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  1. We must have different definitions of 'absolutely'
  2. Celtic were there for the taking and a manager who knows how to win would have made it an uncomfortable afternoon. Running out of puff is not really good enough excuse as it was not just the last 5 mins, it was the last half hour. Sat back, let us have chance after chance and the inevitable happened.
  3. That winner was pure theatre.
  4. Of course. He should have been booked for the one that was given advantage prior.
  5. I know, i watched him walk off the pitch after the doctor finished with him. There are many things you can accuse Tierney of, however theatrical could not be further from the reality.
  6. You have no idea if he did it intentionally or not so you can remove your absolution. He is off to hospital as well, the theatrical barstard .
  7. Its between him and Cairney for POTY. He started on fire, had a rubbish couple of months and has been back on fire again. We really should be guaranteeing our place in the play offs on Saturday but it is a derby match and Jota is playing out of his skin for Brentford, added to the fact that Fulham never do things the easy way leads me to believe that it will go to the last game of the season (unless Leeds continue to implode). If we do get to the play offs we will be the one team that no one wants to face. On a good run, top scores in the league and on rarely drop below 60% possession, even away from home. That being said it is a complete lottery, Wednesday are grinding out results and are arguably on a better run than us. Huddersfield looked to be taking an automatic place up until a couple of months ago and Reading are just a horrible side to play. Who knows? However after 8 years of having a season ticket at the Cottage and seeing them in a Europa League final it would be great to go to Wembley. No for me as a relative new fan but since the 1974/75 season every club bar Fulham, Accrington Stanley, Barnet, Crawley and Hartlepool have played a competitive match at Wembley so it would be great for the real long term fans.
  8. £305 for Craven Cottage. Not bad considering we could be in the Premiership next season and even if we do not go up its still 23 home games next season.
  9. Was there a few weeks back. Mercado de San Miguel and Chocolateria San Gines are both fairly well known and touristy however I will still recommend both. Los Montes de Galicia was lovely as was a Taberna which name I cannot remember which I know is no help (there were two of them with the same name round the corner from each other and was in the hipster area)
  10. Legal chat.
  11. This one I guess.
  12. I sat at a table beside him when he was reviewing Shotgun in London. Great wordsmith and writing style but was a pompous, attention seeking arse of a person. His review was nothing like the evening that he had.