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  1. Anyone work for Sky

    Surely that would only be the case if it was in a communal area?
  2. Hi Davey, yeah the return of St Duthus is hopefully underway. You from the Tain area? 4 of us had a meeting last week, currently just trying to raise some awareness and see if there's enough interest from potential committee members. North Caley football in the town is long overdue! https://www.facebook.com/StDuthusFC  
  3. Looking to get some customised scarves made, initially a small amount for some PR work (starting / resurrecting a football club). Does anyone know a company you can recommend that's not too expensive?
  4. Denmark ticket prices

    Managed to get my work to book me on a course in Glasgow for the week of this match, what a coincidence!!
  5. It was also in the days before social media (or before it was so popular anyway).
  6. You were the first person to mention it!
  7. Just got to keep track of once you go past every 2nd camera you can boot it until the next one.
  8. My nephew has got several foreign teams jerseys but also almost every Ross County strip and t-shirt going, I presume quite a lot of kids will be similar so you can't judge it all on seeing kids wearing Chelsea, Barca etc. And what's the issue with people only supporting Scotland?
  9. Even worse when some twat goes through the entire length of the roadworks at less than 30 (40 mph limit isn't it?).
  10. I reckon they made my last journey up the road half an hour longer at least. No traffic on the road but having to sit at the speed limit, what's the point in that?!!
  11. ECA senior vice-chairman Umberto Gandini said "It may be just a slight change to the access list, it may be many aspects of the competition that can be reviewed and adjusted." Access list?!!! ECA chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has previously discussed "a tournament consisting of 20 teams from Italy, England, Spain, Germany and France" The ECA represents more than 200 clubs, including all the biggest ones such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Chelsea. There have been suggestions that these clubs should get direct entry into Europe's elite club football tournament, rather than through their domestic league position the previous season. Rummenigge, who is chief executive of Bayern Munich, told a German newspaper last month: "A super league outside of the Champions League is being born. It will either be led by Uefa or by a separate entity, because there is a limit to how much money can be made."
  12. Managed to get 100% tax back 2/3 times, great feeling when taxman send you a cheque!
  13. Today's Games

    And your point is? Maybe your players should be quicker.
  14. Vardy signing 3-0 to the City fans, that'd get you a booking by some refs!