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  1. Great, thanks- I'll have a look
  2. Anyone know what the pub is at the end of the Tennents "caledonia" advert?
  3. Aye, on Twitter folk are saying he accepted the Forest job (only club in the UK as dysfunctional as rangers!) and resigned, only for Forest to change their mind- he tried to withdraw his resignation, but the club/company refused!
  4. Thanks again for all the advice - looks like the job in Glasgow is a goer, so I'll start looking through the recommendations again. Is the website as good as any for houses in the area?
  5. Thanks for all the tips, much appreciated Should have said, we'd be looking for a 3-4 bed hoose, around the £300k mark
  6. Alrighty? Might be moving back to Scotland next year, to Glasgow - a place that I don't know very well at all (other than Hampden, Parkhead and Ibrox, and I don't want to live in any of those places!) What areas would people recommend that we look at for buying a house? Folk have told me that the South side and West End are nicest - but what particular areas? I think ideally we'd be looking for somewhere that's not in the City Centre, but good transport links into it, or near some nice bars, restaurants etc and parks and decent schools Any advice much appreciated, planning on going up next week for a look around, so any advice on what areas to look at would be a big help, Thanks
  7. Worcester! Hence my desperation to start the indoctrination!
  8. That would be perfect, cheers! but it says "12-14 days for postage" Cheers though
  9. What about 'unofficial' merchandise?! Like for Aberdeen FC stuff, I've bought from websites like Dolly Digital, and Red Bubble - nothing similar for Scotland stuff?
  10. Any idea where I can get hold of a babies (6-9months) Scotland football kit, or replica, or similar? I need to start the indoctrination early! JD Sports have the official kit, but £32 seems pretty steep for a babies outfit! Any ideas? Looking to get one delivered this week. I've tried Greaves, eBay and Amazon with no joy Any help appreciated, cheers
  11. Booked it through Italiarail website (which I think is just an English language version of trenitalia) Thanks very much chaps!
  12. I did look at that trenitalia website, but it kept speaking Italian at me! I'll have another look, thanks
  13. That looks like exactly what I'm looking for, thank you. Have you used them?
  14. Hi, Looking for a bit of advice, if anyone knows about train travel in Italy! We're going there next month, and want to travel from Rome to Naples, on one of the fast trains, so the journey only takes an hour. Is the system over there similar to here, in that fares are cheaper if you book in advance, or are we as well just pitching up on the day? Also - what websites would anyone recommend using to buy tickets in advance - there seems to be loads, can anyone recommend a reputable one? Do they send out e-tickets, or do you just rock up at the station with your booking reference and card you used for payment? Any help much appreciated!