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  1. Another 1000 tickets for the Slovakia v England game go on sale later this week
  2. No, it's not that bad!
  3. The slow trains are a free for all with no reservations, and the fast ones have seat reservations. Shouldn't be too bad on a Tuesday afternoon though.
  4. the walk up price between Bratislava and Trnava is €2.18 each way with Slovak Rail (and slightly more with RegioJet) Either way, it's probably easier to just buy tickets at the station
  5. AS is the main station, although 'Nove most' is closest to the old town.
  6. there are a limited seats available for 1 euro
  7. just under 10 euros each way if you buy on the day - and beers are 1.50 in the restaurant carriage (alternatively, it's 7.50 for the bus)
  8. They performed reasonably well in the Euros, and optimism is quite high. They'll obviously see the England game as an exciting match, but they'll see us as a good chance to beat one of their closest rivals.
  9. Both recent games they've played in Trnava have pretty much sold out. And they were friendlies.
  10. Sporting bought him from Dundee United, for around 3 million I think
  11. I play football next to the Lindner. It's a decent area, with several excellent pubs and restaurants. Also only 20 mins by bus from the airport, and 5 mins to both the train station and centre.
  12. Hi Wubbs


    hope you can help, do you know the Hotel Victor in Bratislava?

    8 of us staying there 





  13. I went to Chisinau last year - not the most touristy place, but has an interesting mix of architectural styles, and more than enough to keep you occupied for a short time. There are wine cellers in Cricova to the north of the city, which may be an interesting day trip if you can get it organised. Following on from Wanderer's suggestion, I also went to Tiraspol, which was definitely worth the effort. Used this company for a couple of their tours, and they were excellent - http://transnistria-tour.com/en/. There are all sorts of warnings not to go, but I had no problems at all, and the people were very friendly.
  14. I've not stayed in that hotel, but had beer and food in their microbrewery (which is excellent). Cracking view of the castle too.
  15. Went there prior to Georgia game last year. I wrote a quick summary of Yerevan, and also of half-day trips to Khor Virap, Garni temple and Geghard monastery. Our hostel arranged a taxi to take us around - was pretty cheap. You probably want to check out Envoy Hostel who run various trips day and multi day trips around Armenia - we did the walking tour in Yerevan and it was excellent. If you need any more info then let me know. Enjoy