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  1. "the referee will only start a live match with the floor manager’s approval"!!!!
  2. He's already said he wouldn't pick himself (if it was him picking)!
  3. They behead first kill second?
  4. 543 million invested 2013-17 in UK Sport to achieve World class success the these type of events, I make that a a tad under 25 million pound per gold medal! http://www.uksport.gov.uk/our-work/investing-in-sport/how-uk-sport-funding-works
  5. Maybe it's already been mentioned but Baseball, Skateboarding, Surfing, Karate and Sports climbing(???) have been added to the list for Tokyo 2020 Bowls and squash were on the shortlist.
  6. That would guarantee an early goal if I waited 2 minutes never mind 5!
  7. That's the bet I used! "Only" 10/3 for it though, still more than doubled my money so won't complain too much.
  8. Bet365 doing risk free bet offer on the Liverpool v Arsenal match tomorrow.
  9. Coral giving odds of 50/1 on Man City to beat Sunderland. New customers only, and £1 max. Should give you a good pot to start the season!
  10. More likely the winner FOR Astana!
  11. No, he's an 18 year old German-Iranian.
  12. Got to think the Tour De France in Paris on Sunday will be a major target?
  13. £360 in profit for the whole tournament.
  14. Are Man Utd seriously going to pay £100 million for Pogba?!!!
  15. Just spent the last 4 days marshalling at the Scottish Open, saw some great golf and it was good too see the pros struggle in the wind on a couple of the days. Managed to upset one of the golfers after finding his ball after he'd given up and had gone back towards his provisional, (it was in the middle of a gorse bush though).