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  1. Youre round...think the bar may be busy at 6..
  2. Some burd wae humoungous jugs?
  3. Disgraceful reporting as normal. Sky sports news .. al really sorry fir Sam . Why ffs? Fat greedy git. Lead item in BBC news and now newsnight.. gimme strength
  4. I take that as challenge - right Thatcher is first.
  5. Some muppet will run buses...nae probs.
  6. We are all Mr Finn...
  7. Check spam folder as well.
  8. The profit aspect was never ever the point - it was pretending to be a pal helping out other fans with no mention of a travel agent (which only came out in the latter stages). Funk sake this has been done to death,.
  9. Did you make a point of going to see them ? Any pics ? So bikers for indy are zoomers? Maybe you could explain that in a supposed democracy ? Fud - I really do not believe you are real and if you are.. commiserations.
  10. Hell you might have cropped him out..
  11. Magic. What a load of shite. Prime news ffs
  12. Why would the elite be threatened?