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  1. Cop out. Totally ignores the fact that no other planes had issues landing at that time. Obviously just a stock response given to airline complaints where they can't be bothered fighting with Ryanair.
  2. That was quick.... Cant attach image but content copied below. Will head down the ombudsman route this lunchtime which they interestingly don't mention. Cheers I refer to your letter dated 21/10/16. We sincerely regret the delay of your flight FR2314 from Stansted to Bratislava on the 11/10/16, which was due to unsafety weather conditions. However, as this delay was unexpected and therefore outside Ryanair’s control we regret to advise that no monetary compensation is due under EU Regulation 261/2004. Nevertheless, if you incurred any additional reasonable receipted expenses during the delay (such as accommodation, meals, refreshment, transportation), please submit copies of your receipted expenses and your bank details (i.e. Account Holder/Bank/Account Number/IBAN/Swift) by clicking on the below link and uploading your documents for our review. You can also track the status of your claim by clicking on this link. Thank you for flying with us and I hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming you on–board another Ryanair flight again soon.
  3. I only fired my original claim direct to Ryanair yesterday afternoon. I got the acknowledgement and case number reply an hour later but this morning I've received an email to say my case has been forwarded to head office. Is this what everyone else has had before being told to "get tae"? Or are we getting somewhere with them?
  4. Our hotel was 200m from ground. And was empty. Only saw one other couple in terms of Scotland fans staying there.
  5. Was Gothenburg the flight next to us where there was a rammy over the cases?
  6. There was only the one wee lassie on the gate for the first hour and she was as pleasant and helpful as she could have been. I think she knew it was goosed though as she cleared off after a while. She had mentioned fog to us but, as others have mentioned, it would have been far better up front if they had said there was a serious delay straight off instead of the "plane landing at 9:30 so expect a 10am departure. Incidentally, the plane we got on was one that had been sat on the apron all that time...
  7. Google translate is your friend. You've managed to collect €0.38 loyalty credit to use on their site. Basically a Slovak Nectar points.
  8. My email was through in seconds. Worth checking your card provider.
  9. How good is that system? Less than 5 mins and sorted. Still hopeful of picking up and official away end one when there but no disaster if I don't.
  10. Still head over and fingers crossed get a ticket for our end. This will probably be my last SSC membership though. It's become an unnecessary expense for trips.
  11. Aye. Not too bad. Its a tough gig as, realistically, the target every year to is come 8th so the type of football played isn't going to be that attacking. A few fans get on his back for it but hard to see what else he can do. Ian Murray had one season of Keegan-esque all out attack which was great to watch but was similarly defensive after that. This year will be tough as we are the only part time side left but the squad looks okay - if a little lacking in depth at moment.
  12. None taken! Only reason he's with us is injuries. He's actually out at the moment with back problems. For players with an eye on what they are doing post playing we're a decent option in terms of location and part time status.
  13. New Dumbarton home and away. And yes, you might have seen that red away top on another team associated with a rock elsewhere this week....
  14. I'm in for Manchester Marathon as well. Determined to crack sub 4 hours this time. A couple of pals did it last year and said it was billiard table flat and not ridiculously busy either. Only issue they mentioned were sleeping policemen road bumps at a few points that seemed to trip some folk up. Just need to break the news to the Mrs now.....
  15. That's tremendous sir, I've always viewed a sub 3 hour time as the mark of a "real" runner so 2:51 is pretty special. In my continuing attempts to even break 4 hours I've signed up for Manchester in April. Supposed to be very flat but also very busy as it seems to be a lot of peoples automatic choice if they don't get in to London. As mentioned above, I didn't follow a proper schedule before and instead just ran lots in a unscientific manner. Hence it all went wrong at the 18 mile mark on both occasions and I was closer to 5 hours than 4. I know I have to stick to the proper 4 hour plan this time round. No excuses.