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  1. Voting

    Hurrah, he's arrived. The guy who makes even Flure look funny is here!
  2. Voting

    Anyone who uses the term "Red Tories" is an absolute roaster.
  3. Scotland Players In Action

    Congratulations on again demonstrating how much of a balloon you are
  4. What is everyone voting today? I'm in Falkirk East and have very uninspiring constituency candidate options. Will probably vote for Angus McDonald of the SNP as the least-bad option. My list vote will be going to the Scottish Green Party.
  5. Scotland Players In Action

    He's surely well behind the superstar that is Scott Allan? He can look one way and pass it another, you know.
  6. Scotland Players In Action

    4-4-2 with Barry Bannan in central midfield. That sounds a sure fire way to lead us to Russia and ultimate World Cup glory.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Fletcher has been gash too, to be fair (and I say that as someone who rates him).
  8. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    Think the ticket portal is down just now? Back tomorrow I think.
  9. I'd like to comment on that but i don't want any innocent children to die.
  10. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Proudscot to an English 8th division team that no one has heard of.
  11. Wonderful achievement and shows that the power of the teamcan still triumph. It's not even on the same level as what Clough did at Nottingham Forest though. Although the Sky Sports fanboys who think football began in 1992 will disagree.
  12. Even if Hibs get promoted this season, i wouldn't put it past them to finish below Utd next season.
  13. Quality thread where despite Aberdeen fans barely saying a word, we've all been branded classless Anyway... I for one am disappointed that Utd have went down. I guess being a bit younger i missed the fiercest eraof the Aberdeen/Dundee Utd rivalry, so i don't really have a strong dislike for them. Tannadice is one of the best away games of the season, so i'll miss that next year. The Championship next season should be very competitive, with possibility of Hibs, Utd, Falkirk, Raith, Dunfermline, QOTS, Morton all looking at the top 4 spots and a chance of promotion.