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  1. Quite agree. I love Kaunas... A couple of bad Scotland results aside, I've never had anything less than a great time there. I was saying friends the other day, I've never known anywhere divide opinion like it.People use the term 'Marmite' to refer to something, which is loved or hated, but the division created by Kaunas is astonishing.Some (myself included) will defend Kaunas to the hilt, whilst other's are utterly scathing in their hatred of the place.Even if people disagree on something, they can usually see the other person's perspective, but with Kaunas the liker's cannot see why the hater's, hate it and the hater's cannot see why the liker's, like it.I remember the last time we were there, we played on the Friday night and I was in Kaunas until the Monday (!)IIRC, my wish was to stay for the weekend + the logistics of getting to Glasgow for the Liechtenstein match.I concluded 1) I would easily be the last fan in Kaunas and 2) Sunday night in Kaunas would be very quiet... I was wrong on both counts.Surprisingly, there were plenty of TA still kicking about two nights after the match and I remember chatting to some on the Sunday afternoon about the whole Kaunas/Marmite thing... Those fans who hung around seemed very content; it wasn't raucous; thing's had quietened down, but I remember that jovial, relaxed, balmy autumn afternoon... On the bevvy.As I said, I don't know why the hater's hate it, but I... I just like the place.Reading up about it again more recently, there are still thing's in Kaunas I haven't seen. I'd be happy enough if Kaunas was named the venue.
  2. FYI, you can catch train's from Schiphol Airport direct to Rotterdam; no need to go into Amsterdam Central (unless you want to of course).
  3. I asked my group about this, but there was little interest; ironically, the most vocal against it was female. Personally, I think it's worth consideration. What's not to like? It's a Scotland team... It's summer... It's a trip to the cities of Utrecht or Rotterdam or (I forget the third city). Its playing at Sparta Rotterdam's historic ground (one of the oldest clubs/grounds in the Netherlands?) And last, but not least, the Ladies have qualified for a tournament, which the men have failed do time and time again over the past 19 years.
  4. Haven't read all this thread, but get Anya, Griffiths, Naismith and perhaps Burke in the starting XI S. Fletcher wins f*ck all in the box... Anya, Griffiths and Naismith can all receive the ball deep and travel towards the area/goal with the ball - at the very least it will give opposing defender's something to deal with (whereas they haven't had f*ck all to worry about recently). 4-3-3
  5. In case anyone needs one, I've just cancelled a room at the Hotel Dream in the old town. Hotel website: Hotel email:
  6. September! The 1st of September!
  7. Anyone else flying out of Bournemouth on the morning of 1st August?
  8. This will get you from Vienna Airport direct to Bratislava at least; maybe further.
  9. It looks like their bra's have slid up.
  10. Aye, I did the tour two winter's ago. There are X number of tours every year and it lasted about 3 hours. I loved it. It wasn't just technical stuff; there was stuff about the history of the immediate area (the Wall and the watchtower's were very close) and stories about Bowie and Iggy in Berlin It was just great knowing you were stood in the very room where Bowie had recorded 'Heroes' and where U2 had recorded 'One'. As I said, if you like Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode, Iggy or if you're just interested in the technical aspects, you'll enjoy it. Not only the studio tour either... P.S. at the end, they'll play some songs through a mixing desk and some absolutely top-notch speakers. Superb! But when he's played those, ask for 'Zoo Station' - awesome through those speakers!!!
  11. After U2 went to Hansa Studios in Berlin to record Achtung Baby (26 years ago? F*ck, time flies!) I for some strange reason wanted to hear more of the music previously recorded at Hansa; the whole Hansa/Berlin thing seemed very evocative. That of course, meant Bowie; not least the "Heroes" album. Really struggled with it when I was younger, but tried it again about ten or fifteen years later and loved it. Having disliked it my first time around, I can accept it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea; 'avant garde' or crap depending on your perspective, but much of it succeeds in taking you to a place and a time i.e. Cold War Berlin. It's a good listen if you're ever travelling through Eastern Europe by train in the depths of winter! P.S can highly recommend the Hansa Studio tour for any Bowie, U2 or Depeche Mode fans.
  12. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only miserable sod interested in such stuff I haven't done any homework on Slovakia yet, but try these websites... I only recently learned that visiting somewhere where bad things have happened (whether it be Auschwitz or the site of the World Trade centre) has a name; it's called 'Dark Tourism'. Here's a site, which might cover some war sites in Slovakia...
  13. Southampton don't want to sell, but sadly these are the times we live in. We kept the likes of Schneidelin and Wanyama for a year longer than they wanted to be here. We've given extensions (6 year contacts) to Forster and Van Dijk. Wanyama only had 1 year left on his contract and we got back what we paid Celtic. Prior to that we offered Wanyama umpteen contracts and he simply would not sign; what more can we do? He wanted to go to Tottenham and the bright lights of London. How are Saints raking it in? Long contracts when the player's sign = demanding big money if they want to move on. Are they all worth the money? Every single one of them was an excellent player for Southampton and I see no reason why we should roll over when the big boys come calling... Pay up or f*ck off is the message.
  14. Good preparation for the conditions, which await us in September? Yes. But we don't need to actually play in Malta in order to prepare for a match in Malta; anywhere around the Med would be comparable, surely. Not sure about the choice of opposition either. Glamorous yes, but in the best interests of our team and our next campaign? I'm not so sure.
  15. Yeah, the London Pub. It looked nice enough, but there was only 2 punters in, so I headed back to the pub I'd prveiously been in, which had more people (and friendly too) but I warn you was a step back in time... The communist era juke box was nearly 6ft tall. Built of heavy materials, it resembled something evil from one of the early Doctor Who's! I did the Frankfurt Oder hotel a dis-service when I said it was decent enough. It was far better; simple, but immaculate and about £35 a night. Website: Like I said, it wasn't a wild night (maybe it would have been if I'd gone to the strip bar in Slubice?) But in Frankfurt Oder I was able to get a drink well into the early hours down in the centre. There were a few places around a church including a nice, but very smokey, cocktail bar. There was a nice looking, long, narrow (but empty bar) actually under the church and half-way between the church and the bridge was a bar (in a pedestrian precinct) which was still serving when I called it a night at two or three in the morning.