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  1. Enjoy, course is playing well at the moment. Where are you staying? Tain's not exactly a hive of activity on a Sunday night!!
  2. Whilst it wouldn't surprise me. They say current and "recent" premiership managers. Don't think Souness could be classed as a recent premiership manager.
  3. Played in my first "friendly" competition on Saturday. It was a fundraiser day to celebrate the Course Manager at Tain CG working at the course for 40 years. Had a bit of a disaster but still enjoyed it. Front 9 was stableford and wasn't able to get out of the bunker on 2nd!! Back 9 was a Texas Scramble, out while team started of the 10th by putting all our balls in the bushes!!😂
  4. Sky reporting he's "facing the sack".
  5. They say "British" football, I presume the Welsh clubs playing in England may be involved? Dont think the telegraph would care about any Scottish football to even bother looking!
  6. 3/1 for a penalty to be awarded, easy money!!😂
  7. The Royal British Legion, which is hosting the service, said: “Silence in the Square will feature an hour of music and readings of reflection in the lead-up to the two-minute silence at 11am Apparently they want Scotland fans to stay away (unless your going to join in the rememberance obviously) and are trying to think of somewhere else they can try and get the TA to go instead!
  8. Surprise surprise, this is resurfacing again!! http://www.skysports.com/share/10578242
  9. Nah, they do it all away from the ground! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/watch-manchester-united-manchester-city-8813050.amp?client=safari
  10. Yes. As I said, I am able to connect two other devices no problem so it's not a fault on the PC (I don't think anyway!). When I plug the phone it a pop up ask me if I want to allow the computer access...... But it's not the 'normal' do you trust...... That happens for the other devices.
  11. Any iTunes experts here? When I plug my iPhone into the computer, the computer recognises it but it doesn't appear in iTunes. My iPad, and wife's iPhone connects no problem but for some reason mine won't! It is already updated with latest software.
  12. "the referee will only start a live match with the floor manager’s approval"!!!!
  13. He's already said he wouldn't pick himself (if it was him picking)!
  14. They behead first kill second?
  15. 543 million invested 2013-17 in UK Sport to achieve World class success the these type of events, I make that a a tad under 25 million pound per gold medal! http://www.uksport.gov.uk/our-work/investing-in-sport/how-uk-sport-funding-works