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  1. Windows 10

    Since xp use dos if copying a lot if files, i mean 10,000 plus. Much, much faster.
  2. 1,200

    Indeed. Duncans on 3 so wont book till we fjnd out.
  3. Windows 10

    Sorry, been round the block with Windows, even pre Windows, so im not lying. Its what happened.
  4. Prince dead

    Poor sod missed grannies birthday.
  5. Windows 10

    My colleague was auto upgraded and half her specialist software dont work no more . Microsoft are evil bastards.
  6. Windows 10

    10 is shiite (as a developer) . TAMB should be fine.
  7. Windows 10

    There is a way to stop the upgrade "nags" if you wish (I have development tools which will not work on 10 so got pissed off being asked). I can try to find these if anyone needs to.
  8. Back in 70s we'd walk from queen st to hampden via gorbals.. there was a boozer after few hundreed metres on left in tge gorbals itself, no idea of name, bit quick dram and gtf. #kin scary area at dark.
  9. Now thats on topic...
  10. Hoey and the pub geezer are bleedin loonies. Worth a look
  11. Snodgrass

    Paid out on snoddy scoring