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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. True. I'm the same. I guess i just wanted him to be different. I guess we don't know. What we do know is that he doesn't seem interested in warring with Russia and China, which is the path the USA currently seems to be on. He got the Nobel peace prize FFS
  2. I've no idea. I guess but i'd be too concerned that some arsehole on an internet messageboard might end up slagging me off
  3. *Hundreds of thousands and believes the deaths were "worth it".
  4. Than that specific article? Yes, i think i could. If it's any consolation, the rest of the articles i have read in Nutmeg have been both interesting and well written. It was perhaps unfortunate that i picked the Moyes one to start on.
  5. Very few, in the past 30 years, i'd say. I think "involvement in displacement and slaughter" is quite a fair criterion, don't you?
  6. Ahhh feck! Thanks for that. Cheers. Now the Millwall game is likely to be cancelled, this might be the best option!
  7. I wouldn't be happy. He's using outdated language and outdated thinking. However, i'd be more concerned at Clinton's credentials. Her love of free trade that's ensure multinational Corps can exploit people to increase their profits, and increase the gap between rich and poor. Her love of wars. Her complete lack of empathy for the people that she has been directly involved in slaughtering or displacing. Saying "bad hombre" or "i'll build a wall to stop illegal immigration" is, as i said, unacceptable. It's not evil like Clinton though.
  8. Does being part of the slaughter and displacement of thousands of people in the middle east disqualify Clinton? Trump is a misogynist, borderline racist scumbag. He isn't plain evil like Clinton though.
  9. Anyone able to suggest a game to go to in London on the Saturday after our game? Looking at the fixtures, only Millwall seem to be at home out of the London based League teams. Anyone know of any conference/conference south teams that are at home and play within an easy commute from Central London?
  10. I really hope not. Otherwise i'll be forced to watch Kenny McLean be a waste of a jersey for Scotland too.
  11. I think he's completely wrong. The biggest difference is their manager coaches team shape.
  12. He needs to improve defensively, on that i agree. However, he (and Robertson for that matter) are in the same boat. They're very talented young players who have the potential to go to the very top level. What will make him a better player is playing games against better opponents and learning. Sure, he may take the odd roasting but it will improve him. I think the OP is overly harsh.
  13. A central midfield of Morrison, Fletcher and Ritchie. It's like you want to lose.
  14. Yeah. I was just pointing out that saying "only 3%" without clarifying that you were giving the NY Times on the same worth as the Reno Gazette, was a bit misleading.
  15. I'll be backing over 0.5 goals pre match and no goalscorer in play (currently at 22/1). I think 0-0 is unlikely but if it comes up and i've missed out on the chance of winning £1k, i'll be gutted.