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  1. Boro sing a song all about Hibs. Wow. They must love us. How was your Saturday at B & Q? or were you buying some bricks for a Bbq or perhaps some lottery tickets for a trip on a yacht.?
  2. Absolutely not but you don't see many wee scrawny game as feck radges running about like Jack Russells in the better leagues.
  3. Think it depends on how old player is when leaves - could be wrong on that though. The thing Paterson has got in his favour is that he a big strong physical guy and can play as well. Not convincd that the other guys have got the athleticism and strength for any of the top leagues.
  5. Time left on contract a huge factor. Anyone with less than 12 months and you looking at peanuts for all of them.
  6. Didn't know there was so many Plymouth Brethern and Puritans on here. Miserable sheitehawks should be baking cakes to raise the £20k for a shot on Queen B"s yacht.
  7. The Cumdog is full on bonkers. Many thanks to Caspian Primrose and his Jambo chums for letting Jason go.
  8. The Charming Lady Michelle Mone. A despicable khunt of a human even before she was famous.
  9. This is in the Dictionary under the definition of "irony" The pain will eventually go away.
  10. Atmosphere be rubbish next Tuesday. Games on Wednesday. Hibs Hibs ohhhh, ohhhh Hibs Hibs.
  11. Keep rubbing the lotion on. It'll soothe the pain.
  12. The blood sucking vampire squid of Goldman Sachs and their pals in Mossad played a blinder in this one. The Donald will now have to do exactly as he told by the Puppet Masters.
  13. That must be the new definition. Thought the old one was to more often than not shit it on the big occasion. A phrase that could also apply to some other more "famous" teams.
  14. What's the definition of "Hibs'd it"? Have the Dons ever won the Scottish Cup with a last minute goal against The Evil Empire of Everything?
  15. Lance Armstrong still believes he won the Tour de France. Hope you you still remember Big Hearts Charity and Lady Haig Poppy Fund.