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      We are aware of an event in London in November that is being marketed as a "TAMBers" event. This message board has no connection with the event.

      We are also aware that there is a Facebook entity called "Tartan Army Message Board (TAMBers)". We can confirm that this message board has no connection with the Facebook entity.  
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  1. It'll be Baltic. No fun being outside in November. I'll head to a pub.
  2. Named, shamed and photographed! Big Rab's tartan mafia will be sure to get you now.
  3. Robert "poirot" McDermott.
  4. "Liable"? Do you mean "libel". Seen as you don't understand the word, I doubt you have any what the legal definition is. Im comfortable with all comments I've made, so screenshot away. I look forward to hearing from you further
  5. I don't know him or care. People are only asking you as you're cinycally using the TACC name to increase your personal profit. I'm hopeful that this stooshie has shamed you in to rethinking that.
  6. I do wonder how much RKM Projects will make out of this venture.
  7. It'll undoubtedly be fake. If it's decent quality, it's not bad for £25 though.
  8. Check your facebook messages.
  9. Will Mani be in Glasgow giving our free tickets before the gig?
  10. Will the venue be remaining open after the gig, giving ticketless fans a place to watch the game?
  11. Too late. It's sold out the o2 arena already. 50p donation to TACC has been made.
  12. Possibly. He does seem to think that the English Championship is the best league on the planet and that every player in it is fantastic. Probably why he has an overpaid right back who can't defend, a 37 year CB who can't run, a egomaniac midfielder who's suspended and a battering ram striker who can trap a ball further than i can kick it. He could have tried to sign Johnny Hayes, Adam Rooney & Shay Logan for what he spent on Garner.
  13. Another of the "keyboard gangsters" has been outed! Hurrah. What a time to be alive. Vive la revolution. Vive Robert McDermott.