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  1. I'd assume there will be no questions on Manchester and competence or otherwise of Lady May ? Could be a very odd program. No campaigning supposedly, but you cannot get more "campaign-like " than a Dimbldrawers QT less two weeks before GE ?
  2. Any sign of increased security in the cities ? (Gala is not a likely target)
  3. Didnt see it but...I have said here and elsewhere (and agreed with Parkie re PMQs) she is ##ing useless, fraud , a horrible spite-filled woman. Corbyn or anyone with a wit would wipe the floor with her on a debate (on any subject). One -trick - one - phrase chancer.
  4. Was she a "plant" ? Yes probably. Was the choice of a woman deliberate > Of course, Was she aware how stupid she was in allowing that to happen ? ? Did she not expect the backlash ? Should she be "hounded" ? No but in this case the media are as hungry for this as "nats"... Are the BBC ultimately culpable - of course 100%.
  5. Mon the triffids... BTW you have really been away too long to comment with any understanding of the reality of living here and seeing this shite daily.
  6. As others have said elsewhere – the BBC simply do not care about how obvious the bias is now – another plant ? So what they think – who is going to do anything about it ? Sickening.
  7. I think that Lady Theresa has overstretched herself in her arrogant belief that this was going to be a landslide, ably supported by a 99% complaint media as normal. By making the changes to pensions / and social care she has, rather than reach into the left pool, possibly alienated a lot on all sides of the spectrum. Maybe just wishful thinking but a tenner on Tories with no overall majority.
  10. The BBC truly are an utter disgrace. (Yes I know we knew that already..). Woefully and blatantly biased - they don't even pretend now.. Just wait for Indy2...I fekkin despair.
  11. And here he is..
  12. Any organisation or private company who had not prepared that before staff arrived deserve a boot also.
  13. I supply software to textile companies, large and small, across the world, The common factor is that their IT Dept are invariably very very slow to update the OS or indeed any updates they receive. I know why (in case something goes wrong, or a particular piece of software only work on XP/NT etc.[this one does my nut in as a software developer-you should never rely on a OS version specific feature].) This I hope is the wake up/boot in the nuts they need.
  14. I think its called "light entertainment"...