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  1. I've started a couple of negative threads, so time to redress the balance with a positive one. It's difficult to pick one above everything else but I would go for the day we qualified for France '98. I'm sure this will be usurped the next time we qualify for something. Hopefully in October! The pub was bouncing that night and it seemed the whole country was in party mode!
  2. Following on from the player thread, I thought this might be quite good too. Mine would be the 0-3 defeat by Morocco in 1998. I was convinced we would win that game and progress to the knockout stages for the first time. The performance was rotten and my mood wasn't helped by Norway beating Brazil which would've rendered the result meaningless in any case. I was totally scunnered with fitba and was finished with the game. It took me a few days to get over it which is very unlike me. It usually only takes me about 15 minutes to get over a defeat. The only other Scotland game that comes close to that disappointment was Italy in 2007!
  3. Two weeks ago, I was walking up Buchanan Street in Glasgow when I heard the skirl o' the pipes. It then crossed my mind it was only a year til the finals. The whole country will be buzzing if we're there. I'm desperate to qualify again. Desperate!
  4. I had this discussion at work today. Mine would be Graeme Sharp who was brilliant for Everton but just couldn't make the jump to international level. Others mentioned were Steve Archibald, Duncan Ferguson, Brian McClair, Willie Pettigrew and (bizarrely imo) Graeme Souness. Who is your biggest disappointment in a Scotland Jersey despite looking as though they should be in cruise control?