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  1. IMO this is a very dangerous piece of legislation that'll lead to overworked public sector workers being forced to take on additional (and very important) work that they have no scope to do effectively. They'll then be made a scapegoat if they fail or overlook something and a child falls in to abuse. Thats before we even get in to the information sharing and "snooping" aspect of it all.
  2. I actually text my mate saying that Celtic needed to hook Dembele for a midfielder who'd help them get a grip of the ball and protect the defence. Then Biton came on and Celtic looked much better. I'm a tactical genius Good result for Celtic, gives them a fine chance of making the play off round.
  3. Apart from the first 10 minutes they've been second best for pretty much the whole game. Astana have had enough good chances to win 2 games.
  4. Deserved it? They've been 2nd best for the vast majority of the game and have barely had an attempt on goal
  5. Deserved it? They've been 2nd best for the vast majority of the game and have barely had an attempt on goal
  6. 2016 Tour De France

    An utterly laughable article from Matthew Syed in the Times. Along the lines of "if Sky dope, why are there no whistleblowers?" An embarrassing article that'll see him roundly mocked when the truth comes out.
  7. Your initial post sums up pretty well your intent with this thread. Sad and petty and much more fitting on Rangers media where other brain dead dafties are more numerous
  8. And Larsson's son tweeted back something along the lines of "are you joking me? No chance" So the only people it's likely to upset are the folk at Rangers who may or may not want to sign him.
  9. As outlined below, the BT commentator seems to be yet another person who's less knowledgeable than me.
  10. Only for the overall tie.
  11. 2016 Tour De France

    I dont have a "hard-on" for him, i just don't like seeing the sport like this. I don't know how much he weighs, Sky would never publish such data as they know it'd lead to obvious questions being asked about how the feck their riders can do what only folk who've been proven to have taken PED's have been able to do. Wonder if we'll find out what British Tour riders Dr Mark Bonar worked with... Surprised he worked with any as, we all know that Brits don't dope, it's just Johnny Foreigner You stick your fingers in your ears and pretend that everything is okay if you like, i simply wont do that though. The link below is a decent listen, if you're interested. http://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/Off_The_Ball/Off_The_Ball_Highlights/149905/Tour_de_France_2016__New_Tour_Same_Questions
  12. Brian McClair Leaves SFA

    What players did he help bring through? I can't think of many in recent years at Man Utd.
  13. Agreed. An embarrassment to their cause.
  14. 2016 Tour De France

    He used to ride sideways, now thanks to all those amazing "marginal gains", he rides up hills for 25 mins at 6.6 W/kg