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  1. Lee Clark is a total idiot & a useless manager, I feel sorry for Kilmarnock getting lumbered with him.
  2. I think that is just seeing clubs with a much smaller fan base doing well. There's very few supporters that think we have a chance of going up this season as we're far too inconsistent. There has been an improvement with Steve Evans as before him we were consistently rubbish. Cellino managed to fool some supporters but it's very much the minority now because of the problems he causes. Most of us would be delighted if the Football League banned him now but we can't rely on them to do the right thing with Shaun Harvey at the helm.
  3. Every time things look like they're settling down he has to do something to upset the apple cart. An attention seeking lunatic who can't bear to be out of the limelight.
  4. Polish Fans

  5. Disciplinary Proceedings Opened Up

    Is that all doubt you'd have said that if you'd had one thrown at you stood at a bus stop!
  6. Flares?

    I think one of the reasons they out sang us was because they have such loud voices!
  7. Flares?

    We had a flare thrown at us when we were waiting for the bus into town after the game. There was trouble on the bus, a Polish fan attacked a Scottish lad. The bus was stopped and medics came on to see to him. There was a horrible contingent among the Polish fans yesterday.
  8. That sounds like a good idea, thanks
  9. If it was just me I would but one of my pals is a 66 year old who's not a good walker so it's not an option unfortunately.
  10. The queues to get the train back to the centre of Glasgow from Mount Florida seem to get longer every time. Can anyone suggest alternative ways of getting back after a match at Hampden?
  11. Well I'd never have guessed