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  1. Denmark ticket prices

    £10 for a football match is a good deal.
  2. Ticket Allocation?

    I'm not so convinced this game will be open to all members. It's not a big stadium and out of the three upcoming away games this will be the most popular choice to go to. With France hosting the Euros I would be very surprised if the home end doesn't sell out quickly.
  3. Ssc Renewal Information

    I think there's a chance members will be offered two tickets like season ticket holders were last campaign.
  4. Ssc Renewal Information

    I would be surprised is there is a public sale for the England game even if membership is only 20,000.
  5. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Prices not great for a day trip, is a charter out the question?
  6. Car Roof Boxes

    You'll need specific roofbars that fit to the rails of your car, Thule usually a pretty good make. Once you have them you should be able to pick any roofbox. Only thing to consider regards the box might be the size to the size of car your driving, which is common sense really.
  7. Prices For Next Campaign

    It might be my ignorance but I don't totally buy the comparison to other countries. Germany supposedly one of the best but was it not £30 - £40 a ticket for the away game last year? Not sure how easy it would be to set up but free transport on the day of the game with your match ticket would be a good route for SFA to go down.
  8. Prices For Next Campaign

    I think some are out of touch with the price of football nowadays. Is it not about £22 - £27 to see a second tier Scottish football game these days? The prices seem very reasonable to see the national team.
  9. Ticket Prices Are Out

    Good pricing from SFA
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    I still think Darren Fletcher is our best available player and probably should have been more involved last campaign.
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    I agree with this. The Faroe Islands took 6 points off Greece. That's the equivalent of Gibraltar beating Germany twice in our group - was never going to happen. Unfortunately, with only 7 or 8 games a year, international football is really all about results. More so than club football. Our performance levels are much better in general and we score more goals. Off the top of my head, was Georgia away the only game we failed to score in? If we can stop giving away the cheap goals I think we're on the right path, which is something that can be fixed.
  12. Venue Confirmed

    Yes remembered that one after I posted. Think that was an unusual situation as the stadium only held about 5,000 capacity? I would be surprised if much more than 2,000 travel to this game and would expect everyone to get a ticket.
  13. Venue Confirmed

    Everyone will get a ticket. Has there ever been a friendly where this hasn't been the case?
  14. Metz A No Go

    Sit at home if you want but I'd rather go over there and beat the host nation on their own turf.
  15. Scotland Players In Action

    Any update on Darren Fletcher injury at the weekend? Morrison expected to be out for a couple of months.