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  1. A lot of West Ham fans that I know have got the right hump over the stadium move, it has been royally cocked up even the "state of the art" retractable seating they were promised has turned out to be seating on scaffolding which I believe means they cant play there for the first 3/4 games next season after the athletics is held there because it takes so long to take down and re-erect , and the seating has been a right balls up. I don't doubt they'll get something sorted in the end but I've been there and it isn't a football stadium !! If you look at the pictures of Spurs new ground you'll notice all the cranes are white and blue with cockerels all over them at the top. Allegedly there is/was a shortage of tower cranes so Levy went out and bought them new instead of renting them, which explains the paint job ! . Watch him double his money selling them to chelski in 18 months time
  2. If it's half as good as it looks it's going to be fantastic we just need to make sure we don't get relegated next year playing at Wembley !! On the plus side next year I will probably be able to afford to take my three boys to a spurs game at the same time for the first time !. That 17k stand looks fantastic and the fact they have planned for safe standing makes it even better. Say what you want about Levy but it looks like he's going to pull this off with a young side actually playing some reasonable football all on long term contracts and the best bit about it is we get to laugh at West Ham playing football in the soulless mo-farah athletics bowl. 😂😂 although I would say even I have started to feel a smidge of sympathy for them they really have ballsed it up.
  3. Someone I'd like to meet for a beer if he was sober but not if he was pissed 😉
  4. Merry Xmas and happy new year to all on the TAMB have a good one all ;-)
  5. Trust me my feckwit girlfriend is currently in a chair waiting in line to get in. I've got a leg of lamb in the oven and some nice red wine, even honey g couldn't tempt me ! although she does hail from the best part of London ;-)
  6. I've tried honest but no not for me . If you want real fear I got a text this afternoon the girlfriend got two tickets for the x-factor final on Saturday 😳 and wanted me to go. Luckily I've got my family over for dinner so I was gutted, and she's taking one of her friends instead 😉 Edit - I printed them off for her, you should see the conditions ! Dress to impress or you won't get in and yes they're free so we've issued more than we've got seats for so get here early. Feck that for a game of soldiers
  7. Nope never liked her. Also can't stand the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and a large number of others that I wouldn't go to a pub for free to watch. Each to their own. I do like the Beatles but McCartney is an arsehole that nearly made me like heather mills 😉
  8. Disagree with that, I think we are developing some good young players. We don't know what to do with them on that I'll agree, it's the management we've always been shite at and that's not going to change with the current appointment. What it does highlight is that countries can pick people that really shouldn't be playing for them. It's been said on here before. A person may be eligible for more than one country and in this case he has three to choose from. First professional contract he should let FIFA know where he's from ! In the mean time let the kid get on with playing football.
  9. Ok i'll bite, Quite how does the boy choosing to represent England (if he does) demonstrate "the entitlement culture and greed of the English system" ? care to list the English born players that have played for Scotland over the past 5 or so years ? My favourite was Bardsley who I believe had a father born in Scotland whilst on Holiday. I would also add the boys 13 !!! theres a way to go yet.
  10. Pedants corner but I don't think she owns that one !
  11. Tell me something I don't know 😉
  12. With the best will in the world and not rubbing it in but you've hit the nail on the head, so to speak ! Have a look at the English championship and pick a manager . Allardyce would get you to a tournament just my opinion of course.
  13. But he does get a team playing better than the sum of their parts !
  14. One outburst doesn't make someone a scumbag. I don't doubt what he said was out of order and warranted a lengthy spell on the naughty step. Trust me PB was no great mate of mine and we had a couple of ding dongs and I disagreed with a lot of what he said, but he was on here for a long while and I think I had the measure of the bloke, he clearly liked a beer and probably should've learned not to post when pissed but I would still happily meet him for a beer (or orange juice 😉) and if he met me you or park life I suspect we would end up at least respecting each other. The internet is a weird place and people can act irrationally far easier than in real life. Give me a shout when you are down next month and I'll take the three of you out for a beer, if it goes wrong you can beat the English bloke up (I'll invite bzzzzz) and at least you can agree you had a good night 😉