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  1. War for the Planet of the Apes is brilliant. Great three movies. Guessing there will be more. If you can't find anything else try 12 Feet Deep. Not brilliant, could have been better, but watchable. Going a bit deeper tonight with 47 Meters Down.
  2. Just remembered I saw Justin Currie get booed at Edinburgh Playhouse for having a go at Edinburgh. He was clearly joking, and seemed to revel in the boos. Not boos as such, but I was at Steve Earle at the Barrowlands in 1990 (the greatest show I've ever witnessed) and he twice had to stop mid song because the crowd were chanting the old football song 'Here We Go'. That didn't seem to bother him too much, and years later he would list the Barras as one of his favourite venues. What did p!ss him off, however, was the crowd singing 'Get Your T!ts Out For The Boys' to his sister, who was in his band at the time.
  3. Apologies in advance!
  4. Sure I heard something similar happened to Phil Collins at Ingliston a few years back. Think he announced that England were winning a game at half time.
  5. When Springsteen inducted The Who into Musicare he told the story of going to one of these shows - opener was Blues Magoos, then The Who, then Herman's Hermits. 'No justice' was how he put it.
  6. Setting up mismatched bands was quite common in the 1970s. This was regularly the case for Springsteen in the early years when promoters had no idea who he was, only that he had released a couple of acoustic and semi-acoustic albums. As such they often paired him with MOR bands. He did a tour with Chicago in 1973 where he was booed off stage pretty much every night. Sometimes it worked the other way around. He was big in New York City in 1974, but was put second on the bill behind Anne Murray (who'd just had a number one hit). Springsteen's manager Mike Appel, a pretty aggressive guy, called Murray's manager and asked him to put Springsteen top of the bill. They refused. Bruce came out to a crowd that was 90% Springsteen fans and did his usual set. A couple of songs into Springsteen's set and Murray's manager was going ballistic, aware what was happening. When it was announced that Murray would be next on the Springsteen fans started a Brooooce chant. Murray thought they were booing her (some probably were) and apparently she burst into tears backstage. Years later Springsteen brought Terence Trent Darby (remember him) onstage and some started to boo him. Springsteen went ballistic, calling the crowd 'rude b@st@rds'.
  7. Once Upon a Time in Venice with Bruce Willis. That's an odd one. John Goodman looks like he's melting. He must be ill.
  8. I posted exactly this on my FB page during Glastonbury, and turns out there are lots and lots of folk who feel exactly the same way. Admittedly all older. My wife really likes him, so I have to listen to his p!sh about Doncing in the Dork all the time. My son's in London to see Green Day today at Hyde Park. Don't know if they're any good, but I did like that Time of our Life song.
  9. Folk who can't seem to drive around a bend in the road without crossing into the other lane. It's getting worse. Hardly ever happened when I was a lad.
  10. If you have nothing else to do catch The Belko Experiment. Not the greatest film, but certainly watchable. Extortion with Eoin Bailey (David Webster in Band of Brothers) was surprisingly good too.
  11. That would appear somewhat conservative imo. I would guess about 20 people living per floor, and it appears that virtually no-one above the 17th or 18th floors got out, while huge numbers below that level also perished. Terrible stuff.
  12. Disappointed Gethins hasn't thrown his hat in, but I think he's just had a baby, so maybe that explains it. Sheppard for me.
  13. Pretty sure that this is one of Zevon's last live shows. Everyone knew he was dying, including Letterman. The song was the b-side to Werewolves if London, an equally great song. I give you Roland the Headless Thomson Gunner.
  14. Band was awful. Binned by management after about 10 songs. Right back to the DJ.