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  1. If the choice is effectively between Merkel's vision of Europe or May's vision of Britain in the next referendum then you will loose Indyref2. Personally I would not vote YES under that choice but you go for it. The Euro is fukked and the EU is going to reduce back down to a sensible core. So where does that leave Indyref2? Fukked is where. Jim Fairlie was 100% right looking back. Independence is nothing without your own currency.
  2. I am not sure why I am bothering but probably because after following the campaign closely I have hardly seen this guy speak in public so I am guessing maybe never have you. The elusive Steve Bannon along with Preibus. Here is a chance to judge the man for yourself instead of listening to the endless squawks of smear parrots.
  3. Scotland and England are in a monetary union. It is no more your pound than it is ours. Just because we end our political union it does not end our monetary union. You cannot force us out of it or tell us when. It has to be mutual and if you dont like that you can simply go feck yourselves. We have years to sort that out if need be. Do you know why a euro in greece sells for the same price as euro in Germany? Because they are indistinguishable. If Scotland wanted to we could physically stamp all our pounds on day 1 and after that impose FX and capital controls until a new currency was organized to replace the stamped notes. As soon as they are stamped they are not indistinguishable and they start to trade a different prices. The Czech Slovak break up of their monetary union gets raised over and over by Donny as some big failure because they brought the date forward under speculative pressures but it is one of the best examples of a highly successful break up of a monetary union you will find and to portray it any other way it is deeply misleading. There has to be an element of adapting to events on the ground during that highly dynamic process and that was all that was. They just brought it forward to end speculative flows and reduce the need for capital and FX controls which cost the economy while they are imposed. The Finns are looking at this seriously now as the Euro is a pile of shite. So I think you will see some countries exit the euro and seeing this will remove a large amount of fear about ending the monetary union between england and scotland. I think the euro will fail because the notion of european political union is failing. This is why the GBP is also doomed. Our political union is also failing. Apparently the only time a monetary union works is when you have a successful political union. I am not sure we have that now never mind post YES. If Scotland's Pound devalues there will be a reason for that. It is because our economy needs it to devalue. A free floating currency is one of the best tools for addressing economic problems. It is almost instant. We should welcome it. But who knows a Scottish pound might actually appreciate versus the English version. I really would not bet against it. This recent paper by a group of Finnish economists is worth a read... How to abandon the common currency in exchange for a new national currency I actually feel pretty comfortable with doing it after looking into it more but you can see why the unionists love going on about it so much. They can really use it for a lot of fear mongering. It is fundamentally a hairy event so of course they keep going back to it. And of course it is their uncooperativeness that makes it risky otherwise it would be quite easy I think. One of the closing paragraphs.. 3.5 International experience Rose (2007) analyzed the macroeconomic performance of 69 countries or territorial entities that exited from a currency union between 1946 and 2005. He found that there is very little macroeconomic volatility before and after countries exit from currency union. This shows that currency union exits have tended to be that of low economic costs, at least in the short-run. In the light of this only study on currency exits we could find, arguments against exit because of its “massive economic costs” seem completely over-blown. If there are no statistically measurable macroeconomic fluctuations around the time of an exit, there cannot be any massive costs either. However, exits may still lead to political costs, which may also have long-term economic repercussions
  4. People think the new scottish pound will immediately devalue versus the english pound oh nooo.... what will happen then? Our exports get cheaper and our imports more expensive. Bring it on.
  5. The Czech Slovak currency demerger was a huge success for both economies. Huge. The Slovaks then fecked up joining the Euro. The Czechs have the problem they cannot print enough Crowns to keep their currency competitive. Scotland can 'easily' step out of the pound. If you have the nuts for it.
  6. The Czech Slovak break-up of a monetary union is perhaps the best example of how to break up a monetary union. It is commonly regarded as a huge success story when it comes to breaking a monetary union. Any kent who tries to portray it otherwise is a bullshit artist.
  7. Got around to suicide squad the other night. Lasted 23 mins. 24 carat crap. I did attempt to watch that Warcraft one as well... But as the last video game I played seriously was an Atari in the 80's I may have been missing some of the background info. Maybe lasted 30 mins with that one and did think I'll try watching again sometime... Not a great review but quite good from me.
  8. Thinking back the criticism I had was that the modding of critical Rangers threads was noticeably different to the modding of critical Celtic threads. There is zero need for the mods to be huns for this to be true because some of the most virulent anti celtic posters are not huns. Many if not most are Aberdeen fans. This is the weird triangle of hate that exists on here... Rangers hate Aberdeen, Aberdeen hate Celtic, Celtic hate Rangers. The modding on here was very biased back then without I think them being that aware of it. But maybe I am being kind.
  9. Yeah I don't recall ever saying the mods were huns neither.
  10. Sorry Kernie for my previous indiscretion. Phart the fact you have a dox A-bomb makes the world a safer place.
  11. The ad/modins have adopted this weird strategy whereby they are denying any memory of any TAMB events before a certain date. I am not sure what the date is but it is surprisingly recent. If the mods were a relative you'd be thinking dementia it is that recent. Wibble? Who is this wibble person etc... We all know you know. We know you know we know. And we know that you know that we know that you know we know.
  12. Yeah I think he is a good man. Still disappointed in him.
  13. And just to chuck this in... If Nicola wants to go all left wing pro EU and think that will be the golden road to a YES... that is a bad bet (now). The EC was a great idea... a common market... but that idea was corrupted so long ago now. So the SNP needs to embrace the idea that the EU as it has become can be criticized. Scots are pro EU by default we are told but are they really? I don't think they are! Common market... virtually no one one would argue against that I think. Common country.. yeah huge problems. Funny how it was sold as one a market and then made into the other a common country. And then you get to Merkel. She came very close to collapsing it all. Possibly Bexit saved the rump. We will see. Burn it down and start again. It could be done in months IMHO. It is just a legal framework. Put it back to the good idea. A common market of nation states.
  14. And this is key to what you are seeing globally I venture... working class people returning to the right wing. (They have been betrayed. And very predictably.)