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  1. He won't get another epl club, he's been a failure at Hull
  2. Marshall signs for Hull. Be the end of McGregor's career there
  3. Do you think you might be misunderstanding the situation?
  4. His compassionate views and campaigning for equality certainly hint at a bellend/knob.
  5. Steven Fletcher released
  6. This is the best i've found -
  7. More a Scotland player than a Scottish player.
  8. Fletcher goal against Troyes
  9. Hasn't he only scored one goal though? Not a stat worth urinating over.
  10. Zander Diamond goal for Northampton
  11. Lili Taylor's Scottish accent in The Promotion is the worst accent of any kind i've heard. Can't find a clip of it but it's quite incredible. Ruins an otherwise under-rated film.
  12. Black people are notorious for dismissing the concerns of the disabled. It's part of their culture.
  13. Few actors could have delivered those lines well. Awful film. Haven't seen Idris Elba in much else but he was great in The Office.