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  1. Pretty funny if you know Midlothian politics
  2. And the great Red Dawn. "Shoot straight for once, you army pukes!"
  3. I was only about 17 at the time, so it's quite possible my right arm was strong enough to thrown a coin the full length of the pitch. ;-)
  4. The link below appears to show the Tories latest thing, complaining to authority about the big, bad SNP. Unfortunately for them we have: 1. Footage of them verbally abusing female activists at a rape clause demo 2. Imagery of them invading the space of activists 3. Photos of them inside the SNP gazebo 4. Police evidence of one Tory taking pictures of an activist's son, denying it to the activist and finally deleting them when cqlled upon to do so by the police We need to watch how we step in the next month. Oh, and it's a crock. Didn't happen.
  5. I was at the one where Steve Bull and Gascoigne played and they beat us 2-0. They were defibitely in the Celtic end, near the South Stand.
  6. I remember walking up past where Asda is, towards the police station, and seeing hundreds of bottles being thrown back and forth. It was like a scene from 300. And I clearly remember Scotland fans in the Celtic End throwing coins into the England end, and the policeman next to me, just a young guy, smirking to himself.
  7. Tories are clearly feeling empowered by shouty Ruth. Lots of abuse being aimed at SNP folk today. Just about to head to the polling station for a couple of hours - give me just one Tory mouthing off, just one!
  8. I had her as a tutor, and really liked her. But she's gone off the scale mental, as have her band of sycophants. One was suggesting that Surgeon's miscarriage (I wasn't aware she had one) and Michelle Thompson's rape were also made up. All sense of decency has gone out the window with these people, but the media still refuse to challenge these nutters.
  9. Not sure it's as clear cut as that. The paper would probably be pulled out and be part of a discussion between candidates and polling agents. Common sense would probably win out, with the 1 being counted and the 6 being discounted. A single X, for example, would also count, as it's pretty clear what is intended. Two X's, however, wouldn't - a common error amongst Labour voters the first time STV was used.
  10. Agree re Felicity Jones. I also give you Zoey Duetch, the next big star!
  11. They could have halved this series and nothing would have been lost. Very, very disappointed. But tbf, I was expecting to be last night, as I didn't think they could fit an incredible fight into one hour. Apparently the whole of the next series will be the 'war' with Negan.
  12. Someone's just won the SNP BAD bingo!
  13. Anyone seeing any former SNP councillors, turned down at selection, standing as independents? Two in Midlothian.
  14. Time is our friend. Was looking for stats on annual births and deaths. About 55,000 babies born each year in Scotland, that's about 220,000 in the four years from 1st referendum. 75% will likely be Yes voters. About 50,000 pensioner deaths each year in Scotland, about 200,000 since 1st referendum. 75% will likely be No voters. Yes voters 2014 = 1,617,000 +165,000 = 1,782,000 No voters 2014 = 2,001,000 -150,000 = 1,850,000 We no longer have to persuade 200,000 No voters. Ok, there's much more to it than that, but a rough idea of how quickly the numbers can change naturally.
  15. But regardless of how many seats won by the SNP and Greens, Westminster could effectively say no again. The mandate isn't the issue, imo, as much as the unionist parties try and make it such.