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  1. Now I remember why I don't post or read this forum anymore. I'm all for debate but personal insults are low and uncalled for. Won't be coming back.
  2. You think Italy play 3 at the back because it is their weakest position?
  3. They all play at a higher level than our first choice centre halfs but no point in arguing, it's all Strachan's fault.....
  4. Somebody said Scott Brown is arguably to blame for the failure of the campign. If that's not pointing the finger I dont know what is. If Gordon Strachan is to blame for the failure of this campaign who is to blame for the last 20 years of failed campaigns.
  5. Our back four is not good enough at the moment. Our holding midfielder is expected to do too much over the course of the game to protect them. Scott Brown did a lot more good than bad over the campaign and to point the finger at him seems incredibly harsh in my opinion. But this is a thread about the manager not Scott Brown. People are unhappy with the manager's selection but until we get better quality at the back I see no real alternatives that would do any better at the moment.
  6. Don't recall that being the problem that night. A lack of creativity and movement in the final 3rd, yes. Georgia game alone didn't cost us the campaign, poor defending across the campaign cost us in the end. If you think Scott Brown is our problem, I think many fans and people involved in football would disagree.
  7. What has a holding midfielder got to do with how we defend a set piece? Still no suggestions....
  8. People always seem unhappy about Strachan selections but I see no suggestions forthcoming about replacement defenders, which is where a lot of our problem lies. Hopefully a defensive minded coach to replace McCall might make a slight difference.
  9. Well put.
  10. That video is an absolute classic
  11. I'm an SNP voter but I am becoming more disillusioned by them all the time. I am also pro Yes.
  12. There seems to be this assumption that Yes voters were Remain and No voters were Leave but is there evidence of this? Turnout was different to the independence referendum also. There is nothing to convince me that Scotland would vote Yes in the immediate future.
  13. Is a Scottish Leave vote so unlikely? It's assumed it will be the Scottish vote that helps keep the UK in but interesting if that's not the case.
  14. I'd argue numbers from both sides are forecasts and not fact. Remain has its fair share of untrustworthy people.