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  1. The White House hotel, Watford
  2. Agree
  3. Ross must be the richest player to have only played in the English football league.
  4. I need a bus from Qawra if there is still a seat free?
  5. I enjoyed Kaunas in 2010, the ground was a dump though.
  6. I contacted the SSC a couple of times yesterday regarding the system just showing Home tickets not available when I tried to get my France ticket. They responded both times & on the second time they gave me a number to ring as I couldn't get one online. Fortunately I managed to get one in the mean time but I was pleased with their efforts to help me when they probably had a lot getting in touch with the same problem.
  7. ps the Hull 3 have played a lot more times for Scotland than the United 2, still trying to get my head round the fact that they're Scotland players now!
  8. I was just referring to the Hull 3 as I see the United 2 every week.
  9. Been to Hull with Leeds United with the bonus of seeing 3 Scotland players in action. Good result for United and an assist for Snoddy and a penalty save from McGregor.
  10. One of the biggest mercenaries in football, all about money for him.
  11. He's one of our better players at the moment but that's out of a very poor bunch. He's not made a tackle like that since he's been at Elland Road. He was probably over keen to get himself noticed & picked again.
  12. This
  13. This. It does seem that a lot more are turning against religion as if you actually think about it there's no sense in any of it. Unfortunately Muslims are not allowed to think like that as the consequences would be too dire.
  14. Must my bad memory then as I don't remember that, I probably wasn't aware of him at that time.
  15. If Fulham are relegated there's no way that Ross will be there next season & I doubt if he will be even if they stay up.