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  1. Seems plausible...
  2. Transfer Rumours

    Scott Allan turns down Celtic!
  3. In your opinion. We're all entitled to one, don't know who put you and Scunnered in charge of board morals. Interesting that you've both got upset about the word bint (what specifically about that word?) but not about calling some guy a prikk. But whatever
  4. I assume that's directed at me? Abusing women? Have a fukkin word wi yersel. You say no know fine well the point I was making (then pretended you didn't think I had a point at all), then you say I'm abusing women? I think it's you that needs to have a wee lie down, I really don't understand where you're aggro is coming from, chimney sweep (or whatever the hell that guardiola word you seem to have adopted means!)
  5. I humbly disagree. Euan McColm is a prikk (sorry if that upsets you Scunnered, but I won't be apologising to him!). And whilst this article isn't quite as terrible as his usual guff, I'd say Corbyn being in charge of UK Labour (with 'New Labour' stooges - again, sorry if that upsets you) wouldn't be a bad thing for the SNP. He'd be more likely, I think, to work with the SNP on certain issues, than Miliband ever was, or Burnham, Cooper, Kendall etc would be. And if Corbyn does start to make Labour an effective opposition against the big bad Tories, making them look bad - that only helps serves the SNPs cause. I know you mentioned previously you enjoy Alex Massies articles - he was making the same point over the weekend
  6. I can't spoon feed you all night dear
  7. No. I didn't misread. You misunderstood my point
  8. Top trolling by Kezia there - "a new reformed second chamber should be in Glasgow, the biggest city in a country which just confirmed it's commitment to the Union" Ehhhh Glasgow voted Yes ya bint!