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  1. Playoff System

    No, Hibs play Raith, then Falkirk play Raith!
  2. There's a petition to get them grounded for good! https://www.change.org/p/civil-aviation-authority-remove-the-airbus-225-super-puma-from-service?tk=68lY2Pa1OF0lAqvxb1AFclzmUSPkpJk8MUN0oJEeYXs&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&utm_campaign=new_signature
  3. Maersk Oil now suspended all EC225 flights. I suspect this might be the end for Super Puma flights in the North Sea.
  4. We sometimes get the AW139, though it's mainly used for shuttling between platforms. It can only carry 12 pax at a time but quite nice to fly in.
  5. UK Civil Aviation Authority have grounded them all in UK.
  6. Same type of chopper that has gone down in UK previously. Statoil (whos platform it was returning from) and BP have both grounded all of these types from flying to their platforms. Same type that I fly in so waiting to see what our operator (Danish sector) does!
  7. Coupon

    Only an £11 profit for me, better than a kick in the balls I suppose!
  8. £2.5 million per season to play 25 games, if more than 25 games cost will go up. First £4m of stadium naming rights goes to LLDC then split 50:50 after that. Plus we already know that Weat Ham aren't paying staffing costs for turnstiles etc.
  9. You don't care so much about it that you start a thread talking about it!
  10. Are all football agents pricks, or is Yaya Toures worse than most? Or is it just that he's always in the press at the moment?
  11. The Masters

    Am I the only one annoyed with the commentators referring to the spectators as patrons?
  12. And why should your next door neighbour (or anyone else) know what you earn?
  13. Stubbs Out!

    But surely if you pull of a Scottish Cup win then he should be given another year?
  14. Coupon

    Bet365 doing the risk free bet offer in PSG v Man City tonight.
  15. Inverness Thistle

    Playing in Inverness & District Amateur League