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  1. Agreed . Once the real shiit hits the fan when negotiations begin (in theory next month) and the whole of the EU plays really hard-ball then we will see a lot of attitudes on many sides change. Farmers/fishers etc will realise if they havent already they are utterly screwed and May couldn't give a toss about them or the rest of us. Her mission is to go down in history as harder/nastier than Thatcher - she is fukking useless and will fail miserably - so might the rest of us as collateral damage.
  2. Needed a tank commander ?
  3. BeeB comments magic and loving as always....#kin arseholes
  4. Its a fekkin baking program ? ### me price of ovens must have gone up.
  5. Plus art allowed you (and the "church") to see naked women..
  6. Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump Follow More Plans are well in place. We will rename this city Trumpton. NOT fake news! RETWEETS36,068 LIKES174,654 6:31 AM - 21 Feb 2017 50,231 replies36,068 retweets174,654 likes Reply 50K Retweet 36K Like 175K
  7. But satan is just the anti-santa ? He's the kvnt that brings socks..
  8. Too far..