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  1. Was there a few weeks back. Mercado de San Miguel and Chocolateria San Gines are both fairly well known and touristy however I will still recommend both. Los Montes de Galicia was lovely as was a Taberna which name I cannot remember which I know is no help (there were two of them with the same name round the corner from each other and was in the hipster area)
  2. Legal chat.
  3. This one I guess.
  4. I sat at a table beside him when he was reviewing Shotgun in London. Great wordsmith and writing style but was a pompous, attention seeking arse of a person. His review was nothing like the evening that he had.
  5. Gap is nowhere near close or closing. First half our front four did not click yet we still created enough chances, second half it was wave after wave. Rangers looked, and played like a run of the mill SPL side, park the bus, hoof it up the park and hope for a break away goal. In the last three Celtic v Rangers game it has been 77 shots on goal to 23 in favour of Celtic. Winning the first on penalties may have been the worst outcome for Rangers as it got a dud of a manager the sack and papered over the cracks. Best two teams in Scotland now in the final and Aberdeen have the players to expose Celtics weakness, provided they get over their lack of bottle when they get inside Glasgow.
  6. Any idea on type of food, budget (cheap and cheerful, mid priced, high end) As for drinking establishments, its not an area that I go out in a lot however if I was meeting a few mates we would drink in a few of Tattershall Castle (boat at embankment), Chandos (nice and cheap beer in London), The Porterhouse (great choice of beer), The French House (very traditional french pub steeped in history), Waxy o Connors (best of the 'irish' pubs), The Cross Keys (if you want to avoid tourists). There is a pub we always end up in that has someone playing a piano (not a performer, just someone in the pub) but I cannot remember the name of it. Provided you are not looking for something specific, there is enough bars and pubs that you can have one drink then move somewhere else if it is not your fancy, there are plenty of places to check out. If you are meeting quite early on Saturday, Punch and Judy in convent Garden is a good place to meet. It has a balcony where you can watch the covent garden street entertainers.
  7. I love Dinner. Been a couple of times now and would have it as one of the best meals I have ever had. Not been in four years so I hope it has not went down hill recently as I have booked it for my brothers 40th. City Social food was outstanding but it was utterly full of whankers. Needos was set up by the head waiter of Tayyabs, mixed grill starter and dry meat curry. It is to die for. Also Barrafina for Spanish tapas.
  8. If we draw Bosnia I will be back in a flash...... Would be good to meet for a few beers again.
  9. Would agree with all of the above (cannot comment on the others) Tayyabs does the second best lamb chops. Needos Grill has now surpassed them in my opinion, I would certainly not go to Needos as your nice night out, however if I had to recommend two night outs, Needos Grill would certainly be one of them. Hawksmoor is excellent and I am going to Hutong a week on Wednesday so I can give you my thoughts then. To add to the list Dinner by Heston - But you will not get any change out of £200 Bluebird in Chelsea Clos Maggiore Covent Garden Petrus - No change again City Social Hakkasan - this would be my choice as some of the others may blow your budget or difficult to book.
  10. Very late to the party so I am aware that the information is no good to you now. Restaurant Kibe is sensational, get a seat by the window and watch the sun go down. Nuem is also a great little place, we are looking at buying a place there in the next few years. My recommendation for a week in Bosnia would be 3 days in Sarajevo, train down to Mostar (most stunning train journey ever). Over night stay in Mostar with trip out to Medjugorje if that appeals to you. Then travel down to Nuem for a few days by the beach, you can also day trip into Dubrovnic if you wish. Bosnia is a stunning country with great locals once you break that tough/gruff exterior that they have. Cevapi and Burek (my mother in law makes haggis bureks) cheap beer and lots of history, it is a great city break.
  11. Is this story not years old? Anyway... Interesting to start on Inside Track 3 officers and work through Ingenious Film Partners 2 and keep on following the links. From Lawell to Milne to dear old Joey Barton. Seems that they were all at it. I am sure someone with much more free time could come up with a definitive list of who was all involved over all the companies.
  12. I have already tipped. Started going under Berti with 6/7 others in our group, went up to about 14 guys for all home games and 10 for the bigger away games. Two campaigns ago it was just my brother, my dad and I going to games and we sacked off the friendlies. This campaign it was only me that renewed and purely for the England games as I live in London and it would seem rude not to go. Last away trip was in Faro, after the disappointment of Poland I didn't even go to the match. We sat on the beach then watched it in a bar. Had it not been for the fact my wife and I had booked up for the week I would not have gone. So I think England away will be my last for a while. Other priorities, lack of enjoyment and to top it off I get to watch Martin not scoring for Fulham every other week, no need to see it at international level.
  13. No hard-on, just a casual observation. I am sure your 'Rossy' character feels that my post was a personal attack but in fairness I just said that you were wrong and I found it offensive to try and link Sparks to all Celtic fans. If that was not your intention by telling him to go to Kerrydale street my apologies. No need to further take up space on this thread with our discussion as on reflection, I don't give a about what 'Rossy' thinks next.
  14. As unsavoury and offensive as Sparks post were, the connotative nature of your post is equally pathetic. When someone suggested Aberdeen fans would be laughing about this sad episode you correctly called them scumbags. However you don't extend the same courtesy to Celtic fans by suggesting on a popular fans forum they will 'rejoice' at the news. Your pathetic post is as wrong as it is offensive.
  15. Sky and the media can hype the game up all they want, reality is that it is not even our most important game in the next week. Three points wrapped up quickly then turn our attention to Tuesdays mauling would be my hope for Saturday. No interest in the rest of the circus.