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  1. Ticket Prices Are Out

  2. Ticket Prices Are Out

    Any idea when season tiks on sale ?
  3. David Bowie Deid

    There was some muppet in the Independent mumping about how little coverage Wogan go compared to Bowie. Seriously.
  4. Do the tories really belive their own hype? ####s
  5. Do the tories really belive their own hype? ####s
  6. Nutter: what percentage of brits on Costa del sol speak fluent Spanish? Fud.
  7. Aye nutter. Hes a bigger gobshite anyway.
  8. I receive not one single penny in subsidy or anything else from the Scottish Govt (or any other Govt for that matter). I understand and (in general) agree with your position. But and its a huge but the problem is "at the expense of" - that is very hard/impossible to determine. Politics. I found the budget and have seen the figures - I have absolutely no idea of the usefulness of these subsidies, simply not sufficient data (that I am aware of) so cannot condemn or support.
  9. Can you point me on-line to details of these subsidies ?