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  1. Try not to talk complete shite and i won't have to be Well his formula has succeeded in making his "brand" toxic and unusable as a legitimate source. So I'd say that it's failing.
  2. Maybe but we've got folk saying they like his aggression. His aggression is a massive turn off to undecided voters. Yet here we have Yes voters saying they like it My approach would be not to abuse folk on twitter, not to make false claims in my articles and to not apportion blame to Liverpool fans for Hillsborough. Yet stops himself being a usable source in any discussion with undecided or soft No voters due to his behaviour. Him appealing to folk who already vote Yes is no use. His work has to appeal to folk who don't already vote Yes. They are the ones who need to be turned. It's all very well chastising the MSM and the folk who believe it. It's frustrating, i get that. However calling folk thick or giving them abuse is only going to entrench their opinion. I'm not saying that WoS would be better off not existing. He's done a lot of good work. However it is possible to do that work without being a total cock and undermining his own work due to that attitude. It's possible to engage in the discussion without making sly wee digs at me, just because i disagree with you
  3. Reading this thread, it's easy to see why Yes lost.
  4. The National is behind on the Scotsman as the most partisan publication on the market. A rag worthy only of ridicule.
  5. But he undermines his work by being an aggressive, abusive wh@nk.
  6. I'm not right wing, selfish, uninformed nor a Unionist and he pisses me off. Mainly because he's a total arsehole. Some top quality WoS arseholery here:
  7. Yup. The guy is a complete arsehole
  8. Nah, we're discussing the Scotland squad, that's the issue. The other poster was discussing someone who was discussing the issue.
  9. I accept what you're saying and agree with pretty much all of it. I just get frustrated by him as a lot of his work is so good and it's frustrating that he undermines it with all the other bullshit.
  10. His propensity to abuse folk on twitter at the drop of a hat makes it easy for folk to dismiss him as a cybernat/ twitter troll.etc. That's it, Lally, not Lafferty. Apologies. As i said, he could've put a good expose out there but ended up blowing it by putting something wrong out. Meaning the whole article could be dismissed and he could be branded a liar and someone who was just out to smear an "ordinary, working mum"
  11. The guy is a bampot. Undoes a lot of what could be good work by being abusive to folk. He's often also too quick to jump to conclusions on things and a couple of times has been incorrect after jumping in head first and has been shown up (the Lafferty woman one especially jumps to mind). Because of this, folk can dismiss the other work he does, which otherwise would be very useful. It's difficult to use WoS as a source in any proper discuss, due to the negativity that surrounds it. Which is entirely the fault of Stewart Campbell.
  12. I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people".
  13. I don't know what you know. All i can go on is what you say. You can have some bizarre go at me over you being wrong if you want though. I don't mind at all
  14. Well, it'd be if you were having a serious discussion on it, it'd be fairly easy for someone to question your knowledge of the standard of the football, given you didn't even know that the SPL stopped over 4 years ago.