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  1. You don't deny it ? This is the thing. I've given you umpteen chances to deny that you hold such views and you never take them. Ok then. Here's the million dollar question. Are you ready for it ? As your so wound up about this what would you do to stop future attacks like that in London ? What's your big foolproof plan ? Do you endorse girvanta's mind boggling idea of establishing a concentration camp for example ? What about forcing the Muslim population to observe curfews*, wear ID badges* or make public declarations of "loyalty"* ? Or just deport them all "back where they came from". Come on what's your big idea ? This should be really interesting. *Three genuine ideas that various fascist nutcases have come out with.
  2. *Allegedly* Lennon was drunk, someone said something to him (don't know what though) and Lennon went all girvanta on him.
  3. When one has been brought up to consider other human beings of a different skin colour, ethnicity, sexuality etc to be inferior to them, then that's a failing definitely. And incredibly you still don't deny that you hold such views. Sectarianism in any form is vile and never excusable. Yet you claim that "it was alright in the seventies so....." yeah well, so was belting children at school, police ignoring rape victims, battering gay people, refusing to employ black people, the army shooting peaceful protesters, men feeling free to grope young women, etc etc. Horrible. PortGlasgowBhoy would very strongly dispute the assertion that I am "a Tim" .
  4. Bit of context required here. What's alleged to have happened and have the polis commented ?
  5. Look, first and foremost, violence is never the answer to anything. No, you wouldn't have the nerve to do that to anyone. Ok if you say so big man. I have no interest in meeting you anyway. And as I said, I'm a lover not a fighter. If someone did hit me I probably wouldn't hit back. It's all so pointless. Your whole post history is like something from a EDL publication. Tell me, why do you feel that threatening someone with a kicking is somehow the answer ? How the hell does that ever solve anything ? And that's how your mind works ? It's a shame you weren't brought up to tolerate others not of ones own skin colour, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity etc. Howver thankfully I grew up in a different working class environment where respect for the aforementioned things was made clear to all of us at an early age. What's wrong with that. "Cultural marxism" eh ? Didn't deny that it was anti-Catholic either I see. Social justice warrior ? On the contrary. Perhaps you will find my words below helpful. And correction, I'm not the one threatening people with violence. The reason I get really mad at these two fools is quite simple. In the past I've had great mates of mine who because they are Scots-Asian have been set upon by racists and verbally and physically abused. The creatures who done that to them held the same views that girvanta and Auchinyell Sox Change espouse on here. Those good frinds of mine were sought out and abused for no other reason than for the colour of their skin, their faith, their ethnicity. This is deeply personal for me. I cannot stand the poisonous creed of those two posters at all. And that is why I will bloody well call them out about it for ages to come. OK ? It's disgusting. Don't like me calling them out about it ? Fine. Just report me. There are quite a few guys on FollowFollow and Rangersmedia who use that "my wifes a catholic" excuse too. Whether you would allow an icon or a crucifix on the wall is something I'm deeply sceptical about. No excuse for sectarian insults about. True colours on display. Real grown up man using religion to attack someone else.
  6. Many folks like yourself are fine socialising with others not of their own kind but when it comes to things like giving your blessing to a marriage, employment, choosing a school, electing an MP then it all really comes to the surface. Why do you think it's acceptable to throw an anti-Catholic slurs at me ? Really showed your true colours there. Vile.
  7. I may be a twat but I never would have failed on loan at Cambridge Utd !
  8. Oh dear, the sectarian insults now start flying.
  9. What goes through your mind when you threaten people with violence on an internet forum ? Seriously it's not clever. Now, being a lover and not a fighter, your offer of a showdown doesn't interest me. Violence is for dafties. Secondly, you wouldn't have the nerve anyway. Thirdly, does that make you feel big, powerful or fulfilled in any way ? Challenging folk you have never met (and will never meet) to a fight online ? Grow up.
  10. Steven Naismith seems to be willing to fight for a place at Norwich even with the new manager. Surely he'd be better off just getting his contract cancelled there and coming back up here to play ? Don't see him featuring much for Norwich next season.
  11. I'm laughing at you because your such a pathetic easily led fool Shame your parents failed to bring you up properly unlike mine did.
  12. Get a life mate. You'll thank me one day. Cheerio.
  13. Look through your abhorrent post history. Catholics, the Irish, the unemployed and gay people have also been targets of your bile in the past. What did they ever do to you ? They have integrated here in Scotland and the for the most part in England. Put the Daily Mail down.
  14. Well done for becoming a citizen, quite a natural progression for all immigrants like yourself is to become a citizen. Why are you ashamed to be called an immigrant ? It's a not a bad thing. On the contrary. Probably about 1/3 of the TAMB's posters and I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for our ancestors coming over here from Ireland in the 19th Century with nothing, doing the dirty, back breaking jobs that no-one else wanted to do and for a pittance in return, putting up with tyrannical landlords and religious persecution from the native populance of the time as well. Oh sorry I forgot, in the past you've made clear that you don't like the Irish or the Catholics much either do you ............. And that's what our immigrants over here today are doing. Working hard, paying taxes and contributing socially and culturally. Please provide proof that they are not. Go on then just say it. You want all the Muslims out don't you ? Just admit it. Very eager for your pound of (non-white, non-protestant) flesh indeed. No fascist is getting rid of my wonderful Muslim friends and neighbours (some of whom will be at Hampden cheering on Scotland next Saturday) without a struggle from not just myself but millions of other decent people.. Hopefully though your kids won't turn out like you. That's something I hope for.