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  1. Booked it through Italiarail website (which I think is just an English language version of trenitalia) Thanks very much chaps!
  2. I did look at that trenitalia website, but it kept speaking Italian at me! I'll have another look, thanks
  3. That looks like exactly what I'm looking for, thank you. Have you used them?
  4. Hi, Looking for a bit of advice, if anyone knows about train travel in Italy! We're going there next month, and want to travel from Rome to Naples, on one of the fast trains, so the journey only takes an hour. Is the system over there similar to here, in that fares are cheaper if you book in advance, or are we as well just pitching up on the day? Also - what websites would anyone recommend using to buy tickets in advance - there seems to be loads, can anyone recommend a reputable one? Do they send out e-tickets, or do you just rock up at the station with your booking reference and card you used for payment? Any help much appreciated!
  5. Job done. Never in doubt.......
  6. Barton on twitter seeming to confirm he's signed for rangers. Good signing for them, he'll be a very good player in the top league
  7. Barton tweeted: "How does it feel? How does it feel To be without a home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone ? #WATP" Could be some top trolling by Barton - really cant see him saying WATP, he's said before that he's a Celtic fan. And the Irish Times is reporting he's signed a new deal with Burnley
  8. Keith Jackson in tomorrow's Daily Record running with a story that EVERY Rangers player (well, the 11 on the pitch) was assaulted! Kenny Millers wife on twitter saying it's a lie that her husband was assaulted. Who to believe!
  9. Just been announced as the new Tony Mowbray
  10. Labour sources saying they've lost all Glasgow seats. Ho hum
  11. Seems plausible... http://huff.to/1ZGAHyW
  12. Scott Allan turns down Celtic! http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32863247