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  1. Great band. Here's one of my favourites.
  2. We hired a pair of cycles and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito then got the ferry back. That was good fun. The ferry back took us as close to Alcatraz as we wanted. If you DO want to visit, book in advance. Queues are horrific. Mini-bus tour of Napa Valley was good. Westin St Francis Hotel on Union Square washes all its coins. The Queen Anne Hotel on Sutter Street was a nice billet.
  3. Whilst the extra money is not to be sniffed at - the budget for The Great British Bake Off is £25M.
  4. The EU is a very pragmatic organisation. Consider the possibility of a newly created "holding pen" for countries in Scotland's position. A holding pen in which Scotland can continue to operate with EU rules and markets, but will have no/minimum voting rights etc until ratification. So, not out - but not entirely in - but with no complicated negotiation to convert to full membership. This isn't an impossible scenario is it?
  5. I saw your message re your bus.  Would you let me know if you have a couple of spaces please?  Might be three, but definitely two.


    Keith McAllister


    1. Flure


      Hi, Keith.

      I assume you're talking about the Canada game?
      When we firm things up, places will be available to members first then to non-members for £10.

      However, annual membership of WESTA is only £12, so.........




      John Daly

    2. Hampden Diehard

      Hampden Diehard

      John - aye, it was the Canada game.  I think I'm in the WWTA, but point taken!

      Cheers - I'll keep an eye open.

      Thanks for letting me know


  6. Me. Didn;t know anything about it until I overhead a couple talking about it as we exited.
  7. Bang on. There is only one Rangers, therefore "has". Even if it was a collection of people, it would be "a" collection of people, singular, and "has" would be right again.