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  1. Alan Stubbs

    Stubbs is a complete fud. He seems to think anything he says is worth listening to. He's a nobody, managing in a nothing club in the 2nd division in Scotland.  He should shut the feck up until he achieves something, then he will maybe be worth listening to. 
  2. Turkey

    What complete and utter excrement. 
  3. The ?!

    Yeah, i think i'm in mobile mode. Which is an utter abortion of an interface. 
  4. Denmark ticket prices

    Folk think £20 is good value? Mental and shows how much folk have accepted being butt ####ed by the SFA. 
  5. The ?!

    How do you switch to Mobile mode? 
  6. The ?!

    Is there a way to get the board into mobile mode? 
  7. It's the polis' own fault for sending PC John Barnes to arrest the lad.
  8. No. Limits were in place based on safety 30/40 years ago. Now we have safer roads and safer cars, yet the same limits. Your post earlier in the thread saying that going 80mph couldn't be safe, takes no cognisence of improved safety over time or of road conditions.
  9. Asamoah Gyan is a wonderful player. One of my favourite of the past decade. It's a shame that he's played much of his career in less competitive leagues.
  10. It gets worse... When the polis arrived to lift him, his maw attacked them with a hammer!
  11. We should probably drive everywhere at 30mph then. After all, if we go faster it only increases the risk. I'm saying that driving to the conditions, rather than blindly following some arbitrary limit is safer.
  12. They'll likely not be attending club football and therefore contributing fvck all to the Scottish game.
  13. Correct. There's vast sections of the A9 where 80mph is a perfectly safe speed to drive.
  14. He's looking for a pub that accepts Rangers fans. Every pub that does that will be "full of weirdos"!