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  1. I don't hate the idea of a pink strip per se, but the current one (no attempt to make it a Scotland kit), along with the home effort (poorly thought out template with pathetic marketing spiel - IT"S NOT TARTAN!), are examples of how little effort adidas are now willing to make in designing us a kit. It's arguable that they are justified - poor performance, stupid exclusive deal with JD Sports limiting availability - but compared to our previous strips we are now obviously bottom of the heap. One illustration of this is that the other adidas teams qualified for the Women's Euros have launched new bespoke kits - we haven't. To that end we should probably look to a new supplier for whom we would be a feather in their cap - so any Under Armour, New Balance or Macron would probably give us something more tailored. MAcron have done a great job with their kits for the Scotland rugby team. Of course Umbro would be great - and at some point in a contract they might give us a version with diamonds and at the very least we should get some great retro products.
  2. This really should be where ATAC could help. Communication channels should work on a two-way basis, and yes passing on news about abusive beaviour to fans is essential, it is equally important that the SFA/SSC understand that they have a duty to make good any mistakes - providing a fan whose ticket was given away by accidental with a replacement that otherwise would not be used seems so simple and common sense that an explanation as to why that wasn't done should be made. Whilst never condoning abusive behaviour, anyone running a fan organisation should understand the likely emotional response coming from someone who has paid to travel to a match and finds a mistake has been made that will stop them going to the game. Not then seeking to rectify that mistake will only enflame a situation. That is poor practice and poor customer service and the people involved should both answer and say what they would have done in the fan's place.
  3. Breaking News. Strachan was kept on after promising not to let the defence do the Mannequin Challenge during a game again.
  4. Well he could 'not talk to them' but that would make him a fairly hopeless press spokesman. And do you not think they would just get another body to fill the gap?
  5. ATAC can only be representative of the people that do join TA Clubs. If you want to change that then you have to either join and work from within or set up something else. That option is open to every single Scotland fan. As I have mentioned more than once there is also the Scottish Football Supporters Association which has more than 65,000 members, it is free to join and you can put your points about the SFA/SPFL and your own team on the joining form.. There seems to be a great appetite on here for calling for change and insisting that something must be done. Unfortunately there is also a tendency for lambasting any existing avenues for getting that message across. Scottish football fans have been calling for change across the game for years but as they cannot speak with a single voice, or work together in any meaningful way, they have always been able to be ignored. Lone voices bleating on a message board will change nothing. If you want something to happen, join something, work together and there may be a chance otherwise you may as well stand outside Hampden with a pea shooter firing at the walls.
  6. No, Hamish is the press spokesman for WESTA and occasionally for ATAC. ATAC is simply an organisation that works on behalf of the TA Clubs - if the TA Clubs wanted it to take action then it would have to. The people currently on its board may or may not agree with that and may, rightly or wrongly, warn that actions may be counter productive, but they are in position to work on behalf of their members and are accountable as such. From my perspective, ATAC may find it difficult to support a boycott, but they could very easily be part of a campaign for positive change in Scottish Football. If ATAC, and others, could define a list of positive changes to press for, then they should be listened to.
  7. Yes organisation is essential. Lone voices on forums will change the square root of SFA (other abbreviation). If you are a member of a TA Club - westa etc - raise issues there. If you're not, then join one or join the http://scottishfsa.org/ (It's free and they have 65,000+ members already) Working as a united front fans can run a proper campaign - using press and other media and trying to drum up support at club matches. I am pretty sure that few fans in Scotland are happy at the job the SFA and The SPFL have done over recent years.
  8. Unfortunately hitting the SFA on the bottom line is the only power football fans to hold them to account. The SFA have taken an increasingly commercial view of the national team, they are not interested in input form supporters as 'stakeholders' so it is only as their customers that we possess any leverage. To that end if we want change then boycotting matches, refusing to buy merchandise etc is the only tool at our disposal. I said on another thread that the competence of the SFA affects all of Scottish football, not just the national team and as such to have maximum effect we need to be working alongside club supporters' organisations. The best place to start would possibly be with a joint ATAC / SFSA campaign. http://scottishfsa.org/
  9. Talking to a friend this week he said that the SFA had stopped meeting with ATAC, he seemed to think they were in the huff over criticism of ticket prices etc. I am sure ATAC would talk to the SFA whenever they could. My feeling is that the SFA feel above any criticism and don't believe they are accountable to fans at all and that only by finding a way of uniting TA and club fans can they be made to listen.
  10. How about ATAC join forces with the Scottish Supporters Association http://scottishfsa.org/ As I understand it the SFA are not really talking to ATAC as they used to, so it is time to take a different approach and try to push change in the governing body making the point that supporters are not customers, but stakeholders in the game. The future good of football in Scotland is in the interests of all supporters, whether those of clubs - from the Highland League to the Premiership - or followers of the National Team.
  11. Under Jock Stein we played with 4 centre backs once in 1981 - against Wales in Swansea. We lost 2-0. Joe Jordan was sent off. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/international_fixture_details.cfm?page=1921&matchID=57486 Kenny Burns, Willie Miller, Gordon McQueen and David Narey all in the starting line up - and don't think any of them were playing at full back, we had Ray Stewart and Frank Gray there. Imagine if there had been a TAMB back then.
  12. Of course we can win. We beat them as World Champions and they are far from world champions now🙃
  13. I would like to see us wear a strip in the lion rampant colours (after all that make up the main part of our badge), they would have to get the shades of yellow and red right though (or people would say it was a Thistle kit). Yellow with red trim coupled with navy shorts and navy and red socks would also give us alternatives for wearing with the Navy first shirt. On the home shirt, I don't mind occasional tinkering - the 96 kit was different but worked. Unfortunately the current home shirt does not work for me - for a start it isn't tartan.
  14. The English Internationals had traditionally been sold along with the FA Cup rights, with a separate secondary/highlights package, but I take your point. As people have pointed out elsewhere, England qualifiers are included on the 'Crown Jewels' list, I have not seen a single report that the SFA have requested that our internationals are added to that category.
  15. This is simply another area in which the SFA have managed to put short-term commercial interest before what would be good for football in Scotland long-term. Not having Scotland matches available on terrestrial tv - at the very least an accessible and specific highlights programme - should be insisted upon. The future of Scottish football requires kids to be inspired by seeing Scotland - to want to play in the national team, to see themselves playing there. (ok some hope just now) Goodness knows kids have enough competing images, but to vacate the TV arena completely space is unforgivable. In similar fashion the SFA also signed an exclusive deal with JD Sports for merchandise. The upshot of this is that Scotland shirts are not available in may towns, without competiton the price is ridiculously high and with limited outlets to sell products adidas simply do not have any motivation to produce a decent range (or it could be argued to design a decent bespoke kit any more). The knock-on effect is that when kids go out to play football, the likelihood is that they will not be wearing Scotland gear. If you add in ticket prices, cost of the SSC the pattern is clear, the SFA pay too much attention to short-term financial targets without paying any heed to the future. That does not smack of good governance.