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  1. Sad but true. "I just think Lionel's height is going to be an issue against Latvia ..."
  2. Others may disagree but I believe Keiren Tierney is both our best young talent and quite simply also our best player right now. A great talent and one that's proving it with regular first team club football, not youth team or reserve team kickabouts. Stuart Armstong ain't bad either and has to be in the starting XI to face England along with Tierney. His Scotland career under way at long last, Tom Cairney will be a good first team player for Scotland if Strachan just gives him a few games from the start to prove it. I'd love to see him play alongside Armstrong. And we need to give Liam Lindsay his debut in the next friendly.
  3. What do we think - was Stalin a cheese & onion or a salt & vinegar kinda guy ?
  4. The home one looks alright to me. The away one would have been much better without the blue on the sleeves however. Absolutely Fabulous Tartan Army
  5. St├ęphane Bonnes - international man of mystery Played for Partick Thistle after leaving Celtic but appears to have retired after that. Milosevic was a highly rated young Aussie keeper signed from Leeds in 2004. Only problem was he was a bit of a zoomer and left after only a few weeks. He also retired quite young.
  6. Gentlemen please ! I propose a compromise. Maroon ?
  7. I was once in Johnny Gould's house years ago. Aye. Up near Mearnskirk it was. But he wasn't in at the time. Pity. Should tell the wee man the ghost story of St├ęphane Bonnes and Danny Milosevic, the spirits of whom legend has it still wander the old Barrowfield training ground waiting for their first team debuts !
  8. 1-0 Celtic. Penalty. And someone will get sent off.
  9. Who has that big green teddy bear now ?
  10. It is indeed. Very "outside the box" kind of place. Quite a few nice wee cafes and vintage shops. And has the holy trinity of second hand bookshops - Caledonia Books on Great Western road, Thistle Books, Voltaire & Rousseau. Always buy something. Strange seeing pictures of the place so "alive". Cheers My folks lived nearby in Tillie St for decades. Must have been great for the local kids watching all the steam locomotives at work from high up the tenements.
  11. Never said that they wouldn't get near the first team. Merely commented back in Dec 2015 upon their concerning lack of first team action when some people were getting excited about precisely nothing. What are our Under 17 squad players upto on twitter then ?
  12. Mexico is seldom targeted by clubs in the UK hunting for players. Bound to be some good bargains there.
  13. None of them are regulars. Kingsley is a semi-regular. Fulton gets the odd game but is usually not even on the bench, King has failed altogether, he's 21 now too. It in all likelihood was a special deal. I stand by that. I don't make half the wild claims about "this boy is gonna be big" that you've done in the paste or track down twitter pages of players from the youth teams.
  14. He got one game during the season. He's also 21 now and should be playing first team football. You can only take so much from youth football kickabout games. NUFC in all likelihood are just keeping an agent sweet by taking on one of the inexpensive pish players on his books. Happens a lot.
  15. You based that whole judgement on one guys opinion