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  1. Atmosphere be rubbish next Tuesday. Games on Wednesday. Hibs Hibs ohhhh, ohhhh Hibs Hibs.
  2. Keep rubbing the lotion on. It'll soothe the pain.
  3. The blood sucking vampire squid of Goldman Sachs and their pals in Mossad played a blinder in this one. The Donald will now have to do exactly as he told by the Puppet Masters.
  4. That must be the new definition. Thought the old one was to more often than not shit it on the big occasion. A phrase that could also apply to some other more "famous" teams.
  5. What's the definition of "Hibs'd it"? Have the Dons ever won the Scottish Cup with a last minute goal against The Evil Empire of Everything?
  6. Lance Armstrong still believes he won the Tour de France. Hope you you still remember Big Hearts Charity and Lady Haig Poppy Fund.
  7. Coolio! unless you are referring to the US rapper or you are 12 years old you sound like a forelock tugging embarrassing dad trying to be "street" but coming across as a total whopper.
  8. It's celebrate Hearts winning World War 1 day soon, that should soothe the pain.
  9. Joseph supposedly told them all that his son is older than his current employers. Can he be sacked for telling the truth?
  10. Either they still in trauma and unable to give evidence on the savage assault they suffered. Or as we all know it never happened, apart from Fotheringham getting a slight nudge to the shoulder. Hope they have recovered from the sectarian abuse the report claims the nasty Hibs fans dished out. Surely that is the very definition of irony.
  11. Somewhere in Scotland right now the Anti Christ is being born.
  12. Was there Friday and Saturday. Browns vocals better on Friday. think that for a few songs on Saturday brown's mic was turned down and Reni's turned up. Still a bit of tension between the 2 of them.
  13. No blacks, no Irish, no Dogs eh. Stick in!!
  14. The usual utter khunts showing their true (white power) colours to deny the sporting and human quality of The Greatest. Dont need to call them out, they know who they are.
  15. No denial from me. As I see it Stubbs is away and I think this probably best for all parties. Yes he got us the Scottish Cup but failed in main priority to get promoted. You still got a petted lip because you lost your 1902 comfort blanket?