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  1. FFS I was hoping labour die. Did you actually think I meant him. Oh well.
  2. I love how you run away when Corbyn and labour are in the news getting roasted for the umpteenth fukk up of his short reign only to reappear to launch a pathetic attack on the SNP over nothing. This is why your party is so irretrievably fukked. You are the poster boy for everything that makes labour the basket case party of the decade and who knows you may actually die. I hope so.
  3. So despite being 100% wrong on the motives of this shooter you are immediately back smearing Islam and Muslims generally. I'd ffukking love to see your response on here if someone started attributing the violence committed by Israel to the evilness of Judaism and how it turns Jews into monsters etc etc. this from the guy who comes out with how all Germans were nazis etc. We'll have a read of you own posts lately mr 1933.
  4. The tories agreed to the first referendum for the main reason Dave was so confident he would win it. He nearly lost it had it not been for their ridiculous interventions. He thought the same about the EU vote... and now from the grave the referendum fever is reborn. Oh Dave... But anyway if the Tories think they will lose it they will NEVER agree to new referendum. May will go Thatcher and just say no over and over like a robot. They only way to force it is also the only time to call it - when a clear majority want it and will not be denied. 52% etc that pish is not enough. We don't need it by law but we need it.
  5. Train to the Gemme

    It is a bit like how Min means Man in some neebzo backwaters.
  6. "One Bangladeshi factory worker Abdul, 35, said last night: ‘I feel angry that a politician is using T-shirts created with our back-breaking work to make a statement about workers’ rights when he clearly doesn’t care about our rights at all.’" I'm going out on a limb here and saying that looks like a totally made-up quote. Another quote... "Last night Momentum cancelled its contract with the British supplier of the T-shirts and promised to ‘rigorously’ check the sourcing of its merchandise in the future." British supplier? So they used a british supplier who sources from Bangladesh. What is the prevailing hourly wage in Bangladesh? Is the wage paid to these workers much lower? I bet it is not. And if it is not then should we give them no business just for being poor? How does that help them? This idea that we should force the Bangladesh company to pay them western wages is so retarded it is beyond belief. It is a bullshit article from top to bottom.
  7. Turkey

    Well I don't like Erdogan one little bit but the way this is now playing out it is looking like a net good.
  8. That is prejudice. edit: Are you of the view the truck driver was IS also? What about the florida guy?
  9. Things to do in Aberdeen

    Well seeing how it will be August why not head down to the beach for a bit sunbathing and swimming.
  10. Right enough, no one directly working at the yards who would have got the work would have voted No, nor a single member of their dependent families, nor sympathetic friends nor any financially dependent secondary supply company bosses nor their workforces, families etc and so on down the supply chain... not a single person would have been influenced at all by this, why would anyone think that, crazy.
  11. The whole trident thing is an absolute beemur. “The USA has the ability to deny access to GPS (as well as weather and gravitational data) at any time, rendering that form of navigation and targeting useless if the UK were to launch without US approval.” The US can stop any missile they want if they do not like where it is going for any reason at any time. We lease the missiles and are entirely dependent on the US for servicing and maintenance and all components just about. All we are is a sad nation that want to pay billions to act the big man but really we are just a groveling sidekick who will do nothing other than what they are told. We are like George Bush wearing the flyer's leather jacket strutting like a peacock on the deck of an aircraft carrier only none of it is ours and in reality the US considers us a joke. If we did not have it would make zero difference to us. But thankfully they built it within 40 miles (less I think) of Scotland biggest (by far) population centre. Classy. edit: the only reason we have 'decided' to have trident is the US will have said "you're having Trident".
  12. Really?! So the claim he was getting paid "multi-millions" by the Bird's Eye Frozen Cod people as 'Cod' could stand for 'Call of Duty were not true then.
  13. "Marley 13" seems like a level headed young chap... is this typical of the gamer world?
  14. Independence is a poor choice of word to describe for what we are aiming and hoping. Take a look at the immediate google definition... in·de·pend·ent adjective 1. free from outside control; not depending on another's authority. 2. not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. I don't think anyone who supports 'independence' would ever think Scotland could be free from some form of outside control or influence, no country in the world is completely free of the pressure from other countries. Scotland would be a small country in the global community. This is normal and healthy. As for No 2 it is even more obvious that there is no chance of us ever being 'independent' or even wanting this. That is Albania in the communist era. So Independent is shit choice of word to define what we want and what we will campaign for in "indy" Ref 2. It is not exactly a catchy phrase but I am sure someone can find something snappier but what we want is self determination. The belief that making decisions for ourselves is aways better. It does not mean we get any free ride or an easy time or will be immune from ups and downs it just means that through it all you make your own decisions and run your own country. When it is put more like that it is so blindingly obviously / self evident compared to this weird word 'independence' that does not actually match what we are trying to achieve. Plus it frames the whole thing as getting away from England. That is not what is about really. That is incidental. Need to ditch this word and replace it with something more accurate.
  15. Halan Lovejoy syndrome strikes again.