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  1. If you put Messi back into Maradona's time how would he do getting kicked to pieces and with the tackling Maradonna faced? How would Maradonna do if you put into Messi's time were defenders hardly touch you in comparison? Even Ronaldo (who I dislike) is probably ahead of Messi due to the Euro success on his honours list. Take away the honours and just line them up and say which is the best footballer, Messi for me, but not the greatest footballer (yet).
  2. And the reason they blame it on the religion is to avoid discussing the real cause of it, the grievance. It is not an accident it is very calculated tactic to deflect from source of the grievance(s).
  3. I recall watching a documentary on the real Dad's Army a while ago and many of them were planning suicide attacks had the Germans occupied the UK. Was that Islam? It is ridiculous to try to pin it on the religion. But it is a very a neoconservative play. I think you will find that is the root of this argument here as Ally believes all that stuff. God forbid I pigeonhole here anyone but let's just say his and their views overlap pretty closely and leave it at that.
  4. Yeah The Tamil Tigers were the leading 'suicide' bombers for a while and they are strictly secular. Many examples of it. It is the sense of grievance that motivates them. Without that they would not be willing to volunteer and there would be no conversation about Islam. Islam is strictly against suicide so they must convert it from suicide into a martyrs death to avoid it being a sin.  He says that religious fervor is not a motive unto itself. Rather, it serves as a tool for recruitment and a potent means of getting people to overcome their fear of death and natural aversion to killing innocents. “Very often, suicide attackers realize they have instincts for self-preservation that they have to overcome,” and religious beliefs are often part of that process, said Pape in an appearance on my radio show, Politics and Reality Radio, last week. But, Pape adds, there have been “many hundreds of secular suicide attackers,” which suggests that radical theology alone doesn’t explain terrorist attacks. From 1980 until about 2003, the “world leader” in suicide attacks was the Tamil Tigers, a secular Marxist nationalist group in Sri Lanka. According to Pape’s research, underlying the outward expressions of religious fervor, ISIS’s goals, like those of most terrorist groups, are distinctly earthly:
  5. How has Corbyn found himself here. Amazing. Without Brexit there would be no May as PM and without May no snap general election. Yet now implausibly Corbyn could win it. I quite like all of this. It has a good feel to it. However if Corbyn goes on to score a bunch of own goals and piss this away it will be no forgiveness. This is his chance. I think he is going to win it. He has a calmness about him I like. May is like Clinton. You cant relate to her personally at all really. Every day that goes by between now and polling day he will gain and she will lose I would guess. I think they may be worried.
  6. Aye took a while to dig out the link but here you... the Guardian mourning the rise of Corbyn. 22 down to 5. Mmmm that is a lot. May has maybe made a huge fhuck up here. This could be awesome. If that poll is just even near right I think the tories may have truly screwed themselves.
  7. Whoah the fuhuck whoah. Has Jeremy Corbyn reduced May's lead from 22% to 5%? Parklife you have your bet wrong. It will not be a tory minority.
  8. If anything happens to Kim DotCom anytime soon you will know things are getting full fascist.
  9. Wow who knew. Are you the new board policeman?
  10. It is called a self-deprecating sense of humour. You being from Edinburgh struggle to understand it. You are too busy sucking banker and english dick to be able to work it out.
  11. I ran out of time the other night but there was one further post I wanted to make on it. It is not just the Middle East being Balkanised. The Yinon plan is a regional plan but it was scaled up and applied to the world as well. They call it the Wolfowitz Doctrine. It basically states that no other nation can be allowed to rise in power to the point that it could challenge the US. (What is implicit is how you keep them down.) So what they do is they periodically reset these nations back to a reduced state, usually by bombing their infrastructure 'back to the stone age'. So many countries have been 'reset' in the last 10 years it is frightening. Libya was one... But it is not just by bombing they attack and it is not just the ME they are attacking. It is global. How is South America doing, Central America? Africa? They see Europe as an even bigger threat. Russia, Iran, China... on and on and on. And they have weaponized immigration. Because with Europe that is the weapon she is vulnerable to. America is the Empire of the One Eyed Man. (S)he has to keep blinding all her neighbours generation after generation to remain king.
  12. Crap I lost 80% of that post. This guy hated Gadaffi. But Cameron & Co killed Gadaffi years ago. So he should love us. But Libya is now fhucked. So turns out he hates us. Fickle these people willing to kill other people when they are unhappy... who could have foreseen it. Maybe inviting powderkeg trained terrorist killers into your country because they are the enemies of your enemies or politically the flavour of the hour is a shit idea. That was about it.
  13. Be more specific. I am not sure what you are asking.
  14. I just knew you especially would be along to say the magic bogey word 'Gadaffi'. Like that justified allowing this guy into the UK.
  15. The father of the man who blew up all the people in Manchester was given asylum in the UK and a British passport after Libyan police issued a warrant for his arrest due to terrorist activities in Libya. I shit you not. He and some of his sons (the ones not dead by blowing up a bomb surrounded by children) have been arrested as well. "The father of Salman Abedi, the Manchester Arena suicide bomber, fought... ...with a group that was designated a terrorist organisation by the US, according to a man who says he fought alongside him." They let a guy in who was a wanted terrorist in his homeland and the US and was a trained killer. His youngish son just detonated a suicide bomb in Manchester...surrounded by children. Any connection?