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  1. The original Italian job, fantastic ;-)
  2. I dont think she owns that one, i believe she works for the bloke that owns it. Dressage horses aren't cheap, ponies by comparison are but i think you know that ;-)
  3. Do all Scottish people spend all their money on irn bru, buckfast and square sausage ? I know loads of people that have a horse that run it by sacrificing other stuff. it comes down to what your priorities are, just because its not for you doesn't mean other people cant do something. Im not saying it doesnt cost but is not just landed gentry that can own a horse.
  4. Fair enough Ive said on here many times you keep picking the wrong manager. I have a feeling Mr Strachan isnt going to end that run anytime soon !!
  5. Anyone would think you were bitter ;-) Dont stress we'll screw it up but at least we will be in france when we do screw it up. I particularly enjoyed the shots of the crying welsh fans and players at the end. does that make me a bad person ?
  6. I dont want to rub it in but its looking like all of the home nations might get out of the group stage
  7. If everyone in the club was wearing Kevlar vests and helmets and carrying a weapon the death toll would've been far lower .
  8. I think its nice that you're supporting us seeing as your not there ;-) have you bought a kit ?
  9. Post of the year so far, without doubt !
  10. With the best will in the world if the SPL was a rich as the EPL and one of the smallest clubs in the league had beaten Rangers or Celtic to the title most on here would be posting what a great success story the SPL was ! As for two tier we have that in the EPL at the moment with leicester winning it and spurs comng second long may it continue ! the big boys will spend this summer no doubt but Man u spent £250m last summer and bought mostly shite and will hopefully do so again !
  11. They are worth it because clubs have the money and they are prepared to pay it. You may not like it you may think that they are "khunts" personally i think a lot of hollywood actors are overpaid "khunts" but if someone were to offer you 10m a year I doubt you'd turn it down ! The clubs can afford it becuase there is so much TV money in the EPL. i believe its been posted on here as of next year the club finishing bottom of the EPL get about £100m plus parachute payments just in TV money !!
  12. Why ? the EPL has done a fantastic job of marketing itself and is probably the most socialist of all the top leagues the way it distrubutes cash.. look at La liga where Barca and RM carve up most of the TV money or Germany where it is Bayern and then everyone else. People will pay what someone is worth to them and that is no different to any other job. Good luck to them Hopefully this season wont be a one off and the money sloshing around will enable more "Leicester" seasons rather than watching Man U Chelski or City win the league every year
  13. Was that the "mulberry bag" thread ? possibly one of the all time greats on here. Personally thought it was better than the Khraigh saga. It was the people creating user names off of this site that did it for me. Genius . not funny if you are on the receiving end but from the outside looking in it had everything !