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  1. Got £63 back for a £2 double BBTS on Skybet. Walses to Win and England draw. Going for Poland tonight with N Ireland getting a goal of a start at 2/1
  2. As there are 9 SPFL teams not in Europe, one of the groups will have two SPFL teams.
  3. Im on the same flight on the way back
  4. What about buying a nearly new car. Motorpoint generally do a very good deal with big discounts over buying brand new
  5. Motherwell 4 Accies 0 50/1 with Sybet
  6. I like the idea of them trying something different but if they regionalise it then Motherwell will get trips to Hamilton, Coatbridge and Airdrie.
  7. Get a direct flight to Dusseldorf and get the train to Dortmund.
  8. I remember going to Wembley for Euro 96 with Scotball. Three of us had been members of the travel club for a while but one had only been a member for a short while. Surprise surprise we all got official tickets from the SFA at the time.
  9. Motherwell 4/1 on the coupon. Thats woth a punt
  10. I doubt it. Just watch how many ex MPS now get jobs with the Scottish media. I would like to know how much the BBC pay for some of the chancers they had on TV on Thursday night
  11. I think Murphy is just buying enough time to get his magic pencil out to fill in his last expenses sheet before he goes
  12. Correct ! All momentum was lost playing him up front as the main striker. Unless the ball is passed to his feet or below head height he makes the token gesture. Motherwells tactics were a shambles. Well done to the Thistle manger for having a go in the second half. Thistle got the three points they deserved
  13. We went there after the last game with Motherwell. Thought it was abit of a dive.