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  1. Somewhere in Scotland right now the Anti Christ is being born.
  2. Stone Roses

    Was there Friday and Saturday. Browns vocals better on Friday. think that for a few songs on Saturday brown's mic was turned down and Reni's turned up. Still a bit of tension between the 2 of them.
  3. Muhammad Ali

    No blacks, no Irish, no Dogs eh. Stick in!!
  4. Muhammad Ali

    The usual utter khunts showing their true (white power) colours to deny the sporting and human quality of The Greatest. Dont need to call them out, they know who they are.
  5. Stubbs to Rotherham?

    No denial from me. As I see it Stubbs is away and I think this probably best for all parties. Yes he got us the Scottish Cup but failed in main priority to get promoted. You still got a petted lip because you lost your 1902 comfort blanket?
  6. Stubbs to Rotherham?

    The obsession continues.
  7. Stubbs to Rotherham?

    Would imagine that bigger salary, much bigger pot of money for players, closer to family and will be on radar of bigger English clubs should he do a half decent job will be in his mind. The SPL is viewed as a pub league so god knows what they think of Scottish Championship.
  8. Oh aye, we're bothered about that right enough.
  9. Many of the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Nationalists were Protestant. And King Billy was supported by the Pope. No wonder the weegies are a confused bunch of ####tards.
  10. That's the Gettysburg Address to the Hun hordes of matching jogging bottoms and hoody wearing, Nae toothed spangles. Marvellous.
  11. That isn't Henderson, it's a hibs fan in full kit style. No number on back of the top. Rangers supporter claiming hypocrisy on this has got to be the very definition of irony.
  12. Fair statement from Hibs, unfortunately Rangers have decided what the narrative of the story is and if the independent commission doesn't tie in with that then I guess we'll see more bat shit bonkers press releases from Fat Boy Traynor. Independent commission from the SFA involving Rangers.................hmm good luck with that one.
  13. Pretty bad from Hibs point of view. Lifetime bans fully deserved for those found guilty.
  14. Would have thought this footage of knocked out Rangers player would be all over the press by now. Rangers goalie got pushed a few times, Wallace had a young lad take a swing at him and Kenny Miller got a handshake. Rangers players should have not have been touched full stop but this narrative that Rangers and their cronies in the Weegie media are running is an utter lie.
  15. We don't have the same level of khuntishness as Rangers? Praying for the speedy recovery of the seriously injured Rangers players and staff. Has any footage of all these serious assaults been made available from the numerous tv cameras? Or is it pretty much all lies by the Hun and their brethren in the media?