. Left wing Corbynistas like Neil Findlay who are antipathetic towards Independence. 3. More "pragmatic" people like Henry McLeish who perhaps aren't ideologically opposed to Independence and can see the direction of travel. I'm not sure which category Kezia is really in. She portrays herself as being in category 1 but occasionally lets slip that she ultimately is in category 3.
  9. There are very specific issues - or rather a very specific issue - that impacts your area but which don't impact elsewhere, i.e. the Fishing industry. For understandable reasons, there is serious antipathy towards the EU as a result of the CFP. On that basis its logical that there would be a reduction in support for the SNP due to their very pro-EU stance. How that translates to election results is another matter and anyway is not one that will be tested for at least another four years. By that stage there may well already have been a second independence referendum or alternatively the Fishing Industry may well have been shafted by the Westminster Government in the Brexit negotiations as they almost certainly will be - if Fishing was deemed to be expendable on entry to the EU, its naive to consider that it won't be similarly expendable on exit. However, the $64,000 dollar question is how does this specific issue translate itself to the rest of Scotland and is this a national trend. All evidence points to the contrary, support for both Independence and the SNP continues to rise.
  10. Brian McClair Leaves SFA

    I'd imagine all these players came through the academy while McClair was in charge. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-utd-pogba-euro-2016-11418290 Most successful academy in England apparantly. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/manchester-united-academy-most-prolific-10772834
  11. Anyone? Yes, absolutely. Everyone? No chance.
  12. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    20/21 is young, 24 is not. The main reason why Colin Hendry wasn't capped until he was 27 is that there were several better players than him who were still playing.
  13. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    I've no real issue with Hanley, clearly he's no world beater but he gets a lot of unfair stick, IMHO. However, can we get rid of this "He's only young" nonsense. 24 is not young for a professional footballer.
  14. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    FFS, Joe Jordan. I wouldn't have him within a million miles of the team. Apart from anything, the guy is an Assistant, not a manager. He hasn't been a full time manager for twenty years.
  15. Breaking: Its big Sam.

    As always happens with England when one manager fails, they go for someone who is the complete opposite so on that basis it's completely predictable. They always take the view that manager X didn't work so we'll go for someone completely different, whereas perhaps what is needed is someone slightly different. Allardyce is a manager who's teams aren't really known for playing expansive attractive football, really he's a guy whose reputation is that he won't get you relegated. Added to the fact that he's got next to no - might even be none whatsoever - experience of European football makes it a really bizarre appointment. He'll most likely get them through qualification but this really is Mike Bassett territory.