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  1. Coupon

    If you're going for "the usual", rather than BTTS 1st half No, go for less than 1.5 goals. Better odds.
  2. Coupon

    Bet365 risk free bet offer is back for Champions League final tonight.
  3. Best to speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau.
  4. Golfers Forum.

    Castle Stuart was amazing yesterday. As you'd expect with the Scottish Open their shortly it is in great condition. Course wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, only lost 2 balls so happy with that!!
  5. Golfers Forum.

    Well that lesson was money well spent (well I got it for a present but still!). by far and away my best round ever. Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and I'll get a few more low scores.
  6. Golfers Forum.

    Had a lesson a couple of days ago. Near the end of the lesson took the driver out, immediately he told me my shoulders were out of line. I then proceeded to hit the straightest drives I've ever hit in my life! Looking forward to trying it on the course tomorrow, and then Castle Stuart on Thursday.
  7. My pal a United fan (does some Arab Archive web-site) and it was someone who has a regular input to the programmes that told him. 2 of them ain't happy about it.
  8. How low down the divisions do teams still do match programmes? Heard last night that Dundee United won't be doing any next season.
  9. I thought the stadium would be searched and cleared before every match, surely it should've been found then?
  10. Yeah but that's why all Invergordon teams are shit!
  11. Why does he think the MSM should publish his blog, sorry report?
  12. Playoff System

    No, Hibs play Raith, then Falkirk play Raith!
  13. There's a petition to get them grounded for good! https://www.change.org/p/civil-aviation-authority-remove-the-airbus-225-super-puma-from-service?tk=68lY2Pa1OF0lAqvxb1AFclzmUSPkpJk8MUN0oJEeYXs&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&utm_campaign=new_signature
  14. Maersk Oil now suspended all EC225 flights. I suspect this might be the end for Super Puma flights in the North Sea.
  15. We sometimes get the AW139, though it's mainly used for shuttling between platforms. It can only carry 12 pax at a time but quite nice to fly in.