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  1. http://youtu.be/XZoslY67Egc 7.00 in for Gunning's antics. Hopefully he took a rap in the pus from ateam matefor that after the game.
  2. Where You Watching Game ?

    Top notch Angus. Cheers
  3. Where You Watching Game ?

    I'm on a stag this weekend in Cardiff no idea where about exactly we're staying but I know the flight's @ stupid o'clock tomorrow morning. Anybody have any suggestions for a decent pub to watch the game?
  4. Transfer Rumours

  5. Ricky Sbragia Appointed U21S Coach

    He was at the Dundee V Dundee United Development squad game at Links Park last week. Probably shot his load when he saw 6' 8" Harry Souttar was playing.
  6. The media talk up (or are told to) Van Dijk as Celtic own him and see him as a sellable asset. Denayer who is an infinitely better defender never got the same press coverage as he is Manchester City's asset. No use in Celtic or the media talking him up as it was of no benefit to them. It's laughable but that's just how they seem to operate.
  7. Super Hans (Gilhaus)

    Haraldur Ingolfsson (Seat) Leon Mike