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  1. Corbyn faces a monumental challenge trying to transform the labour party back to what it was pre blairite takeover. And even if he manages to do that which is very doubtful why do they think it win general elections. The UK and especially england don't typically vote for left wing governments. So if Corbun cleans house and then replaces it with a party that is essentially unelectable again what future then for any kind of viable alternative to the conservatives. Massive gamble but I don't think he has the balls to do it anyway. He seems a bit wet.
  2. Hmmm advantage Clinton it sounds like. Easy to forget she was a lawyer by trade which will have come in handy for this format. Need to have a watch to get a feel for how bad/good it was.
  3. Have you seen the debate? How did it go, clear winner?
  4. So what do you see being enacted in Hillary's first year after she beats Trump? Policy wise? And yeah... Damn that Trump for saying Let's make America great again. Question: Is Donald trump eligible to play for Scotland? (grandmother rule?) If yes I think we should cap him before the yanks get in.
  5. This is all very reminiscent somehow.
  6. Meaning it is true now... Cant disagree as usual but this time is different. They would have taken any rat bag douche instead of Trump. So I don't think (from their unbridled shitting of themselves at Trump winning) it as much game over as we fear. Financially Trump 'thinks' for himself (and not the money who made him/ put him there). Once in the Whitehouse he could undo as vast amount of irrational lobby'ist driven shit. Or be no worse than Clinton. What you got to lose? Push the Trump button.
  7. By the way philosophically I agree with you. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
  8. Whether you do or not is not the point. And if that is true why go to the bother of killing Kennedy?
  9. No one said he was going to be Jesus FFS. C'mon now he is the republican presidential candidate for the USA. Free markets run through his veins. Unfettered deal making is the mechanism which will propel us all to a better After-Trump (A.T.) world. He is far too vain to be evil Phart. Dont worry about it. Vote Trump. edit: What I mean is Trump is not in this for money or even power. He is in this to do what is (rightly or wrongly) the 'right' thing. I dont think anyone owns Trump. He is far more concerned about how history will judge him. This makes him a decent president to be IMHO.
  10. second paragraph... That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that in a construction industry saturated with mob influence, the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Saturated phart. So there is absolutely no way you can be a new york based mega property developer magnate like el Trumpo and not get along with the mafia. Does that make him mob though phart? He is just not man. He makes deals. And if that means 'buying' over priced cement from 'Vinnie" then that is what he will do. I admire his pragmatism (and indefatigability).
  11. Running against Clinton Trump looks like the second coming of Jesus. She is that bad versus him. But even if you take her out of it, what are these red flags I am supposed to see? Don't bore me with all the racism pish, if that is what you are thinking I am not buying it. (Personally I think Obama is a bigger racist than Trump and Trump will be a 'relief' in that regard if he won.) When I say I am not 100% about Trump it is not because I doubt for a second he will be an honest, hard working and decent president it is that sometimes I genuinely wondered if he started this run for all the free publicity it gave him or at least partly. And then he started to actually win and he thought... oh well fhuck it I might as well be president as well then. But then you can go back and see him talking about it decades ago. Trump actually looks like a 'real' candidate to me. Like one of 'us'. (hardly true as his dad was pretty rich but versus the washington political types he does). I think that is why they all really hate him so much. For me it is that washington political elite and media circle jerk that are the ones I really cannot relate to at all. Utter whankers of the highest grade. Smug arrogant sleazeballs who talk endless shit to justify their hideous policies. The fact they all hate Trump are not red flags but the best endorsements he can have. Mon the Trump.
  12. That really is an astonishing quote from Souness. To come out with that pish after watching what happened the last 5 years combined with the fact that he shares a significant part of the blame along with Murray is really jaw dropping stuff. The lesson just has not penetrated at all. This mad attitude which many, many huns (but not all) share is like a self destruct mechanism. It will drive them to the edge of the precipice again and again...it is just a question of when not if. It is like a form of madness. Crazy stuff. Celtic should exploit it IMHO and they should up the spending and like Reagan did in the 80's with the USA versus the soviet union the Commies / RFC will not be able to match them in / afford the arm's race and it will break the bank (again). Ominously for Rangers Warburton and Gorbachev do look quite alike. I agree with orraloon far too early to be drawing conclusions. For a newly promoted team first time in the big league RFC are doing pretty damn good. This will be them at their worst as I would expect them to get better as the season wears on.
  13. White people are racists because they are white race. wow.
  14. But he's had his horrible green popcorn teeth bleached a pretty blue white so that is all cool.