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  1. There are a lot of very disturbing similarities between McGhee and Strachan. Arrogance, stubbornness, glibness, cheekiness, old school mind set, unwillingness to acknowledge error. The way Strachan brought McGhee back from the dead... I think these two are like minded. Overall my verdict on Strachan's tenure is 'lazy'. Really disappointing so far. We would have been better picking the squad on here and letting them self manage.
  2. Maybe they don't want to go after figuring they would just be warming the bench while the favourites predictably started.
  3. Lucky to get any move it looked like... but yeah it is a 'great' one now obviously and he is 'testing himself abroad' rather than scraping the bottom of the club barrel in a blind panic trying to get first team football after being blanked by Koeman et al in the 'best league in the world'. He is a thick overrated twat.
  4. Yeah it was superficially interesting in a nostalgic way but did it really tell you anything new about how "Sir" David was able to spend so wildly. Look at how much time they gave to utter utter whankers like Traynor and numerous others... BBC pish.
  5. Aye so your odds are collapsing lads.
  6. So are you up for the 100 pound 5/1 bet also for charity? 200 at risk from me versus 1000 smackers from you two. let's get it on!
  7. No. It is about 2/1 at best IMHO. Probably 3/2 if I have got this bookies odds shite right.
  8. Aye. Meaning 7/2 is too high. It is a two horse race FFS. Rangers are pure rangers ragin and motivated to win like Chris Froome* injecting russian dope. Every game is a come back tour of fuhk you for at least the first loop. Brendan could slip under immense pressure and little money and the wheels could come off... Joey Barton's team of slapstick nutters could start bullying out win after win after win... you've seen the movie. *joke Aye ok. I bet 100 pounds (sorry can't find the pounds symbol ). All winnings to the sunshine appeal of course.
  9. Hmmm. What are the odds on Rangers winning the league this year... Ok so oddschecker says Celtic are 1/4 on Rangers are 7/2 and the Dons are 25/1. Rangers would be the value bet there sadly. edit: this is a totally crazy bet but I think Rangers will go close and maybe win it this year.
  10. Parklife does not see Rangers finishing above Aberdeen this season... I'd be amazed if they don't. I am not even sure Aberdeen will ever get ahead of Rangers in the league table after just this few games played. Everyone sees Celtic walking it this year. I think Rangers will be challenging. Rangers fans see 'owners' as 'people who waste millions of pounds of their own money buying them success', that is the reality of 'owning' Rangers. If King does not bring Gloating Central back at the capital of Hunland he will find himself under unbelievable pressure to spend. They all do.
  11. There is something about being told over and over how Scottish football would die without Rangers. The truth is as we have seen Scottish football's best chance of survival is when Rangers are dead. Now we are back to the worst of the old days and they have that head of humiliated steam up again that means they will be going mental for another decade at least. About the only upside I can see is that Dave King is a money grabber and so this will limit their spendy mentalness. The SFA like the scottish media / press are seemingly not motivated by making a success of their business. They seem to have another agenda all together that supersedes profit and market share and other metrics of business success. They don't want to see us do well. It is pretty obvious no.