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  1. Yeh 'unexpected' would be a better word to use to describe Ireland's victory over Germany. It sounds like Scotland and Ireland both underperformed against each other. Maybe the hype of the games made them tentative affairs. I think the bug bear with Scotland though, is that we put ourselves in a commanding position and then threw it away. As we often do, we did the hard part and then shot ourselves in the foot. I've seen Scotland repeat this scenario enough times to question our collective mentality. I would argue that on another day, we still would have shot ourselves in the foot! Ireland on the other hand remind me of how Scotland were in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. A decent team punching above it's weight, scoring late goals and taking the scalp of France twice. Basically riding our luck (until we slipped up in our penultimate against Georgia!).
  2. Acknowledging that a freak result in another game ultimately ended our qualification, while questioning where we went wrong in our previous games is hardly blaming someone else for not qualifying.
  3. Read the rest of my post.
  4. Wales, N.I., England and Ireland now all through to the last 16. Wales and N.I. enjoying their first ever Euros tournament and first major tournament since the 1950's. Ireland still grinding out results since screwing us with their shock win over Germany. And England drawing the minnow as usual! And us sat at home, having never made it past the group stage of a major tournament, watching how it's done. N.I. and Wales are both saying they can win the tournament! Why do you never hear this kind of confidence from us? Instead it's always caution. Ireland beating Germany in qualifying was a bitter pill to swallow, but we should have taken care of them in Dublin. Instead we showed the usual caution and didn't take our opportunity. We should have all but sealed our qualification away to Georgia, but just as in 2007, we didn't turn up. I don't believe for one minute that Ireland are better than us, or that Wales and N.I. are vastly superior teams. As I said in a previous post, I'm sick of people always saying we're pish. We're not pish, we're losers, and there is a difference. We keep falling at the same hurdles time after time with different crops of players. It's our psyche. I believe that we're so used to being put down as a nation, often passively, that we've adopted it as our own. And as a consequence, we don't REALLY want to win. I'm so convinced that our problem is psychological that I think had Scotland voted yes it would have shaken that monkey off it's back and qualified, but of course we'll never know (at least not for this tournament). I don't mean to wallow in self pity, but is this the worst position we have been in as Scotland supporters?
  5. I've been saying the same myself. Everyone was talking about how our last qualifying group would come down to our battle with Poland and Ireland. I think we showed that we're better than Ireland and held our own with Poland. We were unbeaten against both of them, yet they're both at the euros and we're not. What does that tell you? I'm sick of hearing folk always saying we're pish. We're not pish, we're losers. There's a difference!
  6. Our status as favourites would affect us and we'd end up slipping up to a minnow such as England.
  7. What's folks thoughts on how Donald Love performed? I thought he seemed a bit out of his depth from the snippets I saw on match of the day. Could be wrong though.
  8. The linesman - Italy at home euro 2008 qualifier The ref - Czech at home euro 2012 qualifier I can't elaborate on those I'm afraid as I am still speechless years later.
  9. We were unbeaten in all those games, but slipped up to Georgia!
  10. Now we're getting into what you define as a 'slip up'. Poland was a sickener, but I wouldn't call drawing 2-2 with them a slip up because they are a better team. And I wouldn't say that ROI slipped up against Scotland because IMO we are a slightly better team. Georgia on the other hand is a game we should have won. A potential banana skin for every team in our group. But once again it was us who slipped on it. And the point is, Scotland always slip up to a shiter team on paper!
  11. I'm not discrediting that. Your victory over Germany deserves congratulating. But when we lost to Georgia we took ourselves out of the driving seat and took our fate out of our owns hands and handed it to the Irish who deservedly took it. Well done! But had we not slipped up to Georgia you wouldn't have had that opportunity.
  12. Reading through this post I just can't decide if we are great or shite, or if Ireland should do great or shite tonight! Football fans tend to go for polar opposite extremes when it comes to forming opinions, so here's my attempt at a balanced view.. We're pretty decent, but have a self destructive mindset. We should keep doing what we're doing in general, always aiming to improve technically along the way, but cut out the stupid banana skin slip up game which we have in every campaign. I find the idea that we stop trying to pass the ball pretty ridiculous. In general we're playing slightly better football under Strachan, but I don't understand why all the talk of us having a great optimistic campaign was sustained for so long. I think we were having a decent campaign from the outset, which turned to shite when we bottled it in Georgia (and arguable Ireland). You need to take a campaign by the scruff of the neck and we never really did that. I'd prefer Poland to win tonight simply because it'll be embarrassing for Scotland if Ireland make it along with the British teams. I have nothing against Ireland and envy the position that they're now in. But at the end of the day we put them there by losing in Georgia. As for the original post, it's a bit bitter sweet. The OP is putting out a mixed message which is a bit like lighting a fuse. Such is the nature of football, if you go on an opposing team's forum you're inevitably gonna find some messages slagging your team. I'm sure if I joined the Irish forum I'd see a few negative posts about Scotland. The question is why would I go to the trouble?
  13. We pumped France twice in the euro 2008 campaign and still failed to qualify because we slipped up to Georgia. Moral of the story: Sort out our complacent mentality and beat the teams we're supposed to beat!
  14. We can argue till the cows come home about who's the better team, but at the end of the day it's our mentality that screwed us, and this is always our downfall. Lets be honest with ourselves. Who would you have put money on to capitulate in this campaign? Until we address our mentality, we won't progress.