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  1. Val McDermid and the young lassie in the audience killing it. Gid audience so far.
  2. I think that's true. I'm guessing she suffered quite significantly, thinking she just had a really bad stomach. A lesson to us all (especially men) that sometimes taking the pain isn't the thing to do.
  3. My wife had a perforated ulcer and was a few hours from dying - we took her to hospital and she was on the operating table within a couple of hours. Would have been quite easy for her to slip into unconciousness if nobody had been in the house, the pain was so intense. She'd had it for years but nobody was able to figure out what was wrong until that night. When they opened her up they couldn't believe the state her insides were in.
  4. Yep, lasted 45 minutes. Wanted to die after 20.
  5. Ok, but two can play at that game. 1. Vote to be held in the dead of winter 2. No postals
  6. Just watched Lion. Great film, if about a quarter of an hour too long in the middle. Very, very sad, especially at the end. Kind of the antithesis of Slumdog Millionaire.
  7. 20 years ago. She's Emeritus, so no, she's retired.
  8. Nah, it's a (very) vocal minority made up of three main groups - oldies, Rangers fans and English. History Woman was my tutor at uni in first year. Very nice woman, although she and I did have a 'discussion' when she saw me wearing an SNP badge. Now she just comes across as an uneducated, somwhat psychotic, drunk, for whom reason and logic play absolutely no role. Bizarre.
  9. Third series coming soon. Was originally called Masters of the Air, now called The Mighty Eighth. Just watched Patriots' Day. Pretty good couple of hours.
  10. I just got Kodi and not sure why you'd need to subscribe to anything like that. I have access to every movie I want to watch (new ones running around three months behind) and pretty much every sports game in the world streamed live (albeit with varying quality).
  11. Indeed. One or two obvious examples come to mind of it happening, but I bet it's happened dozens of times, and there are women out there today trapped in some way like that.
  12. The Room - watched it on your suggestion and wasn't disappointed. Fantastic film! Cheers.
  13. Don't know the full story, but I did hear that it was horrendous and one of them even once spat on her. To be fair, a couple of Labour MPs did their best to protect her. Can't remember their names, but one just died recently.
  14. Loving Kodi, opening up a whole new world of movies to me. This year alone I've seen: Sully - decent, nothing fantastic Captain Fantastic - loved this Nice Guys - turned it off, awful Deepwater Horizon - you get what you expect, watchable The Girl on the Train - meh Magnificent 7 - watchable, nothing fantastic (but the last two films have Haley Bennett in them, and that alone makes them worth watching!) But one great source I've found is to Google Sports Movies, or Football/Basketball/Baseball Movies. Loads of great sports films made every year that never get much of a mention here because they're very American. For example: Gridiron Gang The Blind Side Invincible We Are Marshall