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  1. Aye. Not too bad. Its a tough gig as, realistically, the target every year to is come 8th so the type of football played isn't going to be that attacking. A few fans get on his back for it but hard to see what else he can do. Ian Murray had one season of Keegan-esque all out attack which was great to watch but was similarly defensive after that. This year will be tough as we are the only part time side left but the squad looks okay - if a little lacking in depth at moment.
  2. None taken! Only reason he's with us is injuries. He's actually out at the moment with back problems. For players with an eye on what they are doing post playing we're a decent option in terms of location and part time status.
  3. New Dumbarton home and away. And yes, you might have seen that red away top on another team associated with a rock elsewhere this week....
  4. I'm in for Manchester Marathon as well. Determined to crack sub 4 hours this time. A couple of pals did it last year and said it was billiard table flat and not ridiculously busy either. Only issue they mentioned were sleeping policemen road bumps at a few points that seemed to trip some folk up. Just need to break the news to the Mrs now.....
  5. That's tremendous sir, I've always viewed a sub 3 hour time as the mark of a "real" runner so 2:51 is pretty special. In my continuing attempts to even break 4 hours I've signed up for Manchester in April. Supposed to be very flat but also very busy as it seems to be a lot of peoples automatic choice if they don't get in to London. As mentioned above, I didn't follow a proper schedule before and instead just ran lots in a unscientific manner. Hence it all went wrong at the 18 mile mark on both occasions and I was closer to 5 hours than 4. I know I have to stick to the proper 4 hour plan this time round. No excuses.
  6. He also made a total James Hunt of the Stenhousemuir job and was universally hated by players and fans. I'd rarely seen such vitriol against a lower league manager.
  7. Superb player. Was on loan with us at Dumbarton after Christmas and was a standout in a defence that was under constant pressure. Really assured on the ball and lightening quick. Def one in the 'could go all the way' category.
  8. Dumbarton was £235. My Parent and u12 child ticket was £250. Ok but not great as its for league only. Prices shot up last year with the 3 big clubs in the league and they have held with 2 of them stil there plus St Mirren.
  9. Delighted for John Nicolson who's put in a power of work. Swinson lost the plot when she became a minister. Her campaign this time around was utterly negative and was spent pleading for tactical voters.
  10. Not normally a fan of Sky but if you have a look at Sky Arts 1 they are showing their newsroom producing the program. Far more interesting at this stage when news is thin.
  11. I'd normally defend Cook but his tweeting on this incident was at best inflammatory. He described it as 'Absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow' and had a pic stating JM trying to be heard over protestors when it was infact the Lab activists in shot. On phone so I can't paste it I'm afraid. Made it out to be far worse than it was.
  12. Although a pain in the jacksie, it's great to see so many of these smaller local events selling out. Always find them great value compared to a lot of the big professionally organised for profit ones.
  13. Third vote for Run4it for your initial pair. They'll do a proper test where they video you on the treadmill and assess your running style. Plus they have a couple of lovely wee Norn Irish girls who work there! Agree with Charlie that you should buy future pairs online though. You can save a good few quid - especially if you get "last years" style through the discount sites. No idea about anyone else but the colour scheme isn't that important to me if you are getting the same shoes for £20-30 less.
  14. The great owl demanded a sacrifice of blood not fire,,,,,
  15. Had Sky Sports just for the cricket World Cup there. When I phoned to cancel the guy reacted like I'd asked to eat his first born. Took 10 mins of me saying no thanks over and over before they finally processed it.