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  1. Doubt it, I have absolutely no idea who she was, perhaps just a model hired for that day.
  2. Aye sadly the 3 of them are never seen around Firhill anymore, although only the middle one is missed
  3. I really like the Hearts strip although I see Puma have just brought back an old Thistle strip and changed silver to yellow:
  4. Thistle's new away kit
  5. We were there years ago as kids and my sister's safety bar started to come loose on one of the rides, she was fine but a bit scary at the time. Haven't liked the place ever since. Hope everyone this time has a speedy recovery.
  6. Stuart Bannigan has realised that the grass isnt greener away from Firhill...either that or no one wants him after his knee injury but either way he's signed a new 2 year deal for the Jags... ...Super happy with that one, great player for us and will be a very important part of our team for next season. Personally had no grudges with him wanting to leave and challenge himself, he deserved it and it's a shame an injury held him back but from a selfish point of view I'm glad he's staying
  7. It's been completely relayed, still growing back, will be perfect for beginning of season
  8. I just read it on a shared Facebook post, maybe just one person who used coin instead of pound, I have seen the pound thrown around too and its just as w*nky to be fair!!!!
  9. http://ptfc.co.uk/news/2016-2017/june_2016/2016_17_home_kit_on_sale_now Thistle gone for a slightly different home strip style to normal. It's getting mixed opinions among fans but I like it
  10. Didn't expect anything to happen but its utterly ridiculous because they've said they will make it up to Thistle, Hamilton and Motherwell next season by giving them the 4 games instead... ...However thats no bloody to use to those 3 teams if 1 or 2 of them end up getting relegated. If they don't get relegated then there's 1 or 2 new teams joining the league and how will it work with them? Will they have to keep arranging fixtures each year to ensure a few teams get 4 home games instead? They have completely buggered this up for years to come when they simply could have just ensured all teams had 3 home games against Rangers and Celtic like they did in previous years.
  11. Yes!! Very bizarre!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1495761/Harvey-blames-potato-feast-for-freak-accident.html
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_James_Hollywood - No anymore he's not, doing a life stretch!!
  13. Agreed, great film, he plays the part well, very underrated film too. Always found it crazy it was allowed to be released before Jesse James Holywood's trial given it was based on that murder. Tragic sounding accident anyway, RIP!!
  14. It's been said before and i'll say it again. This is not about the cash cow, this is completely about the imbalance. Yes the cash helps but Partick Thistle have been in the Premiership for 3 seasons now, all of which Rangers haven't been a part of and we have coped fine financially and have managed to stay up all 3 seasons. Having expected 3 home games against Rangers and Celtic Thistle as well as Motherwell and Hamilton made the teams come up with expected budgets and expectations for the season but now have to compete with similar sized teams getting double the money they 3 teams are going to get, allowing for them to sign better players, finish higher in the league and therefore get more prize money etc and the circle continues!!! Yes the money helps, but Thistle can cope without it, its the imbalance that makes it more difficult to compete!!
  15. After Thistle kicked up a stink yesterday about only getting 2 home games against the old firm I am seeing the w*nkiest of all w*nky phrases getting thrown about by deluded Rangers fans: 'The Blue Coin' Used by Rangers fans to describe the money they kindly donate to teams smaller and less financially fortunate than they are.