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  1. airport to stadium

    Looked at that flight but thought it was cutting it too fine.
  2. 1,200

    Just bought Italy and France tickets. Was pleasantly surprised to see the £16 tickets weren't sold out.
  3. Snodgrass

    I think we are kidding ourselves if we think the Scottish Premiership is better than the English Championship now. I hate saying it too but that is the reality.
  4. Windows 10

    Eventually upgraded from Windows 8 a couple of months ago and haven't had any problems so far. It probably depends what you use your PC for (don't do much gaming) but I think it's pretty good.
  5. Hospitality for Scotland game

    I've not done it for a Scotland game but I have done it at Hampden and a couple other stadiums as a neutral fan and have always enjoyed my day. If I had the money it's something I would do more regularly.
  6. Alan Hutton

    I think I'd have a complete lack of interest too playing in that Villa team. Having to endure 90 minutes of defending every week can't be enjoyable.
  7. Denmark Match Programme

    I collect all the programmes from games I've been to and if it weren't for that I would not be paying. There isn't even a lot of content to make it worth the money, every second page an advert or big photograph. Pretty disappointed as Qatar was back to usual £3.
  8. Germany v England

    I'd blame the England defence for the first goal, not the keeper. Player ran from the halfway line and allowed to shoot 20 yards from goal without being closed down. Germany poor second half. Two quality goals from England has to be said.
  9. Did I hear a new song ?

    Same words just different tune
  10. Did I hear a new song ?

    Although quite amusing the "new" song is just a combination of Everywhere We Go and We'll be Coming .
  11. The 0 Pointer

    Yeah as above, 1st come 1st serve
  12. The 0 Pointer

    There are no longer any ballots
  13. The 0 Pointer

    10 points and never been to a game? I find that hard to believe. What a sad life if someone is willing to spend hundreds of £pounds on tickets just for "points".
  14. The Two Squads

    You could argue uncapped 22 year old Tony Watt deserves more of a chance to prove himself for Scotland than 29 year old Ross McCormack with 11 caps and previous call ups.
  15. Denmark Friendly £15

    I didnt get charged a booking fee