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  1. It appeared that way to "all and sundry"? Or did it really only appear that way to you? If i wanted to have a go at you, then i would've done so. I was more just passing comment on the lack of objectivity from many SNP supporters on here. Don't be so paranoid
  2. Haha aye, he's another! I actually mind being pretty positive about us signing him at the time
  3. I bet you weren't alone in having a laugh at it. Incredible that someone so utterly bereft of talent managed to have such a long football career.
  4. Abusing me won't change the fact that you've been made to look like a prize fud on this thread, dude
  5. I'm sure that i care not one jot what you think of me. Your posts on this thread sum up your intellect perfectly though.
  6. Exactly what i thought. An excellent, insightful post. It's completely ignored by everyone who had previously posted in the thread, except Ally Bear who, as he has no answer to Calmac's post, makes some lame attempt at humour. It's such a shame that so many people cannot see past their partisanship and look at things objectively.
  7. Tennis 2016

    Another scrappy performance from Murray. Lacking focus today. A break up in 5th but struggling to close it out.
  8. Mark Warburton

    He could've easily spoken to Rangers TV about the match and there would've been no chance of him being asked anything about the aftermath. The scenes after the final whistle have meant a complete absence of any mention of Warburton and his tactics on Saturday being out thought on Saturday.
  9. Really informative post, Calmac Man. Thanks very much.
  10. I'll bet any amount of money you choose that Aberdeen finish above Saint Johnstone.
  11. Mark Warburton

    At his best he was a player who, IMO, could've graced almost any team in Europe. Unfortunately he was only at his best very occasionally and his inconsistency meant he never got higher than an average Spurs side. Not seen him play in years but not sure that games at New York Cosmos will have him in the best shape. Would be an interesting signing but one i'd think would be more likely be an expensive mistake than a great signing.
  12. Your hunch that Templeton would've turned it all around because he made 3 appearances under Warburton is a compelling argument. I'm amazed i managed to miss that extensive body of evidence out of my summary.