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  1. Saddlers

    Cheers Angus! Yeah, a setback like this just makes it all the sweeter when you finally triumph. Doing it for the hippo... The story of Walsall's friendly Hippo Ever since Walsall planners created a concrete homage to one of nature’s largest, ugliest and most bad-tempered mammals, the same question has crossed many a shopper's mind - why have we got a Hippo in our town centre? Walsall's concrete Hippopotamus statue has become a much-loved landmark that has attracted international attention. It even has its own internet fan-club. The Mills' hitch a ride Ridiculed by many when first unveiled in 1972, the statue's popularity has never been higher. Nearly two thousand people have joined a group on networking website facebook to post pictures and express their love for the motionless mammal that's behind so many happy memories. Group founder Heidi Ashley describes the webpage as for "anyone who ever sat on his back, played around him or chose him as a meeting place, or just damn well loves that funky hippo!"
  2. Saddlers

    Aye, luckily I didn't go. Tried one and it wasn't on. Boooooo! Rubbish. Not insurmountable, though. Two quick goals then another two in second half.
  3. Saddlers

    Was what I figured, didnt know if there'd be other games on at that time. Ta.
  4. At the risk of incurring wrath of those who say we shouldn't watch English football, anyone know any pubs in Glasgow or Ayrshire showing the Walsall playoff game tomorrow? Not sure if there're any other games on at same time (1730) that may clash but don't imagine there will be. Was planning on going to Killie (Brass n Granite?) but not 100% sure it'll be on. On that note, any Saddlers fans up here?! (For the record, I used to live down there and spent a time going to Molineux to follow Wolves but lived latterly in Walsall and have good friends who're Walsall fans so have a soft spot for them. Great to see them doing so well, missed out on auto promotion by a point). For those who don't give a hoot, no need for sarky comments.
  5. Huddersfield, brilliant mate! Good luck to you. I'm 43 and desperate to do something similar but don't have the baws to do so. Hope it's the best thing you ever did. Flora, out of interest, what's the job you do? And how did you get it?
  6. Killie Vs Rangers

    Good stuff, Haggis, if indeed that is YOUR real name.
  7. Killie Vs Rangers

    What, cos you're a cock?
  8. Oh, and before you say I typed that and didn't "say" it, I actually did say it out loud as I typed.
  9. Aye, but it's also written like that, using that spelling. That's all I said.
  10. Programme is written like this, lazy khunts.
  11. Indeed. Unionist politicians and wanky unionist phrases seem to go hand in hand. Strong shoulders; what the separatists want; Alex Salmond would have you believe, etc etc.
  12. Cool, no worries. Back on topic, Cameron's "let's be clear about this" or "let's be absolutely clear on this", before he says anything. Basically saying he's right, every other opinion is wrong. If we have another opinion it's cos we don't understand what he does. To be honest, loads of politicians do it, but cameron says it all the bloody time.