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      ATAC Travel Guide   10/17/2016

      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
      ATAC would like your feed back. Go to the website and contact them http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/


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  1. Just got two. The £45 and £35 were sold out.
  2. I've been on 34 and 7 to go. Go figure!
  3. Time fairly firing down now. Currently at 36 minutes.
  4. Didn't know you could start queuing before 12. Over an hour to go. Can see this slipping away!
  5. Perhaps related to this: http://fortune.com/2016/03/09/make-donald-drumpf-again/
  6. An absolute legend. Couldn't find this on YouTube, but love this song. Could have picked any of a hundred though. Freewheeling and Blood On The Tracks are two of the greatest albums of all time. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlaxvj_bob-dylan-let-me-die-in-my-footsteps_music
  7. This? http://www.ifyouonlynews.com/racism/trump-threatens-to-fine-anyone-who-releases-tape-of-him-saying-n-word-so-people-are-crowdfunding/
  8. We once lived on the top floor of a flat in Edinburgh. The neighbour directly below us was a young guy and he'd hang his feet out his window to the front of the building and cut his toenails onto the path below. Dirty *********.
  9. First time I've listened in a couple of years. Some very clued up Yes supporters. The English SNP member was great. The unionists did what unionists tend to do - blame everything on the SNP. And by and large they all sounded as if they fit nicely into that demographic that is largely made up of unionists - over 65s.
  10. I take your woman who doesn't know how to make a local phone call, and raise you a woman who doesn't know her left from right.
  11. The NLS maps only go up to 1938 so I'll check the later ones next week. The other place to check would be the Valuation Rolls.
  12. A fit of rage apparently. When I was writing my book on Springsteen someone used it to describe an older guy's reaction when an early Bruce band came on stage at a posh event. Have used it ever since!
  13. Yes, but the very mention of it sends unionists into conniptions, which is always fun to watch.