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  1. So let me get this right. This guy is the same bloke whose song is currently winning a Twitter poll to be the new "goal music". And by some miraculous coincidence he's been contracted to do a set at Hampden before the game even though the poll is still running until Sunday. If you were a cynic you would think the whole thing was a setup. Maybe it's not only English football that has a corruption problem.
  2. Is that a young @Lamia at 1:30?
  3. Have the SFA confirmed what version they are proposing, the Dave Clark Five or a boy with a tape?
  4. Grew up in Alness though.
  5. Do they still drink in the Globe? The Globe of course is right across from Baker St and so the met line is closer. For the many times I've been to Wembley with Chelsea, I've used Marylebone and it's always worked well. Tend to go drinking around Paddington/Edgware Road where there's loads of good pubs that are generally a bit quieter and just walk up to Marylebone about 2pm for a 3 o'clock kick off. I've noticed though that when its been two London teams playing, Marylebone has been a lot busier which I put down to local knowledge.
  6. Wembley Stadium which is the overland train out of Marylebone is closer than the tube station at Wembley Park. It's also less busy, although it is busy, so it's easier to get up to the station. For you getting in at five, your options are cab to Uxbridge and the met line down to Wembley Park. That has the benefit of going against the flow from Uxbridge to Wembley but personally I wouldn't risk the traffic in a cab at hat time on a Friday. The other option which I would take is Heathrow express to Paddington, Bakerloo to Marylebone and then overland to Wembley Stadium. You could get on the met line at Baker Street but bear in mind there will be both Friday evening rush hour traffic - which is bad enough - coupled with the football crowd so you might struggle to get on a train. Getting the overground from Marylebone has the benefit that it starts there and they have a queuing system in place. I've done this many times and have ever had to wait more than 10-15 minutes for a train.
  7. You'd better pray you're not selected for a pickup. Good luck.
  8. It's a little known trick for a reason ya rocket.
  9. Here's a first. I agree 100% with you.
  10. Just wanted to check I was using the best one. Loving the Bollywood movies as well.
  11. Yeah, because it never rains in Manchester.
  12. Blame the clubs including your own for knocking back strict liability.
  13. What addons are you using for football? i could use google but...
  14. Probably because he's at Aston Villa