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  1. Trains

    Sent you a message & will send it this evening.
  2. Trains

    I'm on that train out, 11:57 back on Sunday
  3. Trains

  4. Trains

    Thanks. Iwas wanting to know how frequent & the cost of the CDG to Nord de Garde/Est trains.
  5. Trains

    Yes that's what I want to do but get quoted silly times to get there & high prices. Do you know how frequent they are, how long they take & howmuch they are?
  6. Trains

    l've been looking at the SNCF website for trains from Paris CDG to Metz & back. It looks like it works out cheaper to get a train to one of the central Paris railway stations then to Metz from there. I've been trying to find out how frequent the trains are from the airport to central Paris & how much they are but getting quoted circa £50 prices via Lille etc. Can't be right, can anybody that'slooked let me know how to look this up.
  7. Leeds Bradford to Paris CDG

    Is anyone on the flight from Leeds Bradford to Paris CDG that departs at 13.35 on Friday 3rd? Wanting to know if anyone is wanting to share transport before I get a train ticket.
  8. SSC Customer Service (Non Existant?)

    I contacted the SSC a couple of times yesterday regarding the system just showing Home tickets not available when I tried to get my France ticket. They responded both times & on the second time they gave me a number to ring as I couldn't get one online. Fortunately I managed to get one in the mean time but I was pleased with their efforts to help me when they probably had a lot getting in touch with the same problem.
  9. 1,200

    Just keep getting message 'home matches' how does everyone know they've sold out?
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    ps the Hull 3 have played a lot more times for Scotland than the United 2, still trying to get my head round the fact that they're Scotland players now!
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    I was just referring to the Hull 3 as I see the United 2 every week.
  12. Scotland Players In Action

    Been to Hull with Leeds United with the bonus of seeing 3 Scotland players in action. Good result for United and an assist for Snoddy and a penalty save from McGregor.
  13. michael owen

    One of the biggest mercenaries in football, all about money for him.
  14. Liam Bridcutt

    He's one of our better players at the moment but that's out of a very poor bunch. He's not madeatackle like that since he's been at Elland Road. He wasprobably over keen to get himself noticed & picked again.
  15. TAMB Facebook Page