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  1. Killie Vs Rangers

    Good stuff, Haggis, if indeed that is YOUR real name.
  2. Killie Vs Rangers

    What, cos you're a cock?
  3. Oh, and before you say I typed that and didn't "say" it, I actually did say it out loud as I typed.
  4. Aye, but it's also written like that, using that spelling. That's all I said.
  5. Programme is written like this, lazy khunts.
  6. Indeed. Unionist politicians and wanky unionist phrases seem to go hand in hand. Strong shoulders; what the separatists want; Alex Salmond would have you believe, etc etc.
  7. Cool, no worries. Back on topic, Cameron's "let's be clear about this" or "let's be absolutely clear on this", before he says anything. Basically saying he's right, every other opinion is wrong. If we have another opinion it's cos we don't understand what he does. To be honest, loads of politicians do it, but cameron says it all the bloody time.
  8. ..or knowledge. What's wrong with what he said?
  9. Hi, Anyone got, or know of, an agent who works with screenplays and is looking for new clients? I was thinking one of our more literary inclined TAMBers may have some contacts. DII
  10. Tortoise

    Terry Fenwick could.
  11. Tortoise

    Sure I've heard Porpiss from our southern friends. No idea how they get that pronunciation. As Huddersfield says, I don't think Northerners say that, think they're good porpoys folk, through and through.
  12. Yeah, really weird.
  13. Tortoise

    Ha-ha, yeah that's another one. I was watching Only connect recently and they had things that were supposed homonyms and they sounded totally nothing like each other as we would pronounce them. Was similar to saw and door example.