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  1. Our results at Parkhead are a fvcking disgrace.
  2. Clearly any flying of Catalan flags would be seen as support of Terra Lliure...
  3. I thought that was Upton Park?
  4. Nope. I'm sure they'd also praise the imposition of the numerous UN sanctions that Israel ignores with impunity. Would that then make the UN sanctions incorrect? No, of course it wouldn't. Just because a perceived "bad guy" agrees with an action, that in itself doesn't make the action wrong. You're using ridiculously flawed reasoning.
  5. Hamas praising an action has no relevance to whether the action is right or wrong. Your logic is severely flawed.
  6. Irrelevant though, isn't it?
  7. Also, the first 2 of those aren't even flags of countries. You're trying to equate flying the flag of a nation, to flying flags linked with racists and nazis. As bizarre as your numerous "people seeing the flag of Palestine will link it to support of Hamas" comments.
  8. I'm not worked up. I'm also entitled to voice my opinion, just as you are. Or flying a Scotland flag, anytime and anywhere.
  9. I'm paying more attention than ever to world events yet missed the reporting of several mass murders around the world.
  10. I'll make this simple, flying a flag of a country is not political. No matter how many times you, UEFA or indeed Israel claim it to be. Flying the flag of Palestine is not political, any more than flying the flag of Scotland is. Got to love you repeating this tedious "rules are rules" pish though.
  11. If you're looking for good TV shows, can I recommend American Horror Story and Dexter?
  12. I offered a Rangers Vs Aberdeen bet weeks ago. Proceeds to a charity of the opponents choice. Only Angus Young took me up on it.
  13. Celtic increasing their financial stranglehold over every team in Scotland by £10 million is good for "Scottish football" how?
  14. Don't expect folk to understand. They just believe whatever the guy on the telly tells them. In other news. I made it out of the Olimpico alive. Some atmosphere!