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  1. If you're looking for good TV shows, can I recommend American Horror Story and Dexter?
  2. I offered a Rangers Vs Aberdeen bet weeks ago. Proceeds to a charity of the opponents choice. Only Angus Young took me up on it.
  3. Celtic increasing their financial stranglehold over every team in Scotland by £10 million is good for "Scottish football" how?
  4. Don't expect folk to understand. They just believe whatever the guy on the telly tells them. In other news. I made it out of the Olimpico alive. Some atmosphere!
  5. I'm off the the Olimpico tonight. Forza Roma. Forza Totti.
  6. I am sickened! Who do the UN think they are? All they're trying to do is promote the UN!
  7. Your logic is akin to saying the Roger Federer Foundation, who do work in parts of Africa is all about "growing the Federer brand". Its not. And either is setting up a football team in Palestine about promoting Celtic, just because they'll have Celtic in their name. Feck me.
  8. All I'm getting on my phone is "pido free" and an angel smiley.
  9. Was hoping for better than that. Will need to work on my technique
  10. Not a victim at all, just some who called you out and has been proven correct. I'm just glad you've learned something and I'm sure you'll think twice about using that term in future. Based on your previous postings, I wouldn't expect you to have the grace to admit your error and retract your previous comment though. *casts bait and waits*
  11. I totally agree that we were the better side and deserved to win that game.
  12. Hanley not being sent off and Ireland hitting the bar in the last minute could be described as "lucky" IMO.
  13. Yup. All our players would be shite under Strachan. I couldn't agree more.
  14. The manner in which we finished 4th in was a disgrace. Finishing 4th on its own would've been massively disappointing.
  15. Ahh the classic line that allows him to pick and drop whoever he wants, without actually justifying it or applying consistency in selection.