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  1. Currently the top 1% of earners pay just over 25% of the total income tax take in this country. Now I'll agree that wages are piss poor in loads of jobs but that's a whole other debate. Just clobbering the people that earn the most isn't the answer Either . Imho 😉
  2. This. Some people have more money than you. Life isn't fair never has been never will be.
  3. Whats wealth got to do with it thats income tax. this is about paying for local services etc. Why should a retired couple pay extra because they bought their house 50 years ago and its now worth a few quid ? Presumably now the democratic deficit has gone the SNP given their socialist leaning will introduce something similar to the poll tax ? Everyone over 18 in gainful employment pays their fair share, seems fair enough to me.
  4. Nope rape is criminal. I suspect we are talking about an extremely low number of cases here and this clause has become a stick to bash someone with. a better solution is needed granted but if a solution isn't in place I suspect the number of third child "rape" claims would spike significantly as people play the system.
  5. Just because people objected to paying it doesn't make it abhorrent. I would've thought left leaning individuals would've had no objection to paying their share towards the community cost. One of thatchers more socialist policies. Oh the irony !!!
  6. All right i'll bite on the Poll tax. Why was it abhorrent that everyone over the age of 18 pays towards their community. Presumably they use the same street lights, refuse collection etc as everyone else ? why should a house owner /tenant be responsible for everyone that lives there ? Probably one of the fairest taxes there was !
  7. Its not on. Methinks the day job may have blinded him somewhat. I have a feeling the lions are going to get tonked !
  8. No army British or otherwise has an impeccable record and the victor generally writes the history book. What I see is that when called upon over the last few centuries the poor British "cvnt" when called upon has stepped up and delivered, probably from your family and mine. Judging history by today's standards is generally not a good idea. Granted we had bastards in charge, I'm just glad for a poxy little island our bastards were better than theirs. History tells me that every now and then having a nasty in charge isn't necessarily a bad thing. That's not to say we shouldn't strive for nirvana but I'd rather have Theresa may speaking to Putin than Corbyn for example. I would also add that I'd rather Mickey Mouse spoke to putin than trump 😉
  9. No I suspect they were of their time like those in the IRA were. No one gets covered in glory from this whole episode. Your perspective changes depending upon which side you thought was in the right. To label the British army as "cvnts" is perhaps a tad harsh its like labelling all Irish nationalists "cvnts" the truth as always is somewhere in between.
  10. For me the IRA were fecked the day 9/11 happened and the so called "war on terror" commenced. As for what he was, I suspect he was a scumbag that did a lot of shitty things. However "one mans terrorist " and all that. You're going to get one of two responses about him and each are perfectly valid opinions !
  11. Somewhere in Manchester Pistonbroke has cracked open the bubbly
  12. Two years ago you voted to remain in the club, whilst I appreciate that makes you a tad annoyed, you voted to stay. Now the club has voted collectively you don't like it, fair enough. Spare me the outrage. If it goes Pete tong do the unionists get a vote in two years ?