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  1. But satan is just the anti-santa ? He's the kvnt that brings socks..
  2. Too far..
  3. He doesn't have the baws..
  4. "He associated the term the 'Tartan Army' with supporters of the Scotland football team. The idea of anyone owning the phrase "Tartan Army" was ridiculous." Quite right too - "£300,000 ?? Fek aff.
  5. Given that their views are ignored regardless..
  6. Was anyone hurt in this singalong ? Were people offended ? I'd suggest that as the world watches this right-wing midden (who just stopped their child refigee program) destroy the NHS et al, that they might appreciate the gesture.
  7. May is completely incompetent and an appalling communicator. Time and again she just comes up with stock answers.."you voted No..." etc. Corbyn should be, and maybe is, ripping her but i must agree with Parkie (aarrghh) the media are very, very easy on May..
  8. That Tiimes article is a disgrace. 100% bitterness.
  9. Don;t think anyone is dismissing the Clintons as bastardos big-style. But Donald's problem may be (may) his lack of restraint (and probable mental illness).Loads of people on all sides said "once in power he'll be reigned in" - no sign of that so far.
  10. It was his 19th - mind it well..
  11. Understand : BUT and it is massive - the potential damage to our economy and perhaps the world by the combination of Brexit,Trumpanomics, UKIP (return of Farage almost certain - though Nutter will do a better job of riling the jocks), will seriously scare the shit out of a lot of people. I'd desperately hope that enough say - "lets get the hell out of this shit",