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  1. Thanks for that, it sounds, errm, interesting! Do you know if many restaurants/ shops/ pubs close for the weekend?
  2. in 2012-13 Motherwell had an average attendance of 5,118. This season that figure is 4,271
  3. Belting bullshittery above. Kudos. You'd maybe have thought twice about the way you espouse your views as you'll have seen how objectionable some people can find them. Anyway, this is a fictional scenario that didn't actually occur. I have no need to "take on a thicker skin". I just do not surround myself with folk who come out with things i find objectionable. You actually believe this bullshit.
  4. The logic that one poor game means someone shouldn't be selected is bizarre.
  5. Gordon Strachan has been Scotland manager for over 4 years. Not six months. He's had ample chance to progress, to make us better, to achieve something. After a good start, with positive results and performances, it's clear we are regressing. We concede too many goals and don't score anywhere near enough. We're a very poor side who is weaker than the sum of our parts. There's no "witch hunt". there's a frustration and a realisation that the manager is failing badly. So stop being a drama queen and making false claims about "witch hunts".
  6. That commentator cracks me up. Even Rangers fans must cringe at that.
  7. Seriously, who are they for?
  8. He led Greece to an impressive campaign including home and away defeats to the Faroe Islands.
  9. Anyone been to Madrid over Easter? Obviously Easter is quite a big deal in Spain, so just wondering if many restaurants/bars/shops/etc will be shut over the Easter weekend? I'm going across that weekend to see Atletico (want to get to the Calderon before they move) and also hoping to fit in Leganes vs Espanyol and Alcorcon vs Getafe (fixture schedule dependent).
  10. Maybe not the right thread for this but i watched Ross Kemp: Libya's Migrant Hell the other night. Yes, it's Ross Kemp and his brand of non-subtle, brash, man on the street style of reporting but it's still well worth watching. I wasn't aware of the shear scale of what was happening in Libya until watching this. Thousands of migrants and refugees (they're not all "migrants" like the media would like to portray) being shipped to Libya by smugglers, employed as slave labour for many months to "pay" for their travel through the country and then shoved in to rubber dinghies, 125 at a time, and sent from the beach in Tripoli to travel the 200 odd miles to Italy, which their boat has no hope of doing. The most staggering thing to me was the treatment of these people if they were stopped in Libya or in Libyan waters. Their shoved in detention centres that seem to consist of a single large hall with a couple of toilets off the side of it. They're given basic rations that are not enough to sustain them, no access to medicine and seem to be being held indefinitely. Aid agencies can't work in the country as it's so unsafe, so these people are essentially left to rot in these detention centres. Libya has no true government, but several different groups claiming to be the government. Meanwhile warring tribes/factions control different parts of the country using weaponry. The West destabilised the country when we assisted the overthrowing of Colonel Gaddafi, yet now the world has completely abandoned the people of Libya, much like the UK has abandoned the people it has helped to displace in Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/etc
  11. One thing Mayweather is not is a "buffoon". He's probably behind on Ali in his self promotion abilities.
  12. The media are controlling who governs the country. A floundering Conservative party who allowed the vote to leave the EU and who are botching the exit process, are given a free ride by the media and, as such, can effectively chose who governs the country.
  13. McGinn is in for developmental purposes. He has the ability to be part of our team in the future (although he's wasted a couple of years of development at Hibs). That's why he's in the squad.