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  1. I take your woman who doesn't know how to make a local phone call, and raise you a woman who doesn't know her left from right.
  2. The NLS maps only go up to 1938 so I'll check the later ones next week. The other place to check would be the Valuation Rolls.
  3. A fit of rage apparently. When I was writing my book on Springsteen someone used it to describe an older guy's reaction when an early Bruce band came on stage at a posh event. Have used it ever since!
  4. Yes, but the very mention of it sends unionists into conniptions, which is always fun to watch.
  5. I have a real issue with gambling generally. I've never gambled personally, but the level of money I see people losing stuns me (I have a family member who has spent pretty much every penny he's ever earned in a bookies (and the pub) for the past 20 years). The gambling ads on TV and on football shirts is having a massive negative impact on society generally, but also on today's kids. They'll see it as the norm to hit the bookies, and once the addiction kicks in ... When I was a councillor we discussed with officers the possibility of limiting bookies in the town and were told that, unlike pubs or restaurants, there is no over-provision for bookmakers. As such they can open up shop after shop and nobody can do a thing. And that's what they started to do, primarily because the big payout bandits were limited to, IIRC, two per shop. They were opening shops just around the corner from another shop, just to get two more machines in the town. Legally they had every right to do so. Morally repugnant. Utter parasites.
  6. I know his daughter. I doubt very much he'll be voting yes any time soon ... or ever.
  7. Silver Streak was one of the first movies I ever saw in a picture house. But can't see Wilder without humming 'Putting on the Ritz'
  8. No Way Out with Kevin Costner is great. What a twist. But this is from one of the greatest books ever written and films ever made:
  9. Watched a Kazhakstan boxer take a Russian apart and the decision went against him. Most embarrassed athlete at the games? Watch the 2nd handover at the 4x100m relay between the St Kitts and Nevis runners. Hilarious stuff.
  10. Fair point. The 200m swimming medley was a team of Scots, which I didn't realise until I saw that list. Pretty impressive.
  11. This. Exactly how I feel. But you can't say it on Facebook or you get some brainwashed Scot/Brit having a go at you for being a bitter nationalist. One of the most annoying things is the BBC's neverending need to build up average athletes into world class stars. Take yesterday. Jessica Ennis-Hill is no doubt a class heptathlete and would have competed at a high level in any generation. But look a bit deeper into Mo Farah and he's never come within half a minute of the 10,000m world record, and 15 seconds of the 5,000m world record. There's no doubt he is talented, but he's lucky that he's never come up against an athlete of the calibre of Gebrselassie or Bekele. Greg Rutherford on the other hand, as well as being an utter bawbag of a man, is truly lucky that he's competing in a generation that is at best mediocre. His top five jumps are the 118th furthest ever, 282nd, 432nd, 432nd, and 469th. In virtually any other generation he'd have been happy just being on the plane.
  12. Isn't Kratochvilova's record still there. And no-one has ever come near Flo Jo's 100m time.
  13. Ok, booked for tomorrow night. Better be gid
  14. Before these games he was the 43rd most successful nation in Olympic history. Think he might well move up this week. The hypocrisy of the BBC and wider media is mind-boggling. Barely mentioning this. Heard one commentator saying 'We know she's clean. She's a Brit'. Really? Would you like me to name some? I can start at 'A' and work my way through the alphabet if you'd like. 'C' is particularly good. Was watching it live and said right away to the wife that she was hurt bad. There's an alternate video on You Tube and the insensitivity of the cameraman is astonishing, although I suppose he's not allowed to touch her. There are hidden nuances. I'm not sure what they are yet, but I'm sure they're there!