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  1. It did appear to be ok for six months, but things started to go wrong after that. The garage I took it to only replaced minor bits and pieces (a £30 job) but told my wife that the car had basically been put together with parts from other cars, and that it would require a major job to fix. They did the MOT in-house at then original garage so they've given an MOT to a car that isn't fit for purpse, indeed, I would argue, is dangerous. Tbh, I'm not goin for cash back, but I'm more worried about what they're selling other folk and am considering speaking to Trading Standards. Anyway, went and bought old reliable today - Nissan Micra (from a reputable dealer). Cannae go wrong with them as a run around.
  2. NICE

    Ah, it's Sky News. Kay Burley?
  3. Cheers all. Will check links etc. It's a 07 plate with around 48,000 on clock when I got it. The garage I got it at did the MOT.
  4. Wonder if someone can advise. Someone smashed into my car around Christmas and I needed a new one quickly, so rather than buy from a big dealer (usually Arnold Clark) I went to a smaller affair and bought a really cheap runaround. If anything went wrong in the first month I was covered. I had a small issue which they fixed. Last week I thought there was an issue with the brakes, so my wife took it to our local garage for me. She was told that we'd been had, and that the car had been cobbled together. So he did a fix for us (it wasn't the brakes) but when I was driving it today it felt like I was driving on oil, pulling all over the road, making a lot of noise, and a wee bit smoke coming from the engine. My question is - do I have any recourse? They sold me a vehicle that, to me, appears to be a death trap. The money isn't an issue, but I am raging at the risk they've put us at by selling a clearly dodgy motor.
  5. Iceland v England

    Just watched the game in a pub in England with my son and his pal. About 200 English and 15 Scots. Good-natured and nobody said anything when we started to celebrate. Oh what a night ...
  6. That's the first question you'll be asked if you decide to go to a tribunal. They don't want to deal with stuff that could be dealt with quite easily face to face. I would guess now that he's done it once he may feel more relaxed about doing it again. And as is the case with bullies - if you don't face up to them they see an easy target. Write down everything - dates, witnesses, everything.
  7. Group E Finale

    Ireland tonight reminded me of the Scotland team that played Sweden in the 1990 World Cup. That team came on the pitch against a highly-rated Sweden team (four years later they were World Cup semi-finalists) and within two minutes I knew we wouldn't lose. I could count on one hand how many times I've seen that level of passion from Scotland teams. Ireland show it regularly. Depressing.
  8. Group E Finale

    Just saw this on Robbie Brady's Wikipedia page: "As of June 22nd 2016 Brady is well known for his header which knocke the feckin bejaysus out of Italy, in the UEFA Euro 2016, where the game ended 1-0 thus allowing Ireland to progress to the knockout stage. "
  9. It is strange, but without checking, hasn't all other trials taken place, and Hollywood had been missing for some time. Not sure.
  10. Alpha Dog is a great film, and he's very good in it. Well worth a watch.
  11. I know the media like to paint those who die as saints, regardless of the truth, but Jo Cox really does come across as one of the good ones.
  12. Engerland Fans

    England and Russia threatened with disqualification if the violence continues. Think that places the blame at the door of some England fans, just as much as the Russians (not in the stadium) despite attempts all over social media to downplay their role in the trouble. Let's see if UEFA have the courage of their convictions if it comes to that. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/euros-disqualification-threat-violence-142729275.html
  13. That's a huge amount to spend weekly. Four of us and we spend £150 maybe, tops. Used to spend £20 a week on milk (sons drink loads), but Iceland and others sell it almost half price. In many cases brand goods doesn't always mean lower quality - although in many cases it does. You just have to try things out. I found a good beating ends the problem ... After she'd finished with me I never complained about her spending again!
  14. His voice was dodgy at times, a couple of times I wondered if it was his age. in reply to Stocky's point about the acoustic closer. It's become a thing on the last two tours. It was almost certain he'd close with Thunder Road or This Hard Land. Given he'd already played TR ... Check Brucebase for tour info. Great website.
  15. Jeez, hope you're ok mate. Saw guys drinking at 9am when I turned up for the first roll call. Don't see the appeal tbh. I've experienced in and out of the golden circle and in is a much more enjoyable experience - people seem to accept you have your place and they can't steal it. Outside it's a free for all.