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  1. I thought my reply was a reasonable one to post vis-a-vis your comment "folk wonder why there are less posters on this board now ".
  2. Really? I thought that had been well answered. The Admin are up their own arses. Moderation is shite. The good posters have all left (no offence etc...) It's all the fault of the new format. Quoting on a mobile is 3rd world technology. Too many Huns/SheepShaggers/Tims (deleted/add/complain as appropriate. Scotland are shite. Too much politics. SNPBad.
  3. I was looking for that for two days before I realised it doesn't get released until October.
  4. Now that's interesting. "Politics" is an uncountable noun. A noun that has no plural form. It cannot be used with a/an or one. So "politics is boring". Except it's not.
  5. No, I'm not Grim. I might be Jim, but I think that's my brother.
  6. That was me. Don't see what's funny about it though. But, hey-ho!
  7. With the amount of traffic on this site, it was bound to come up eventually.
  8. Hmm, I wonder why the very experienced BBC Radio Scotland political correspondent would misspeak.