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  1. People are constantly moaning about games being pish on here! The first half of this game was really quite entertaining albeit defensively ropey. Its nowhere near Bayern v Juve last night in terms of technical ability but still been an OK watch.
  2. Surely such rules would make it more of a sham? It's for "best player" not "best player who isn't a team mate or countryman". As I pointed out, you can easily make a strong argument for Messi, Suarez and Neymar all voting for each other. A free vote is the fairest way surely?
  3. To be fair to Messi, his team won 4 out of 5 competitions they entered including the champions league and world championship (for whats its worth). So he could reasonably suggest that his best teammates are the best players in the world. If he was at say Man Utd and voting for his own team mates I'd see you point.
  4. Are sky clean? I'm not sure. I'm going along with it for now. It's a nice story to believe and I'm not going to be outraged if it turns out they are doping. I enjoy the tour for the spectacle of it, I don't really care who wins. Doping is endemic in cycling and there's a tendency (for me at least) to say, let them get on with it if they want, I just want to watch the race.
  5. Yep! I won a bottle of local rum on a holiday to Cuba, put it in my suitcase to take home, took me over the luggage limit and had to pay 30 quid. The 20 stone monster in front of me didn't with her 20kg case. Me (80kg) + luggage (24kg) = 104kg Her (127kg) + luggage (20kg) = 147kg Its a matter of time IMO but not sure how they will apply it.
  6. Yeh I was right on the age limit for the Navy, they had actually exempted me as I turned 27 in August and the intake was in September but I didn't want to spend 12 years wishing I was doing the job of the guy sitting next to me. I was pretty confident I'd get FJ in the Navy at the time (ie when they actually had any) but would have been happy in a Lynx or Merlin to be honest. I do like to moan but I was lucky enough to do a flying scholarship with Navy when I was 18 and they let me loose on a Sea King a couple years later for an hour so I done alright out of them. What could have been eh.
  7. I went through them with the navy and got all the way to being offered a place, as a navigator, which I politely declined. My aptitude scores were exceptional across the board (pilot, navigator, ATC) apparently but at 26 they had younger recruits who represented better value for money This was in Sept 2009, the defence review a month or so later meant I almost certainly would have lost the "job" anyway or ended up in a metal tube in the sub sea somewhere. Phew.
  8. Its plausibility though isn't it? You've undertaken the greatest ever conspiracy and created a mock terrorist attack or allowed one to happen; including rigging a load of skyscrapers for demolition and killing thousands of people. Then one Joe Bloggs finds a flight recorder and instead of just killing him along with the other 4 thousand odd you just say "you keep that to youresel pal, alright?" Don't think so.
  9. Surely the firefighter would have been disposed off to stop him blabbing if true? Find all this hard to believe
  10. I heard Douglas handled himself fairly comfortably against 3 of them.
  11. I was going to say to get the MagLev for a one off. Its only a 5er but is effectively a white elephant as there are only 2 stations; the airport and Pudong. So most people need a lengthy taxi once they get to Pudong anyway! Just watch out for scam taxis at the Pudong MagLev. Another thing, download "Hola" internet app for your phone before you go. Lets you go on the net and apps as if from UK or USA so you can get on Facebook and Twitter to criticise the Chinese government. Also if you want to use bet365 while there you'll need it. I know! Changed days though, is the Todd still open? A very happy memory for me there was 2 weeks before loan day and couldn't afford a night out, dropped the jackpot in the puggy and off to TFI we went. Apparently we had labs on a Friday, who knew!?
  12. No worries Another couple things. Taxis there are DIRT cheap, so take them everywhere and don't bother with busses or subway. The ride from airport is about 70 mis and will cost about a tenner! Only use white, green or blue taxis as these are licensed. Red and orange are not and will rip you off (at best). If you get into a licensed taxi and find it does't have a seatbelt, don't worry none of them do! If it starts raining taxis are VERY difficult to get. Try and find a korean BBQ restaurant, they are fantastic. If your in the area theres one in the mall right beside the Marriott Luwan in Puxi district.
  13. Was there 3 times in the last year. All with work so everything paid for. There are a number of good sports bars around town to watch every sport under the sun and all serve very tasty western food, in order of quality of bar: 1) Big Bamboo Pudong East (on Hongfeng road near loads of other western style pubs and bars) 2) The camel in Xuhui 3) Shanghai Brewery Hongmei 4) Others, The Shed, 2 other big bamboos etc .. The area with the Camel bar in Xuhui is good for going for beers, tree lined streets and lots of bars full of westerners and chinese alike. There are more westernised areas like Xian Tian Di where you can have a suitably more expensive beer. Id say a must is going for an afternoon drink at one of the rooftop bars at The Bund (riverside area), I'd recommend 3 on The Bund as its not too extortionate and you have the view across to the East side of the river (skyscraper side), go lae afternoon to see in daylight and then as the lights come on. Get over to the East of the river and there are loads of bars down by the waterfront, again pretty expensive, Pauliner bar, Hooters etc... If you like a food challenge Yasmines steak house do an insanely huge burger challenge and impossible steak challenge. More sensibly they also do 2 for 1 T-Bones on a Tuesday, its in Pudong on Biyun road (near Big Bamboo 1) and will be one of the best steaks in town for price v quality. You will need to go to the Fake Markets too. There are 2 main ones, one in Pudong at the Science and Technology Museum (actually inside the metro station for the museum) this is the best one in my opinion, acres of shops on one level. The second is in Nanjing Xi Lu - a 4 storey mall of copyright violation, dirtier and busier than the other one but selling the same gear. You can buy everything there. Literally. From "genuine" fakes where Chinese manufacturers have been licensed to make 500,000 watches or bags and they make double that and sell the rest on black market to the downright ridiculous (a Nokia 3230 with an "iPhone 7" badge). Its great fun going and bartering. My tips would be,d decide what you want and how much you want to pay, it is fake after all. They will start at an insanely high price, start at 10% and then aim for 20% of what they start at. Things I bought - Cashmere scarves £5, Michael Kors leather handbag -£19, Tag and Omega kinetic watches £30 each. Make sure you take loads of photos of the genuine article and inspect closely the fakes, some are perfect and some look good at a glance but are actually awful. Have fun! People are very friendly there! Try the pork brain and if someone offers you Chinese White Wine be aware this is more like vodka than Chablis!
  14. But you must make up for it with quantity awarded?
  15. Yeh they were certainly the better side but failed to really trouble Gordon. Think he made 2 pretty comfortable saves the entire game. The right winger looked decent but thought they lacked pace up front