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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. The English Internationals had traditionally been sold along with the FA Cup rights, with a separate secondary/highlights package, but I take your point. As people have pointed out elsewhere, England qualifiers are included on the 'Crown Jewels' list, I have not seen a single report that the SFA have requested that our internationals are added to that category.
  2. This is simply another area in which the SFA have managed to put short-term commercial interest before what would be good for football in Scotland long-term. Not having Scotland matches available on terrestrial tv - at the very least an accessible and specific highlights programme - should be insisted upon. The future of Scottish football requires kids to be inspired by seeing Scotland - to want to play in the national team, to see themselves playing there. (ok some hope just now) Goodness knows kids have enough competing images, but to vacate the TV arena completely space is unforgivable. In similar fashion the SFA also signed an exclusive deal with JD Sports for merchandise. The upshot of this is that Scotland shirts are not available in may towns, without competiton the price is ridiculously high and with limited outlets to sell products adidas simply do not have any motivation to produce a decent range (or it could be argued to design a decent bespoke kit any more). The knock-on effect is that when kids go out to play football, the likelihood is that they will not be wearing Scotland gear. If you add in ticket prices, cost of the SSC the pattern is clear, the SFA pay too much attention to short-term financial targets without paying any heed to the future. That does not smack of good governance.
  3. Well to be fair, he did that. Is he available for November?
  4. We beat Wales 1-0 earlier this week. In that game we wore our change strip so it was pink against red. Madness.
  5. Congratulations to the Scotland Women's Team who have qualified for next year's Euro Championships in Netherlands. Fantastic achievement to qualify for their first ever tournament after recent near misses. I'm planning to go with my teenage daughter, who doesn't get to go to enough games!
  6. Let me give you a little help with that.
  7. I would take that as a Scotland change strip, with navy shorts if would be a cracker.
  8. I'd think that's unlikely as Carbrini is a part of JD Sports, though you might think that would make them more amenable - already having logos all over the kit.
  9. I think the text from my brother sums it up. 'FFS FFS feckity feckity feck sake' ... and he's an Aberdeen fan.
  10. I thought Scotland not being at the Euros was a low point, this is abysmal.
  11. St Mirren Home - 30th anniversary of Scottish Cup triumph.
  12. Racing Club Lens unveil their Mo Johnston 1982 tribute shirt.
  13. Livingston Home - to be fair, I think the real badge and sponsor will really be on the kit and not badly photoshopped.
  14. Next up ICT home and away
  15. Next is Celtic away.