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  1. On your phone while having a jobby? Eurgh.
  2. Either. Not fussed. Doubt I'll get any anyway, just changing my arm. Cheapest I saw were 60 for barras and 55 for abc. 20 face value, I think.
  3. Anyone got any spare tickets for Glasgow? Some on Stubhub for 50-odd quid but don't wanna see them that much.
  4. It's not a dilemma, there are four possible outcomes. A dilemma would be if there were just two. It would be a trilemma if there were three. Sorry, I don't know what the term is for four, I'm not a smartarse.
  5. Just resting in your account, Father?
  6. There was a track in the snow mentioned in this documentary. Apparently a place really inaccessible to humans. It was a Western mountaineer guy. He was interviewed and said he was a convert to idea yetis existed as it had to be a biped who made the tracks. However, a (relatively) local inhabitant was convinced they were snow leopard tracks. It was the fact that they were single file tracks as opposed to looking like two lines that led mountaineer to dismiss idea it was a snow leopard. But Tibetan guy was sure they were.
  7. Anyone see the Ch4 documentary - Yeti: Man, Myth or Beast, or something like that - that was on couple of weeks ago? Had taped it and just watched it there. So many locals convinced they'd seen one and it exists in folk legend almost everywhere across the Himalayas. Some samples of hair, feet etc had been collected by those who thought they'd seen it. All these came back as different species of bear - black bear and two different kinds of brown bear. So seems a bit of a dead end and disappointing result. BUT, and perhaps even more interestingly, a different hypothesis was proposed. The fact that belief in this is so widespread is perhaps due to folk memory of a different species of human existing until relatively recently. The Tibetans have a mutation that allows them to live at high altitudes with little oxygen. Turns out an extinct and little known sub-species of human - whose remains have been found in, I think, Siberia or somewhere also had the same gene mutation (Denisovans - had to look that up there). Plausible that they migrated to the Himalayas, inter-bred with humans on occasion but were generally feared as mountain dwellers. Over time they eventually became extinct but humans who had inherited this ability to live in high altitudes gradually replaced them in these areas and they lived on in folk memory as beasts to be feared. I find it quite convincing. According to DNA, they plausibly could have bred with humans as little as 7,000 years ago. Could folk memory last this long? Well, he gave as an example the existence of folk stories about little people in Indonesia that everyone thought were just stories. But remains were found of a tiny human species in Indonesia (you might remember, it was in the news ten years ago or so - Homo floresiensis - called the hobbit by the press) and it is dated to about 15,000 years, I think. So it is totally plausible that folk memory lasts as long. Also, folk tales of floods and other cataclysmic events that exist in many cultures are thought to come from memory of real events passed down over countless generations. Anyway, it would be sad if yetis don't exist, but the fact that creatures like that are remembered by societies of humans today is, for me, equally as exciting. Any alternative theories?
  8. What do you do for a living, Donny? Interesting places you get to (Doncaster excepted*). Any jobs going? * Comment for comedic purposes only, I have never actually been to Doncaster.
  9. Cheers Angus! Yeah, a setback like this just makes it all the sweeter when you finally triumph. Doing it for the hippo... The story of Walsall's friendly Hippo Ever since Walsall planners created a concrete homage to one of nature’s largest, ugliest and most bad-tempered mammals, the same question has crossed many a shopper's mind - why have we got a Hippo in our town centre? Walsall's concrete Hippopotamus statue has become a much-loved landmark that has attracted international attention. It even has its own internet fan-club. The Mills' hitch a ride Ridiculed by many when first unveiled in 1972, the statue's popularity has never been higher. Nearly two thousand people have joined a group on networking website facebook to post pictures and express their love for the motionless mammal that's behind so many happy memories. Group founder Heidi Ashley describes the webpage as for "anyone who ever sat on his back, played around him or chose him as a meeting place, or just damn well loves that funky hippo!"
  10. Aye, luckily I didn't go. Tried one and it wasn't on. Boooooo! Rubbish. Not insurmountable, though. Two quick goals then another two in second half.
  11. Was what I figured, didnt know if there'd be other games on at that time. Ta.
  12. At the risk of incurring wrath of those who say we shouldn't watch English football, anyone know any pubs in Glasgow or Ayrshire showing the Walsall playoff game tomorrow? Not sure if there're any other games on at same time (1730) that may clash but don't imagine there will be. Was planning on going to Killie (Brass n Granite?) but not 100% sure it'll be on. On that note, any Saddlers fans up here?! (For the record, I used to live down there and spent a time going to Molineux to follow Wolves but lived latterly in Walsall and have good friends who're Walsall fans so have a soft spot for them. Great to see them doing so well, missed out on auto promotion by a point). For those who don't give a hoot, no need for sarky comments.
  13. Huddersfield, brilliant mate! Good luck to you. I'm 43 and desperate to do something similar but don't have the baws to do so. Hope it's the best thing you ever did. Flora, out of interest, what's the job you do? And how did you get it?