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  1. I'm including the three you mention. You'll notice I mention "value for money" in my post. The three mentioned will be on higher wages combined than the 11 players you faced in Hamilton, Killie and Motherwell. You failed to beat 2 of those and got a last minute winner against the other.
  2. I agree. However... Early indications are that Warburton's signing strategy of signing old past it guys from down south is not going to provide value for money.
  3. Why are folk so obsessed with that utter non-entity? Baffles me. He's a nobody with no power or influence. Yet so many folk in the SNP seem obsessed by his every Twitter comment.
  4. He was singing Rangers songs in Nox. Crap a fitbaw and a moron, it seems.
  5. Aye. Singing Rangers songs in nightclubs pretty much ensures he won't fit, to be fair.
  6. He has talent. A good touch and a decent range of passing. However, he does nothing but slow the game down. He never moves the ball quickly, never plays creative passes, never scores, never gets beyond the striker (bear in mind he plays number 10). Generally, he's just a nothing player. I'll drive him to Paisley myself, if he wants to return.
  7. Harsh on mcinnes to say he's "a poor manager". He's taken a shitey bottom six side and built the 2nd best team in the league. However... His McLean blind spot is now getting beyond a joke. He's shocking. Every games he's worse than a man short. That's before we get on to the centre backs and continuation of the partnership of absolute shitebags.
  8. Our results at Parkhead are a fvcking disgrace.
  9. Clearly any flying of Catalan flags would be seen as support of Terra Lliure...
  10. I thought that was Upton Park?
  11. Nope. I'm sure they'd also praise the imposition of the numerous UN sanctions that Israel ignores with impunity. Would that then make the UN sanctions incorrect? No, of course it wouldn't. Just because a perceived "bad guy" agrees with an action, that in itself doesn't make the action wrong. You're using ridiculously flawed reasoning.
  12. Hamas praising an action has no relevance to whether the action is right or wrong. Your logic is severely flawed.
  13. Irrelevant though, isn't it?
  14. Also, the first 2 of those aren't even flags of countries. You're trying to equate flying the flag of a nation, to flying flags linked with racists and nazis. As bizarre as your numerous "people seeing the flag of Palestine will link it to support of Hamas" comments.
  15. I'm not worked up. I'm also entitled to voice my opinion, just as you are. Or flying a Scotland flag, anytime and anywhere.