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  1. Both tops look the dogs nuts! Happy with both!
  2. Steward? If it's the one in the green bib it looks more like a ballboy.
  3. Ross County, Everton, Aston Villa @ 14/1
  4. It is great atmosphere in the cove! Been a season ticket holder there for 3 yrs now but beginning to struggle to make enough games to make the ticket worthwhile! Atmosphere against victory is another great one for Sydney games. FTT!!!
  5. What are the stats on a seat contested by basis per % share of vote? stats can be manipulated but am sure the snp would come out the biggest victor on that basid
  6. Sorry... Couldn't post a picture as don't know how to on iPad... Did put a link to the picture up though
  7. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-j6e6f8cDWgA/UI1iqY9YykI/AAAAAAAAAlc/EGcbyu9LfLg/s1600/Jackie-Baillie.jpg Not strictly within the rules but definitely a politician we'd all love to ride
  8. I am such a gay mood today finding out the scottish voting public rose above the petty smears from the Tory party leader... I am so happy
  9. This sums up my bitterness too http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wqgkZDbe4Xk
  10. Bedroom tax... Time to get it implemented in full
  11. The once in a generation idea is a crock of shyte... What I have now realised is that unity between yes parties will see independence with 5 years
  12. Willie Macrae and all the others who never got their vote
  13. Odds are you are probably right, or wrong, but with the false promises the no camp have come up with Scotland will be independent within 5 yrs. I personally think negotiations will be complete within 3 yrs after tomorrow's vote though!