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  1. Wanderer is quality for stuff like this
  2. Would you like to buy some magic beans?
  3. Example #59597875478789654796 of you being an idiot. You're too thick to realise that 99% the "lot" you refer to are just ordinary folk, trying to go about their normal business and live their life. Everyone isn't sitting in their house plotting conflict and murder. Yet you want folk to "kill each other out of existence".
  4. Apologies. That wasn't what I meant to suggest.
  5. Derek McInnes now 2/1 favourite to be the next Sunderland manager ...
  6. Was actually meant to be a joke but never mind.
  7. Batshit mental racist khunt. *Sorry thplinth... *
  8. "Neutrals" eh? As of 9am, Aberdeen had 50 tickets returned from supporters clubs to sell. Maybe give them a call.
  9. Now they are determined on removing Assad. Although they've created that power vacuum in parts of Syria already.
  10. It's not the fact it's reported less. It's the fact that it's not reported by the UK media at all. It's a bugbear of mine. I get the fact that things geographically closer will have more significance. However, the wide reporting of any incident in USA or, as Ormond has pointed out, Australia, shows that it's not a geographical thing. I care about everyone who's murdered. Whether they are Sunni, Shia, Christian, Buddhist or Atheist. Nah, Morrisey has shown himself to be a whank for quite a while. I said he was doing the classic tactic of a racist and attempting to claim he was "only saying what everyone thinks", when he's doing no such thing. He's saying what he thinks.
  11. That doesn't surprise me. In his statement he does come out with the classic line that all racists use in an attempt to project their views on to everyone else: “In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private,”
  12. Were we still looking for evidence that the guy is a bellend?