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  1. Proposed French Rail Strike

  2. Bugibba / Qawra / St Pauls To Ta'qali Stadium Bus Transfers

    I need a bus from Qawra if there is still a seat free?
  3. Proposed French Rail Strike

    I just replied to the email they sent me which had the train details on. I got there ok so it was just the return train that was cancelled. I just said that the train was cancelled due to industrial action & I had to make alternative arrangements. They just sent me an email back saying that they are going to refund the 62 euros that train cost me.
  4. Proposed French Rail Strike

    I was booked on the 11.57 from Metz to Paris Est on Sunday 5th. When I got to the station I found out it had been cancelled due to the strike. After speaking to various people & fretting how I was going to get home if I missed my flight I was given alternative travel that would get me to CDG in time for my flight. As alternative transport had been provided for me I didn't think of trying to get a refund until I saw the messages on here. I sent an email to Go Euro who I booked with yesterday & got a reply today saying they will be refunding me the 62 euro's that it cost. Thanks to all on here that messaged about it & made an expensive trip a wee bit cheaper.
  5. Kanous Or Villnias ?

    I enjoyed Kaunas in 2010, the ground was a dump though.
  6. Proposed French Rail Strike

    I felt like this too with travelling alone.
  7. Proposed French Rail Strike

    Great just got to hope there's no flight delays now!
  8. Proposed French Rail Strike

    Thanks for that any reassurance welcome.
  9. Proposed French Rail Strike

    Booked on the 17.40 train & the 23.00 megabus as back up. Not good being a woman travelling alone in these circumstances will just have to hope for the best.
  10. Proposed French Rail Strike

    Just booked on Megabus for back up as I was getting worried with travelling alone.
  11. Trains

    Sent you a message & will send it this evening.
  12. Trains

    I'm on that train out, 11:57 back on Sunday
  13. Trains

  14. Trains

    Thanks. Iwas wanting to know how frequent & the cost of the CDG to Nord de Garde/Est trains.
  15. Trains

    Yes that's what I want to do but get quoted silly times to get there & high prices. Do you know how frequent they are, how long they take & howmuch they are?