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  1. Yup had a couple as well.
  2. I also enjoyed the game at Firhill minus the last min goal and the result. It was exactly how the game should be played with 2 teams going for it. Erskine has been such a great re-addition to our side and I think he could win us some points this year that normally we would struggle with. Definitely think a draw was a fair result so was a bit of a blow but we've now played Aberdeen and Hearts with narrow defeats and beaten Inverness so hopefully can just keep improving and do alright this season. Fair play to Hearts on their turn out, sold out their allocation, good effort!!! Tony Watt was ok, decent finish although haven't seen replay to see if keeper could have done better at such a tight angle.
  3. I wish, the rest of the guys were useless with their picks!!! Would have made some good single bets though!!
  4. Last season we did a weekly work accumulator, we sent our teams via Whatsapp. Regularly I would just send a message saying 'whoever York are playing' - usually worked
  5. I'm glad Hemmings is away, have rued the day that Archibald had him on trial at Thistle and didn't sign him then had to watch the amount of goals he scored for Dundee including against Thistle.
  6. A few of the Thistle players past and present have been members of and posted on Thistle Facebook pages. Of course that is slightly different to a forum and they lose the anonymous part of it but it was good to see them interact with fans so you know they are reading posts etc. It is for that exact reason that Thistle fans love Chris Erskine and welcome him back with open arms but hate Paul Paton despite them both leaving at the same time for the same team for probably the same reason. Chris was on the page saying it was a great opportunity for him (thankfully for Thistle it wasn't) and that he'd loved Thistle and thanked for the support etc. Paul Paton gave it Billy Big Baws and started arguing with fans etc about his decisions to leave etc. Didn't leave with much grace!! So to the forum question, no idea but you'd surely get curious? As for Facebook, aye in Thistle's case anyway.
  7. Doubt it, I have absolutely no idea who she was, perhaps just a model hired for that day.
  8. Aye sadly the 3 of them are never seen around Firhill anymore, although only the middle one is missed
  9. I really like the Hearts strip although I see Puma have just brought back an old Thistle strip and changed silver to yellow:
  10. Thistle's new away kit
  11. We were there years ago as kids and my sister's safety bar started to come loose on one of the rides, she was fine but a bit scary at the time. Haven't liked the place ever since. Hope everyone this time has a speedy recovery.
  12. Stuart Bannigan has realised that the grass isnt greener away from Firhill...either that or no one wants him after his knee injury but either way he's signed a new 2 year deal for the Jags... ...Super happy with that one, great player for us and will be a very important part of our team for next season. Personally had no grudges with him wanting to leave and challenge himself, he deserved it and it's a shame an injury held him back but from a selfish point of view I'm glad he's staying
  13. It's been completely relayed, still growing back, will be perfect for beginning of season
  14. I just read it on a shared Facebook post, maybe just one person who used coin instead of pound, I have seen the pound thrown around too and its just as w*nky to be fair!!!!