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  1. Tain Golf Club are having a par 3 competition on 18th June. All holes will use the proper greens played from temporary tee's. Theres some great prizes for holes in one, £10 entry for members and visitors. There will also be other fundraising activities at the club throughout the day. https://www.facebook.com/TainGolfClub/
  2. I believe it's just been given a late license (3am) by the council for weekends.
  3. Was Buckie not the only team to vote against the pyramid system?
  4. Ilie Nastase is making an arse of himself the last few days, can see him getting in a bit of trouble. During an interview when a player was being asked about Serenas pregnancy he was overheard saying "Let's see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?" And now he was chucked out of the Romania v GB match for arguing with the umpire and calling a UK player and captain bitches.
  5. I work with a lot of Dutch, it's amazing the amount of them that are openly racist.
  6. PM me the details and I'll ask around.
  7. Just make sure Craighill wins!
  8. Not sure what stage but says this on BBC Only one Champions League tie has seen a greater margin of victory for a team - Bayern Munich v Sporting Lisbon (12-1, 2009). edit, just checked, that was last 16 also.
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a good quality one off football match pennant made?
  10. Well my taxi driver from Westhill to the airport this morning is very much against the stadium plans! (Are all aberdeen taxi drivers moaning bastards?!)
  11. Looks like Loopallu could be coming to an end too.
  12. Aye that's what I read on here, but nothing from the 'organisers'.
  13. When should we expect the weekly updates in the build up to start? We were told earlier on the thread that Sportsters is closed for refurbishment until next year but we haven't been told anything different about tomorrow!
  14. Unlikely I know but, Local football team I'm involved with are having a Texas Scramble at Tain Golf Club to raise funds for the team on Sunday. There's still some tee-times available if there's anyone looking for a cheap round on a great course. http://www.stduthusfc.co.uk/news_article.php?id=64
  15. How long have you known that the train was going to be cancelled?