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  1. HS2

    I didnt think the HS? farce would actually get started (it may not right enough). Wonder who's getting backhanders from the contracts...
  2. Bridging the North-South divide.....aye ok... UK Connectivity....?
  3. Still zero Scots in last squad = fukkem.
  4. #kin BBC still allow Fluffy his Indy2 dig and somehow give 0.8% growth a negative slant...shower of..
  5. BBC Scotland news last night were wetting themselves in anticipation of a recession.....hehehe.
  6. Aye, I was a regular in 70s and I cannot actually remember a single support band at all.
  7. After Scottish fires a few years back the Scottish regulations were tightened, Seemingly Westminster ignored similar reports / warning over a number of years.
  8. And me oddly..thought he was calm and assured, unlike the mailman or some of the cast of "toss me to the devil"..
  9. She;s mad as a fish.
  10. Yeeha. Square go...
  11. PM to offer £5m fund for emergency supplies Theresa May has announced a £5m fund for emergency supplies, food and clothing during a meeting with survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster, Downing Street said. Not quite sure she has a handle on this...could have been promised 2 days ago.... The witch will be gone within 4 weeks - roll in Boris...FFS
  12. Also gonna hit over 30c..perfect conditions..
  13. No tears but the atmosphere was at times reminiscent of the 70s. At one point in 2nd half England were penned in on their corner flag in front of the North stand and it was just an insane volume. The passion was a living entity. 2nd goal, to me, easily surpassed Ukraine/Italy/France and was the closest I have experienced since the stour-pit rangers end of the 70s/80s. On another point I did wonder what those watching across the world thought of Do-a-deer,..