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  1. This attitude is part of the reason we dont qualify for tournaments anymore.
  2. The SPFL site has listed it as being on BT Sport.
  3. At Murrayfield
  4. Saying season instead of series
  5. Pretty sure manslaughter doesnt exist up here. Would be culpable homicide but i could be wrong.
  6. 8th July 1983
  7. Thats probably more because Van De Velde lost it so badly than anything else.
  8. Thought it was rotten and really watered down from what it was. If it came back on a regular basis I dont think I'd be watching it.
  9. Got to agree with this. I've started drinking craft beers now instead of the mainstream stuff like Tennents and Stella. The difference in my hangovers is night and day. Pretty much non existent when i stick to the brewdog and Williams Brothers stuff.
  10. I was polled tonight as well by ipsos and had the same sort of questions.
  11. Used it last night. Put it on liverpool stoke and norwich 7/1.
  12. Has Kenneth been along yet to tell us his team are bottle merchants?
  13. Heading to Split in a few weeks. Anyone been whos got some tips on places to eat, drink, things to see and do? Hopefully be able to take in a Hajduk game when we're over. 18 of us going and ages range from 25 to 70. Cheers
  14. Girlfriend got £125 yesterday with correct score in the hibs game. That follows the £400 she won a few years ago for a correct score of 5-4 to Thistle v Queens Park in the challenge cup. As usual I got nothing.
  15. Nothing compares to Cumbernauld for Shittyness