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  1. More likely the winner FOR Astana!
  2. No, he's an 18 year old German-Iranian.
  3. Got to think the Tour De France in Paris on Sunday will be a major target?
  4. Euros Betting

    £360 in profit for the whole tournament.
  5. Portugal v France

    Are Man Utd seriously going to pay £100 million for Pogba?!!!
  6. Golfers Forum.

    Just spent the last 4 days marshalling at the Scottish Open, saw some great golf and it was good too see the pros struggle in the wind on a couple of the days. Managed to upset one of the golfers after finding his ball after he'd given up and had gone back towards his provisional, (it was in the middle of a gorse bush though).
  7. Euros Betting

    Was looking for odds on a Pepe red card but couldn't find it on 365.
  8. Euros Betting

    Was hoping for the Bet365 risk free bet for tonight but doesn't look likely.
  9. On Moray Firth Radio yesterday they were talking about Moray (admittedly a wee bit north of Aberdeen) were going to be accepting teachers who were doing there training online. The school authority said this was best as it would allow those who couldn't afford to leave their current jobs to do the training while they still worked.
  10. Euros Betting

    £383 in profit so far during Euro's. A successful couple of days, put a tenner on each 1/4 final going to penalties, "knew" at least one would which would cover the other ones if they lost. Used Bet365 risk free bet for both teams scoring in first half, £225 profit on that. Starting to enjoy this tournament!
  11. Euros Betting

    My Euro '16 account is looking considerably better now! £10 on an Iceland win @ 8/1
  12. Group D Finale

    Yes, changed at start of the month. New rules here
  13. Group B finale

    They've been given a fine and banned from selling tickets to known hooligans!
  14. Group B finale

    Slight tangent for the thread, but why haven't Croatia been put on a warning about being kicked out of the tournament? Is it because they know fine well there will be something happening at their final group game and don't want to actually have to kick them out?