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  1. Anyone been? We have done most of the top restaurants in Edinburgh and fancy something different.
  2. No complaints. As soon as we went down 1-0 there was no chance of a come back. Tactically out played, mentally weak and a clueless manager who cannot change a match. If it accelerates the imposter of a Managers P45 then this is a good result. 2-1 meh.
  3. Not much choice when the pitch is so shite.
  4. Who the feck dressed Hans. That shirt looks uncomfortably small at the neck.
  5. He is bad, but he is no Tyler Blackett.
  6. Very talented player. Thrown in far to early at Fulham and at a time when we were relegation fodder. Would be interesting to see how much he has progressed at City.
  7. I get Tina Arena concert and Spanx for men.
  8. comeback is on. Ronny out.
  9. 7, still on 53.
  10. The defending for the fifth would back that up.
  11. Rogic, GMS and Grif look like they could score anytime. Some of the football has been immense but Hamilton have been very poor.
  12. 5 after 33.
  13. 4 after 22.