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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. But he does get a team playing better than the sum of their parts !
  2. One outburst doesn't make someone a scumbag. I don't doubt what he said was out of order and warranted a lengthy spell on the naughty step. Trust me PB was no great mate of mine and we had a couple of ding dongs and I disagreed with a lot of what he said, but he was on here for a long while and I think I had the measure of the bloke, he clearly liked a beer and probably should've learned not to post when pissed but I would still happily meet him for a beer (or orange juice 😉) and if he met me you or park life I suspect we would end up at least respecting each other. The internet is a weird place and people can act irrationally far easier than in real life. Give me a shout when you are down next month and I'll take the three of you out for a beer, if it goes wrong you can beat the English bloke up (I'll invite bzzzzz) and at least you can agree you had a good night 😉
  3. Don't tell anyone but he would probably get you qualified. Sssshhhhhhh
  4. It was the only time on here I got a warning ! A couple of days later I asked how his dog was and got 50% put on my warn bar ! To be fair to the mod I objected and they removed it because we hadn't actually used sweary language at one another 😇 I think even park life got banned for a stretch once can't remember why but even he must admit he's good at getting a reaction out of people. It was a row between two people and yes PB was a bit of a twat on that occasion but he should be given the opportunity to apologise and put PL on ignore. The mods may have given him this opportunity I don't know but the board is a poorer place without him .
  5. Really funny thing is that she's now my ex-wife so I agree with him now !!! I think people can take offence too easily these days. Not sure if he was pissed or not but I don't think he or park life set out to offend anyone these things just develop. pb said something stupid in the heat of the moment I don't think for one moment he's glad someone's brother passed away. I disagreed with lots that pb said especially politics but that doesn't mean he's not a decent bloke (which by the way I do think he is) we just have differing opinions on some shit which is what a chat forum is about and makes for interesting debate. I've been an interested observer on this site for years and have genuinely had my opinions changed on some topics because of the debates on here but it does seem to have changed recently. It's lost a bit of its edge. It needs more "please vote for my daughter and her mulberry handbags" now that was a belter that genuinely had me crying with laughter 😂
  6. I'm available if the price is right 😉 I would let pistonwibble back though . He did make this place more interesting. I had a quality row with him once and his 1am posts were worth the entry fee on their own 😳
  7. Did you not read Hertscots post ? Hoddle was at that time most definitely not mainstream Church of England !!!!!! Your comment appeared to be aimed at Glenn Hoddle because he did or does believe in reincarnation,which also happens to be a belief/view held by the Hindu religion which would agree with him . Im also not totally sure what his skin colour or social standing has to do with his religous beliefs ?
  8. Then by that rationale you must regard all Hindus as "utter twats" ? I'm sure you don't 😉 Hoddle was a twat for talking about his faith in his position, that I'll give you !
  9. I'm not knowledgeable enough to say "all" but I've yet to come across any religion that doesn't have some unpalatable beliefs or interpretations of those beliefs. and maybe it was karma 😉
  10. With the best will in the world pretty much anything to do with reincarnation is tied to religious beliefs in my humble opinion and there are billions of Hindus that go along with his way of thinking. Religion should have feck all to do with his ability to do his job as a football manager ;-) And we'll disagree over Hoddle because I think hes good enough .
  11. His religious beliefs cost him the job last time this time round i would think hed keep his gob shut. Glenn would be my choice ;-)
  12. What if the books were really overdue ?
  13. True we are shite, but at least we generally qualify. Good luck against Malta 😘😘
  14. The original Italian job, fantastic ;-)
  15. I dont think she owns that one, i believe she works for the bloke that owns it. Dressage horses aren't cheap, ponies by comparison are but i think you know that ;-)