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  1. I'm still waiting on the ombudsman to get back to me! Due a reply by next week. Am just sending them a message to advise that someone else on the flight has now been paid out!
  2. Interesting! It's Lynda who's dealing with mine too. Daresay they'll give the same response to my file as they did to yours.
  3. Aye that's the bog standard response I got the first time. The person doing it clear hasn't proof read what they copied and pasted into it. "Unsafety weather conditions"! I replied through the website to ask what weather issues there were. That's when then said the considered the case closed and to contact the ombudsman if unhappy.
  4. It's a shame we can't get cash back for the beer... especially at £5 a pint Got two pints and two shots of some crazy spirit outside the ground for €2.50!
  5. Interesting! I just had replies from customer service when resolver done my stuff, indot. Know if they manage to by pass some stuff? The ombudsman replied to me yesterday to say that they are going to be contacting Ryanair with all my details. The expected reply date is by 2nd November. All Ive asked for is a reasonable response in regards to what actual weather issues there were to cause the delay, and if there were none, the compensation we are due. Here's hoping! Might go someway to paying for the bar bill at Stansted as well as for the bus we missed and the extra taxis and buses we had to pay for.
  6. Thanks for the info! Will get on that pronto!
  7. The folk who have got compensation is for a different flight unfortunately. I've had a further reply saying they won't give me any further details and to contact the ombudsman. Will do. At it!!
  8. They are still being wide with me. They've closed my case with no actual explanation of what caused the delay. So I'm going to escalate when resolver lets me tomorrow! If there is a legitimate weather reason, fair enough, but to or explain the reason. Chancers!
  9. Had my email confirmation at 1219, was queuing from 1137.
  10. Nah, Gothenburg was delayed to around the same time as us. The one with the rammy was a Cairo flight I believe. There were three young girls giving the staff absolute dogs abuse. One of the guys from the tarmac came in and told them they were out of line. Before they were let on the plane the mouthiest one came into apologise. Nutters. Folk forget these guys are just at their work!
  11. As soon as we seen the delays mounting up we headed to the bar. Didn't see the point of staying at the gate. I used Resolver via MSE as well, funnily enough after I got the bad weather reply, I can't now send a further email to Ryanair. It's an automated thing saying no reply will be received on this address. I'm pretty determined to peruse it for at least an answer to what the weather issue was. Got an absolutely bog standard response from them. No other plane seemed to be delayed apart from us and Gothenburg, which is making me think the only weather related explanation must be due where they came from?
  12. Hello, we were among the bunch with a 3.5 hour delay at Stansted on 11/10 trying to get to Bratislava. I've written to Ryanair who are claimming bad weather was the reason for the delay. On the day, I heard several people say ground crew had told them that the plane had went to Luton by mistake. Did anyone get names etc of people that told them this? Funnily enough bad weather is one of the reasons that they can deny us all €400 a pop compensation. There was a flight to Gothenburg delayed too, everything else was on time. I'm asking for further info regarding the supposed bad weather. Any info anyone has about what ground crew or flight crew said would be massively helpful! Thanks!