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  1. Yeah, fair enough. Just different in our house but yeah, understand it. We still went to all sorts of football together but never really went to see a particular team every week. Saturday was for playing football really. So when I say supported, I suppose followed is more accurate. Live in Kilmarnock now and intend to take my son to see his local team when he's old enough. They won't be my team as such but I hope we enjoyit together and if it becomes a thing for him, that'll be up to him. But yeah, I do get the father son support the same team thing. Just wasn't my experience.
  2. You think this strange? My old man has four boys, the five of us all support different teams. Healthy rivalry in the family helps with competitive edge and makes life more interesting. Never understood this, "my da' was a rangerz man so ah um too" attitude.
  3. While one can see satellites in the sky at night, it is generally agreed upon that they are not actual satellites but pseudolites or stratolites put there to fool us. crazy muthas
  4. Turning the Waverley into a blockade runner as we speak.
  5. Exact opposite experience with me. My mum received excellent care and attention when having regular dialysis for a few years. Once the disease which had ruined her kidney was fully out her system she was put on the transplant list. One came up, boom, in, op, out, new kidney. Evidently not everyone's experience but wanted to provide balance.
  6. What, gazillions?
  7. No. And some, like me, ARE critical about this. It's just an observation and probably a generalisation. I was just saying it's a shame tht some will jump on this just because, and some SNP supporters will defend it, just because.
  8. I disagree. What exactly is nonsense about it? I said that I think reactions to issues like this are getting increasingly polarised between the two main sides in Scottish politics. Comments from contributors on both sides, to me, bears this out.
  9. Not saying this should not be used as a stick with which to bash the SNP...should it be warranted. I'm not sure at the moment it is but that remains to be seen. I agree they need to kept on their toes, though, so it doesn't get any worse. I was just pointing out (probably needlessly) that it is just seen as another thing with which to attack them. Those doing the attacking are largely doing it cos they hate the SNP and it's one more reason.
  10. I think it's pretty clear this, like just about every other issue in Scotland these days, is split between those wishing a stick - any stick - to beat the SNP with and those who will blindly support them no matter what. It's a shame. I am a long-term independence supporter and I genuinely don't see anything changing that view. I also, more often than not, find myself agreeing largely with the SNP position. However, on this, I think there are real, serious problems with the whole issue of education in this country. This is not necessarily of the SNP's making but there should be scrutiny as to their response to it being brought up. For me, the fundamentals are not being taught properly - basic arithmetic, grammar and spelling. Primary teachers (generalisation here so apologies to those this doesn't apply to) often seem to be glorified nursery nurses, great with kids' needs on a social level, but I would argue perhaps not up to instilling good basic literary and numerical skills. So by the time kids get to secondary school they don't have these in place. When they come to doing their history, geography, science, whatever, they can't do so while getting their arguments across using good English skills. And too often, the teachers in these subjects won't (or can't) correct them. It's seen as an English Dept problem. My wife's a history teacher but is specifically told they can't mark down work for grammatical/spelling mistakes. I think that's wrong. When they go into workplace, an employer is looking for potential staff to be able to communicate well. Clients will be put off by poorly worded letters, etc. Anyway, that's what I think. Instil proper basic skills early.
  11. At lunchtime you have lunch, or if it's your main meal of the day, dinner. At teatime you have tea, or if it's your main meal of the day, dinner. Pure simple, man.
  12. Darren Fletcher very good. Morrison pretty quiet.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/kezdugdale/status/792434351879389184 Uh-oh.
  14. I was taken aback by the violence and not ashamed to admit it. And I've watched every episode so have seen some gory stuff. Had to walk to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Found it uncomfortableas the head bashing continued.