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  1. HMFC 'tic Dons Dundee Sevco Saints Motherwell Hamilton Partick County Killie ICT
  2. Anyone recommend a good hotel in Lisbon (and any other stuff to do etc). I've just booked our flight for end of March for me and the wife. I got good advice on here last september for a Madrid hotel (from Redz, I think). Staying for 10 days.
  3. Thanks for any advice. This will be our 1st time in Madrid. The wife chose it for my upcoming birthday in November. I wanted to go to Barcelona again but I guess it's good to try somewhere different.
  4. Thanks for that, looks ok, booked it just now
  5. Just booked a flight for me and the wife to Madrid. Anyone got any recommendations or experience of city centre hotels or apartments in the city centre area?
  6. I would highly recommend the garmin forerunner 620. I've had mine for 1 1/2 years now and use it every day. It's perfect for running and walking. Picks up a satellite almost instantly. It has a "find my way back" thingy in case you get lost.
  7. This is the 1st time in around 10 years that I'm not working at a polling station. I have never been asked to declare my interests in the candidates. Been a member of SNP for about 30 years
  8. It definitely works very well on their country buses: I get the 104, Edinburgh to Haddington via Tranent twice a week. Tried it on their local Edinburgh buses with no luck.
  9. You are correct, only bookie is the one next to Mathers at the other end of Broughton Street. I'm certain of this as I live nearby.
  10. The other Mathers at the west end usually shows the horse racing and there's a bookies next door. The Grosvenor round the corner might also be worth a try.
  11. I am 99% sure that Mathers at the top of Broughton street show the racing and there is a Ladbrokes next door. Only been in during the week though.
  12. My wife and I stayed at the Old Mill 2 years ago. It was open all day then. The food was good and they had some a few good real ales on. As already stated the Moulin is top notch and just a 15/20 minute stroll up the road.
  13. The guy's a prize A count. His former spin doctor was on the radio last week slavering a lot of crap. When questioned about his pathetic attendance at HOC he said GB didn't have the time to go there as he was always running about sorting problems out at local hospitals and schools etc. And then he came out with a belter - he said GB was involved in the running of Raith Rovers FC. THat's a bit of a step up from being a mere programme seller ffs.